Prom Dresses and Gowns Trends 2018

It’s always a difficult choice for young girls to decide the best dress or gown to wear to their prom 2018 night. Prom marks a special event for both young boys and girls, and that’s why everything needs to be perfect. They take care of every single detail and obviously, the prom gown or dress is one of the biggest considerations for any girl. It needs to be unique and stunning, but it also needs to reflect her taste and personality as well.
Evening dress gowns, the ones with long tails are usually worn to a formal affair. In 2018, we expect these dresses to make their appearance in proms in a variety of fabrics such as velvet, chiffon, organza and more.

Clarisse Dress 4801 in Royal for 2018

There is a special excitement among the buyers after “2018 World of Prom market” in Atlanta, Georgia showcased the top dresses and gowns for Prom. It was held in the first week of August, and top designers participated and showcased their superior designs.
Choose your Prom dress like love at first sight. The single-color burgundy dress for Prom is a bold choice and looks fabulous.
There was a belief that asymmetrical style for gowns would soon disappear, but it has been proven wrong. Such dresses are a perfect combination of modern and classic and this is one of the reasons this dress is still so popular.
A strapless or off shoulder Prom gown is also an excellent choice to feel more free and open.
If you’re not into the strapless gowns, V-neck prom dresses and gowns are quite an elegant alternative. It is very trendy and comfy for prom dresses and gowns in 2018.

Clarisse Dress 4852 in Gold for 2018 Prom Season
If you’re not that sure about what to wear to your prom, it’s better to follow some famous brands. For a variety of options, look for the gowns by top prom dress designers Sherri Hill, La Femme, Jovani, Faviana, Clarisse and many others. You will find plenty of unique styles, cuts, dress lengths and fabrics to choose from. The collection of prom dresses and gowns for 2018 is a rather large one, and it includes everything from sophisticated long prom evening gowns to short two piece and single piece party dresses. It is safer to go with the little black dress or white evening gown, but you can also choose to make a bold statement with a vibrant red gown, short purple dress, or even a unique print prom dress.

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Dos and Don’ts for the Perfect Prom Manicure

You don’t have to pay high salon prices to have a perfect 2018 prom manicure, but you do need to pay attention to what you’re doing. These easy tips can help assure your nails look as groovy as the rest of your outfit and don’t stick out like a sore thumb.


File. Filing your nails is a must both before and after the manicure. Unfiled nails can just look sloppy if you paint them. Filing them after the fact finishes off any rough edges and ensures the polish fully reaches the tips. File gently in one direction, using an emery board for best results.

Add a top coat. Top coats work wonders for sheen and protection. Wait until the polish is dry and then add a thin layer of your favorite brand. It also works for sprucing up a manicure after several days as a way to replenish the shine and add another layer of protection.

Warm and soften. Warming and softening applies to the nail polish you are about to use. The softening part also applies to your cuticles. Achieve the former by rapidly rubbing the closed bottle of polish between your palms for at least one minute. Soften your cuticles with a specialized lotion or cuticle oil, but be sure to wipe any residue off your nails before putting on the polish.


Let it chip. Fix chips as soon as possible or you can end up with one very tacky look. Touch up the chip with the same color polish and another top coat. You can also remove the polish altogether since no nail polish can look better than chipped off (or chewed off!) polish.

Go gloppy. Thick coats of polish don’t dry properly, can look sloppy, and are prone to dents. If your nail polish is gloppy, try warming it in your palms. If it’s still too thick to look good, you may want to chuck it and invest in a new bottle.

Cut nails too short. The rule of thumb, so to speak, it to trim nails no shorter than the top edge of the white tip at the end. Cutting them shorter than their white tip can be painful!

If you’re seeking the perfect manicure, these quick tips can help you nail it! You can even help your friends spruce up their own nails using these tips to give them a hand.

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Ellie Saab did it again

Here are matt’s comments on the last Ellie Saab couture show:
“The beadwork and sequins in this show are amazing, though I would expect nothing less from an haute couture show. Some things that really jumped out at me were the sequin pattern on the neckline of the dress that starts section 23. The combination of beading and three dimensional fabric flowers we see on the skirts in section 28 and again on the tops in section 31 are gorgeous, if we could get those on the skirt of ball gown that would look amazing. Also the crisscross beading on the bodice of the dress that starts section 34 is great.”
Enjoy the video

Ellie Saab movie

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Tony Bowls 2012 Black Short Prom Dress 11265

Short Prom Dress 11265

Short Prom Dress 11265

If you are loving the short prom dresses, this is definitely a great one to get and to check out. The one shoulder option is extremely popular today and is definitely a dress that a lot of people are interested in getting, this short dress is definitely a great cut and a great looking dress. With this one shoulder dress you get something sexy and fun yet still a classy enough dress for you to wear to prom. This dress has a one shoulder that is covered in jewels to add a lot to it, this goes all the way down through the bust of the dress and around the back too. From there, the dress goes into a great black dress that is fitted through the hips and the thighs. This dress is a great length and is short without actually being vulgar.

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Why You Should Bring A Shawl With Your Prom Dress

Tony Bowls 111729

It’s the day of prom and you’ve picked out your choice of prom dresses, or formal dresses or any other kind of dresses that you can think of. You’re super excited about your outfit and you just can’t wait to go. However, once you get there, you’re told that your short dresses are too short or that you should have brought a jacket because of the back of your dress. So, you’re a tiny bit upset and you aren’t sure what you should have done, but now you’re out of a bit of money and you have no plans for the night.

The good thing about shawls is that they can take inappropriate prom dresses and make them the picture of modesty. Not only do they help to make them more appropriate, but they also have the upside of adding a touch of elegance to any dress.

Decide on what type of shawl you should wear based on the colors and complexity of your dress. If you have a very fancy, very decorative dress, choose a simpler shawl and vice versa. As for color, you should leave your shawls neutral—it makes it a lot easier to mix and match them and then you can use your shawl with outfits other than prom dresses or other dresses that are that color.

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How Long Should Your Prom Dress Be?

Clarisse 1351

So, you’ve decide to go shopping for prom dresses, formal dresses, or cocktail dresses—and you’re excited. You know exactly what you’re looking for, but you also kind of considering buying short dresses instead, since they’re in right now.

However, the line between appropriate and inappropriate is oftentimes forgotten when it comes to prom dresses. The question is—how do you know what is considered appropriate and what should you do. You need to understand that you shouldn’t try and get away with ridiculously short dresses. You also need to know that in most cases, you can simply look in your school’s code of conduct to understand what type of skirts are inappropriate and what kinds of skirts are not.

First of all, all skirts must pass the fingertips. If you have short arms, then they may ask you to do the flamingo test. It generally depends on what type of skirt that you are wearing and how it looks. Most of the time, your best bet is to keep your skirt at least three quarters of the way down your leg. If you find that it rides up for any reason, you should consider increasing that length. If you have any doubts about a dress, call up your class sponsor. They are more than willing to help you pick out an appropriate dress.

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What To Bring Just in Case Your Prom Dress isn’t Appropriate

Clarisse 1603

So you found the perfect prom dresses. They’re absolutely gorgeous and you can’t wait to wear them. However, you aren’t entirely sure if your formal dresses and prom dresses fall into the category of appropriate, but you already made the purchase and can’t go back on it. This isn’t a common scenario, but it is one that can happen. Luckily, you can be prepared.

First of all, look at your dress. Does it have a plunging neckline? That could be a problem. Is the back cut out? That could be another problem. Is it a tiny bit too short? That’s another problem that you might run into. The question is—how do you get rid of these issues and keep your prom dresses and cocktail dresses and short dresses, no matter how they look?

Try and make sure, first and foremost, that if you have cut outs, you also have masking tape and colored fabric that matches (or maybe doesn’t match) your dress. In this case, if you happen to have your dress deemed inappropriate for whatever reason, you can quickly slip it off, cover up the cut outs, and get back to the dance floor. If you can’t have a low back, make sure that you have a shawl on you just in case. As for cleavage, you probably won’t want to use masking taps, but a good safety pin would probably do the job well!

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Keeping Your Dress Within Dress Code Limitations

Say that you’re new to a school or perhaps you haven’t really considered the dress code and you’re shopping for prom dresses or formal dresses. You want to make sure that you look nice and you want to choose a dress that you really like—but the question is—how do you find a dress that is completely appropriate and what counts as appropriate as far as dresses go?

First of all, try and get a copy of your school’s dress code or look online and find out if they have it posted there. This should be your main guide for choosing your short dresses or prom dresses that you aren’t too sure about. However, in short, you should keep these few rules in mind:

Try and keep cleavage almost non-existent. You shouldn’t have a plunging neckline—this is a school event and if everything is hanging out of your dress, this is a reflection on them and you may find that you are removed for it. Three inches below the collar bone is a good measurement for keeping it safe. As for skirts, you should keep them at least 3/4ths the way down your thigh and you should be able to pass either the flamingo test or the fingertip test. As for cut outs and low backlines—ask your class sponsor. They know a bit more about what’s appropriate than you do and are willing to help.

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The Importance of an Emergency Prom Dress Kit

Prom Dress 905

So you’re sitting back at prom and all of a sudden someone falls and spills punch all over your dress. Unfortunately, you either rent your prom dresses or you have on a dress that isn’t the exact same shade of punch and you end up with a nice stain. Or perhaps you’re a bit clutzy in short dresses and you find yourself tripping and tearing a nice chunk out of the skirt. Now, while this can all be fixed once you get home, you also have the problem of the meantime. You’ve paid dues to get into your prom—you don’t want to end up leaving because you ruined your dress or all of a sudden it doesn’t quite fulfill dress code requirements. The question is—why should you have an emergency prom dresses (cocktail dress, formal dresses, etc) kit and what should be in it?

First of all, they make it a lot easier to take care of simple things and not end up leaving early and wasting time that you paid for. If you’ve rented a dress, you want to return it in the same condition in which you received it. No one wants to pay a fee. Not to mention that you may find that your date isn’t the sturdiest of fellas either and he ends up needing an emergency fix too.

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Tips for Finding Prom Dress Accessories

Homecoming Dress 1654

There is more to prom than just prom dresses, and that is an important thing to understand. If you are trying to come up with the complete prom outfit, you are going to need to look to see what sort of prom dress accessories are out there and what are going to fit your prom dresses the best. There are all kinds of different accessories that you will need for prom dresses, start shopping depending on what you are wearing and if they are strapless dresses, short dresses, formal dresses, cocktail dresses, or other styles. You’ll want to find accessories that match the different styles.

• Understand What Looks Best with Your Dress

It sounds odd, but different jewelry looks better with certain dress styles. For example, with strapless dresses, you may want to have jewelry that is a little larger than if you are looking at cocktail dresses that have straps. Your dress style is going to depend on the style of jewelry and other accessories that you want. With a long formal dress, you may not want to have as fancy of a pair of shoes, but if you are looking at short dresses, you may want to have a great pair of heels that matches and look great. You will want to try your shoes and other accessories on with your dress so that you can see what they look like on.

• Utilize the Internet

The internet is a great tool because it allows you to shop for so many different options at once. With all kinds of different online boutiques out there, you can find great ideas for shoes, jewelry, and other accessories to go with prom dresses. You may want to be careful ordering online, however, because the items that you see on the internet may not look exactly the same in person. So, be sure that you know the return policy of the website that you are purchasing from in case you decide that it isn’t going to work for you.

• Shop the Deals

It may be possible to save lots of money on your accessories if you shop deals. One way to save money is to buy your jewelry in sets. So, when you are doing this, look for options that include a necklace, bracelet, and earrings. That is important because you can generally save a few bucks that way. You also will want to look for jewelry sales and make sure that you are buying items that aren’t real gems and are going to cost a fortune.

Accessories are just as important as the prom dresses, so you want to get those picked out so that they look great. Start shopping around for all the different ways that you can get great deals on accessories and find the jewelry and shoes that really match with the dress you have selected. In order to have the whole prom dress outfit and the complete set, you’ll want to find your different accessories to look great.

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