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Prom Themes--that is, the look and feel of your prom. This is usually selected by your prom committee, and it is used to decide the decorations, music, type of food, and lots of other little things that give your prom night its special flavor. In some places, it's even used to define the kind of prom dresses or formal dresses that will be worn.

Below, you can read some of the really great themes prom committees have cooked up over the years. You can use them to get ideas for your own theme. And you can submit the theme of your prom--either this year's, last year's, or any other year's. Do share it with the rest of us!

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Prom Themes

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Our prom theme this year is Bella Noche. I'm on the planning committee and we're going on a boat for like a 3 hour cruise and there's going to be lots of lights and stars and stuff. It will be really pretty. And it's at night, so, Bella Noche or Beautiful Night, makes sense. lol.

-- From Rachel, , OH

I have heard many rumors about what our theme is going to be this year. I have heard Black Tie Affair and I have also heard Pretty in Pink. I hope it isn't pretty in pink because I think the decorations would be ugly.

-- From Lyndsey, Johnson Central HS, JOhnson County KY

heyy i'm the junior vp and this year we had a lot of ideas for prom, but we decided on Neverladn, except i'm so swamped with other activities that it's hard to find time for it. and when we do people can not think!!! so if you have any good ideas for this theme on a low alaskan budget pleaseeee email gloria_r_18@hotmail.com thanks!

-- From Gloria, Kodiak HS, Kodiak AK

we have been considering many themes developing form a ball to stary night to central park then to stars and central park combined...then we threw them all out for some kinda winterland idea... my advice is picka theme and move on dont waste months arguing.... prom can be so overrated, have fun with it for heavens sake! and have the night of ur life wherever you set your theme.

-- From , , UT

My JR year our theam was a night with the stars and we had a red arpet and the cardboard statues of old hollywood stars, and this year for 2008 (SR YEAR) they are thinking Phantom of the Opera and im not real thrilled b/c it sounds pretty lame!! especially since the decor for hollywodd last year stunk and it's not hard to do that, haveing a theam after a play is gonna be horrible!!

-- From Mani, Vilonia High, Vilonia AR

in 2008 we did Redez vous a paris it was so great

-- From Jennifer, Live Oak HS, Watson LA

Last year's theme was... What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. The year before was Neon Nights...one year we had a Mardi Gras theme... I can't remember any more!

-- From Michelle, Frankfort HS, Frankfort KS

Our theme this year is going to be a "Night in Venice. We are having it at a mercedes-benz dealership which is outstanding. And where we are hosting it, one of the rooms, is made to look like a european street with cobblestone and everything.

-- From Tory, , Doylestown PA

What's with themes anyways? our school - we always have a theme that no one goes by. I don't even think anyone KNOWS what the theme is except the people who plan the prom.

-- From Chelsea, Maple Valley, Nashville MI

Hey all! Just found this site whilst looking for ideas for our yr 10 formal, which would probably be the equivalent of junior prom in the states. I came up with the theme and I am drawing, designing and constructing the themed decorations. The theme came to me all of a sudden as I am greatly inspired with classical beauty of past centuries. I thought to make the theme, 19th century circus, and have the walls and ceiling covered in decorations of classical circus. I'll make wall posters and life-sized reproductions of the famous acts such as the bearded woman and lion tamer.. also weight lifters, jugglers and fortune tellers! the invitations will also be themed, and so will the centre pieces at the tables.. HOPEFULLY I AM ABLE TO DO IT ALL :)

-- From Yani, , Sydney Australia

Well we are kind of stuck for a theme and can't decide.. We really need some good ideas and need to start planning this year so if anyone has any good suggestions please email me on xemmax175@hotmail.com..x

-- From Emma, Neale-Wade Community College, England

"Wonderful tonight" it's a song but I don't know who it was by. We also have had "An evening in roma" and we made the pitures and decorations all rominish

-- From Nicole Ruesch, Bingham High, South Jordan Ut

"A Journey of Paris"

-- From Jasmine, Homer High School, Homer LA

"Passport To Romance". We had a bunch of thing in there from Paris.

-- From Staci McNabb, Aurelia High School, Aurelia IA

The theme was "A Midsummer Nights Dream" and it was outside by a big pond and close to the mountains and the dance floor was small but big enough, and outside there was a deck and people cooled off out there! it was okay but the pictures were wonderful! :]

-- From marie, columbia high school, nampa id

ours was "You say it best when you say nothing at all" you know that country song. It was in a vineyard and at the country and all !!

-- From xxxxx, ,

well our grad theme is "alice in wonderland" and it is going to be awesomee there is going to be big tree's, and mushrooms and the happy un birthday sign, there is also going to be all different colour ballons all over the gym, it is going to be pretty awesome for a grade 8 grad

-- From Annie, Dr.sj.phillips, Oshawa Ontario

Our theme is " A Knight for a Princess" and our song is " The Greatest Story Ever Told" by Oliver James, Its going to be amazing!

-- From Meghan, APHS, AP NY

is anyone in San Diego or LA doing a hollywood prom, our class would like to buy your props for our 6th grade class project. e-mail Elle@clicktix.net

-- From elle, 6th grade, san diego CA

this years prom was so cool. they had curtians hanging over the windows and real flowers to it was romantic.

-- From Cynthia, Mattamuskeet high school, North Carolina

Casino Royale 007: From Dusk til Dawn

-- From Christa & Jenn, St. Francis DeSales, columbus OH

James Bond

-- From Kaylee, Briarwood, Birmingham AL


-- From lisa, george west high school, george west tx

007 "Tomorrow Never Dies" (James Bond)

-- From Heather, Lake Shore Sr. High School, Angola NY

James Bond: Diamonds are Forever

-- From Keath, Hanover-Horton High, Hanover MI

Our theme for 2007 is "A Knight In The Enchanted Gardern" and its going to be at picwick gardens in Burbank California...And believe me its going to be active

-- From Nora, Lynwood High School, Lynwood, California


-- From Ash, Rowland High school, Rowland Heights Ca


-- From Crsytal & Victoria, Austin High , Austin TX

Our theme's gonna b called "Catwalk" with differnt places in the hall resembling Milan, New York, Paris and London... the centre of fashion!!!

-- From J, NWCC, Cambridgeshire

Our theme for prom at hopewell high is ReD CArPeT yay i am so freakin excited icant freakin wait it will be tomaro may 12 2007 it will be from 8 to 12 whew!!!!! peace

-- From morgan j , Hopewell, huntersville NC

We've had rumors going around that our theme is going to be "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". They don't tell us until we get there, so who knows what it will be...

-- From Anonymous, , NC

My high school's junior prom was an egyptian theme that we called "A Night on the Nile," it was seriously amazing. We held our prom at our Memphis Zoo which was perfect coordination with our theme. =]

-- From Meganne., Arlington High School, Arlington TN

our theme is the black tie affair and i have been helping with that decorations for prom. is is pretty cool knowing that you helped with prom. your colors are sliver black and a baby purple. it is reall cool hit me back if yall had a cool prom too! deuces crystal

-- From crystal arendell, lubbock cooper high school, lubbock tx

Bella Notte "Beautiful Night"

-- From Aylia Heiting, Frankfort High , Frankfort MI

the theme for our High school junio/senior prom is 007 "casino royale/james bond" theme. we are going to have great decorations- the colors are red silver and black nad we are having large martini glasses as center pieces at tables outside the dance floor. the dance is going to outdoors/ indoors it is going to be the best prom EVER! p.s. make sure its "shaken not stirred" LOL

-- From The names Bond, James Bond, GPHS, Grants Pass, Oregon

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