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Priming Your Date

Do any of you know what "priming" means, offhand? This is my take on it: when I was a kid I used to go camping with my parents. They had one of those little Coleman kerosene stoves that had to be primed before it could work. So, it was the my job to prime it: First, I'd fill the tank with kerosene. Then I'd turn the little dial part way. Then I'd pump the little rod to compress the kerosene and force it into the burners. And then I'd put a match to it and Poof! I had a flame.

Okay, so that's what priming means, except that in this case you're priming your date, so that when the night comes, Poof! he's off and running (with you hanging off his arm, of course).

Except that in this case, you obviously have neither to fill him up with kerosene, turn his little dials, or pump his... ahem. Rather, there are a few things you should probably expect him to know, or be clear on, or be aware of, or whatever.

The basic ones are these:

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