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Hey! We Hope you're into a great school year! The folk at PromDress.Net have been working hard to bring you the very best for prom 2012...yes that includes dresses but it doesn't stop there! As always, we continue displaying your prom submissions: embarrassing moments, themes, love stories, and all the rest of that good stuff. So...contribute...and enjoy what's already here...which is a heck of a lot. Because YES, we are the oldest, the largest, and the most comprehensive prom website IN THE WORLD-- and that's no joke!
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The new Clarisse dresses have arrived. Take a moment to browse through their wonderful catalog. That moment will be worth it, we promise!
Your Submissions
Did you know you can send in all of your prom stories just by clicking on the links on the left? Yup. We're always looking for new stories--who knows, yours may make it into a new prom book. And bear in mind, these stories are not just about prom dresses and glam. There's love and romance, there's embarrassing and funny moments, and there's the sheer joy of the night itself. So what are you waiting for? Send yours in!
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Our New Blog is now online! You can access it here: Prom Dresses Blog.
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What is Prom?
What is prom, really? Just an over-the-top party? A girl thing? A night for romance? A graduation party? A night in formal dresses? Help us figure it out...
Tips n' Articles
Tips on hair, fashion, dresses and gowns, finding a date--you name it. Articles on same. Whatever we come up with that matters, or that you submit that matters. Enjoy! Learn! Like!
My Parents
How do your parents feel about what you're going to do prom night? How do they feel about your prom dresses? Let's all find out here.
Prom Pictures
A kind of a bulletin board for prom pictures. You'll see people's dresses for prom, formal dresses, tuxes, and more. Yup. That's what this is.
Want to make a prom or other dedication to friends, classmates, b/f, or to your prom gown of all things? Do it here.
The Perfect Prom
Think of this as pretty much all the info you need as you get ready, from selecting your dresses (and Jovani prom dresses come to mind for some reason), to selecting your date. A warning, though: there's more than a hundred regular print pages in this section, so be prepared to read. Also, we've caused it to be known throughout the kingdom that we're serious about prom, so you'd better expect the info in here to be serious too.
Get Help
Do you have a question about formal dresses? Short dresses and whether or not they're good for this year? Cocktail dresses? Or do you have a prom issue you'd like answered? Do you want to inquire about dress styles, dress colors or dress measurements? Do it here!
For Prom Committees
How to raise money for your prom. How to set the thing up--and so on!
For Parents
Only for parents. If you have a prom issue concerning your kids, this is the place to ask about it.
Prom Themes
Reader submitted prom themes. From Cinderella to gothic themes, fantasy island to Venus. Check them out, submit your own.
Before Prom
What does everyone do before they head off to the dance? Do they put on their evening dresses at one person's house? Or their tuxes? Do they go out to dinner in the dresses, or only put them on afterward? Do they have a toast at the parent's houses? Find out here.
Dresses 2012
Hey! PromDress.Net is about dresses. No kidding. We have gathered on this website the best dresses for the 2012 season, from the very best designers. We have a ton of information-- not only what's latest and best, but which dresses and styles fit your particular body type, how to wear them, what accessories go with which dresses, and any other "dresses" question you could possibly have.
Prom Night
There's a small book worth of prom night stories here, so go on and check them out. Some are moving, some are funny, some are about white prom dresses or black prom dresses, most are just great--and will give you great ideas for your own prom.
After Prom
Everyone parties in their own way once the dance is over. Some go for the whole night. Some yank off the formal dress and switch into short prom dresses. Some take off for the whole weekend. And a few go home. Check out here what people are doing after prom.
Prom Traditions
Is there a special prom tradition in your school or town? Do all the girls wear long formal gowns or short prom dresses? Or do the seniors wear only white dresses? Does everyone meet in front of town hall for a champagne toast and pictures right before prom? Do all the guys have to wear a smiley face button the last school day before prom? See others' traditions here, or submit your own.
On Asking
Want to know how others were asked to prom? Or maybe you'd like to tell us how you were asked... Either way, there's some great ideas here if you need to ask someone.
The embarrassing and silly things that have happened to you or to those you know. Homecoming dresses flying right off. Prom dresses caught in car doors. Date appearing a superman suit. Mostly it's funny (although not when it's happening).
Hot Ideas
Hey Did you know you can start shopping for Prom Dresses 2011 as early as September? Same goes for homecoming! You can check out Prom Dresses for 2011 by (clicking here). Or homecoming dresses by (clicking here ). Note also that homecoming dresses are predominantly sexy, short, in vivid colors. More generally, check out formal dresses by (clicking here).
Submitting Something? Great! But do note that your submission--any submission--becomes the property of PromDress.Net, and that we can use it on our web site, or in upcoming books, without asking you for further permission. We're ecstatic to get your submissions, and we will keep you anonymous if that's what you want. Otherwise we'll recognize your contribution by always printing your name and location next to it--which is something you can then show your friends. Anyhow, if you don't like these terms, just don't submit anything--no one's twisting your arm.

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