The Prom Site Dot Com: What is it?

Well, it is a website, and it's dedicated to prom. It also considers itself a no fluff, no gosh wow, no crap website. It's pretty serious about prom. And it's pretty serious about being serious. So it keeps itself serious (except for a few jokes now and then which no one can understand). The site is now about a thousand print pages big. And they're all serious. However, there are a few which are not all that serious. Actually, there may even be a few that are probably funny. But whenever Richard, who's as serious as this site (or he wouldn't be writing this) finds one that is outright funny, he eats it. And after he's done writing this paragraph...he will eat it too. Because somewhere along the line, it crossed the line, and that means that he has to eat it.

Hey! did you know that I used the phrase "the eschaton will not be immanentized" somewhere in this website? No kidding! Bet ya can't find it!

But seriously...

A person asked me, why proms? I gave her two answers, the short and the long. The short: why not? The long, in two parts: Part the first: because I remember my own senior prom as both a hectic yet exhiliarating and ultimately pleasurable experience; because after all the panic and bother about everything from pimples to corsages, I had a helluva lot of fun. Part the second: because it is an important coming of age or generally transitional ceremony in our culture, and on those merits alone deserves more attention than it has probably received. Like any such ceremony, it has its conscious component, which is our experience of it as a fun and freaky night. But perhaps more importantly, it has its unconscious component, which is our common cultural experience, and which serves to link us to each other as a people. Anthropologists have always said that our rituals define who we are even as they bind us together. Prom night--and the preparation that leads up to it--is an important ritual in North American society. It is, in fact, the only truly coming of age ritual that we have as a society, and because of this, it matters at least as much as some of those other great rituals that punctuate and set off the chapters of our life: christening (or its equivalent), marriage, the birth of our children, and (unfortunately) death. So that's the long answer.

Thank you, and I hope to see you back here often.

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