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Why does it say "Copyright 1999 - 2007 www.PromDress.Net & www.ThePromSite.Com. All rights reserved." on every single page of this website?

Because it belongs to the owners and creators of the two websites, PromDress.Net and ThePromSite.Com. It means, first, that those are the dates on which the owners created, or modified any portion of these sites, including text, layout, graphics, and anything else, and then saved it to their hard drive. It means that only the authors are entitled to use, distribute, or reproduce any of this material. It also means that if anyone would like to use any of this material, they first need to obtain written authorization from its owners, especially if they intend to use the material to make money.

Anyone who uses this material without written authorization would be committing copyright infringement, which is against the law, and which means the owners of the material can press charges in the form of a lawsuit against those individuals. It doesn't matter if you use the material without knowing that you are violating copyright. In this matter, ignorance of the law is not deemed a valid excuse.

Furthermore, copyright permission, if granted through written authorization, only allows you to use that material one time, for your stated purpose. Any subsequent re-use, in, for example, reprints, or future issues if you publish a magazine, is still considered copyright infringement. Any, and all subsequent uses of the material must be authorized by the owners of that material.

A Website is not public domain.

What, you think that websites are in the public domain because they are accessible by everyone? Think again. Websites are copyright material in the same way any other property is copyright. You use any of it without proper authorization, and that's copyright infringement, which opens you up to liability. And for websites, that includes html or other source code as well as text, layout, graphics, and other front end material.

Fair Use.

Fair use or fair practice means you can use small portions of our copyrighted material in its original form or in paraphrase, but only for news reporting, parody, and/or research and education about that copyrighted material. You don't need our permission for that, but there are also strong limits to how much you can use, and you must credit your source. If you use portions of our copyrighted material for any other reason, that is not considered fair use and we will deem it copyright infringement and prosecute to the full extent of the law.

Copyright Assurance.

In case you are wondering how things get copyrighted in the legal sense that allows the original copyright date to be used in a court of law, there are two means, and we use them both:

  1. The contents of PromDress.Net/ThePromSite.Com are committed to CD every three months and mailed to our bank, where they are automatically deposited in a safety box, with the mailing packet unopened. This ensures doubly that the postdate on the mailing package antedates any subsequent use of the material that may be infringed upon, and that the date of deposit into the safety box equally antedates any subsequent use of the material that may be infringed upon.

  2. A copy of PromDress.Net/ThePromSite.Com is on file with the U.S. Copyright Office. This filing in particular ensures that the owners of PromDress.Net/ThePromSite.Com can sue for monetary damages if copyright infringement takes place for any portion of their work.

In Sum.

In sum, if you're thinking about using any of our material, for any reason, it's probably best if you seek our permission first. We're quite serious about copyright violation and copyright infringement.

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