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our prom theme is "wild thing"...It's an awesome song and it makes prom seem less obsessed with the romantic, and more focused on having a good time. we are having it at a zoo.

-- From Kitty, South Reliap, Lexington KY

I'm a junior this year and our theme is "I Couldn't Ask For Anything More". It's going to be out at our collage gym...Personally I think "Stairway To Heaven" would be a great theme , and of course have the same some by Led Zepplin (stairway to heave). Because then you could have clouds and stars n then like a set of stairs decorated like your walking up towards the clouds and stars and that could be where you take your picture. Is in heaven. I mean it sounds really romantic, and it would bring you and your date closer. Hey i'll be on prom commmite next year, so maybe i'll just use this idea. :)

-- From Rosie, Harrisburg High School, Harrisburg IL

For my junior prom, the theme was "Frozen in Time" and we hung snowflakes over the dancing area. There was a balcony in the building and we hung icle lights from there. Everyone also got a snowglobe with their name on one side and the name of the theme on the other side. But when we got our prom pictures back, you could put a wallet sized picture in the snowglobe.

-- From Kelly, Archbold High School, Archbold OH

Our prom theme was "Angel In My Eyes" and our prom song was "Angel" By Shaggy. they want together so good. I loved our prom. It brought me and my Boyfriend closer together.

-- From Samantha, Engadine High School, Engadine MI

This year our prom theme is "Dreams by the Sea". The colors are red, white, and blue, for dedication of Sep. 11. This year we are having our first after prom on a cruise boat called the Spirit of Norfolk. Our prom is at the Chariton in Norfolk by the Waterside. It starts at 7:00 to 12:00 and then we change clothes if we want to and then go on the boat from 1:00 to 3:00 am. I think we are going to have a fun time and that we have more after proms.

-- From Melissa, I.C. Norcom High, Portsmouth VA

The theme for our Prom this year is "Here's to the Night." It may not be the best song in the world, but the theme words fit a prom perfect. Our colors are light blue, dark blue and silver. We are going to have stars everywhere.

-- From Elizabeth, Unicoi County High, Erwin TN

Well thid year is our very first prom. this is an alternative school so we don't have home comming or prom or even oour own football team. some girls and i got this crazy idea to go to the school board and request a prom. they told us thatt we would have to come up with a plan. we have a parsal one. anyways, the first thing we thought of was a theme. and our theme is "Heaves Gates" by summer johnson

-- From Summer , Skyline, Great Falls MT

The Class of 2002's senior prom theme is "If only for one night" by Luther Vandross. We picked this theme because happiness may only last that one night.

-- From Jeannette, Hubbard High School, Chicago IL

In New Zealand we don't have 'proms' we call them balls, but they just as fun. Our theme last year was "The Garden of eden" it wasnt all religious, it was just done up real pretty with fountains and vines.

-- From Jessica, Mount Maunganui College, New Zealand NZ

last year, our senior/junior prom theme was "save the last dance" it was really beautiful, and I had sooo much fun.

-- From Anon, Some school, Someplace XX

Our prom theme this year is "Take my breath away". Our color is black and silver stars with white chiffon everywhere, with some dark blue to make it look like the sky. It is gonna be great!

-- From Amy, Haralson Co. High, Talapoosa GA

My sophmore year in Honey Grove our theme was "A Night in Heaven." The colors were white, silver, and clear. Stars were everywhere. My junior year Honey Grove's theme was "Enchantment in the Grove." They didn't have many decorations, just a few plants and flowers. Sam Rayburn's theme was "A Night in Paris." The colors were red and black and they had a huge tower over a (fake, but very pretty) lake that was lit up from underneath. Dodd City's theme was "Here with Me" and our colors were purple, lilac, and silver. It was by far the best prom I've been to yet. We had giant balloons, stars, lights, archways, and everything was beautiful. This year the junior's are trying to keep the theme a secret, but I think it's going to be a Hollywood theme.

-- From Amy, Honey Grove, Honey Grove TX

Our Junior prom last year (2001) was "NACHO ORDINARY NIGHT!" Now, I know no one has used that before. It was a whole mexican kind of theme, with sombreros and stuff. We had so much fun, because it was original!

-- From Girl, Dominican High School, New Orleans LA

Our theme for my Junior prom is "Captured in the Stars" and our colors are silver, plum, fuschia, and royal blue (sort of like the late sunsets). We still haven't decided on a song yet..but it's going to be gorgeous with arches and a waterfall and ice sculpture!

-- From Amanda, Taylor County High, Campbellsville KY

I don't go to prom until next year but i thought of a couple prom ideas that i think are pretty cool: 1) "purple rain" - decorated with shades of purple... when the song "purlple rain" by prince is played, little pruple confetti fall from the ceiling like purple rain. 2) "eden" - decoraed with lush vegetation and very bright, summer- time- y colors. i can't wait until i can be on my schools prom commitee!

-- From Carrie, KHHS, Keystone Heights FL

Our school's theme this year is "Chinese New Year." They prom committee plans to use Chineses lanterns, dragons, etc. The colors are red, black, and gold.

-- From Krislyn, White Knoll High School, Lexington SC

We jsut picked out our theme and decorations on thursday. the theme is "Heaven on Earth", colors are White and Very light baby blue, and the song is "Earth Angel" (yeah we know its old but its so cute!!!. Also for the table decorations we decided on White Roses and light blue (and white) feathers on the floor and tables. Its going to be so pretty!!!!!!!!!

-- From Destinee, Martin Luther High, Greendale WI

our theme for year 10 doesn't have a song but a movie = TITANIC is our theme and were going to have portholes and water and everything like silver beads and streamers hanging from the roof it's going to be AMAZING!!!!

-- From Maisie, Mullumbimby High, Eureka NSW AU

A Night To Remember is a good name for a prom theme title but I would prefer This is like a night in heaven

-- From Davis, Fairmont Middle School, Fairmont NC

the cutest the theme ever last year for prom was, heaven on earth! What a magicall night!

-- From Lindesey, Anoka High School, Anoka MN

Yes, homeschoolers have prom. But since we're pretty conservative, we don't dance, so it's just Junior-Senior banquet. The best theme I know is "Stardust." Has anyone heard that song? It's a really old love song, but it's awesome! The colors could be baby blue, white and silver. It can have clouds, stars, and stuff with lots of glitter. Glitter and stars on the tables with light blue tablecloths. I think a smoke machine would make it really beautiful. You could also do bowls of water with floating star candles. Stardust is really versatile and there are tons of star items out there for cheap. I know because I'm on the comittee that buys the stuff. God Bless You! Have an awesome prom!

-- From Grace, Home Schooled, Somewhere OK

Our song this year is "Hero" by Enreque Englasius. Our theme is "Once You Find Your Hero You'll Be in heaven." We are obviously decorating the heaven theme. We are getting a lot donated so it will be cheap and we are making everything ourselves so we don't spend a lot of money. It will turn our great!!!

-- From Shannon, Phillips High School, Phillips WI

Last year i was a freshmen and i went to prom and the theme was "amazed by you", by lonestar. this year i am a sophmore and the theme is "these are the moments"by sarah evans

-- From Lacey, Moody High School, Moody TX

My theme for the the Junior High Prom is "Patriotic" It is a good idea to me but it is hard to find a dress that relates to a flag!

-- From Jaimie, Miami ISD, Miami TX

stairway to heaven

-- From LaToya, Muskegon High School, Muskegon MI

There are several themes that would be amazing if done right. The most popular idea this year is "Moulin Rouge" which the runway would be the giant heart like in the music video, and a lot of red and black, the stage set like the movie set, with a paris backdrop. A midsummer night's dream is also a good theme, trees with white lights as "fireflies" and star netting. There's also the whole "retro" theme, this is simple, old photos, famous black and white photos blown up on cardboard as a backdrop and older music played most of the time.

-- From Danie, Colonie High, Colonie NY

This is my first prom and our theme is gonna be "At the Stoke of Midnight". I think it will be cute. It's sort of a Cinderella type of them.

-- From Dominique, NPHS, Indiana IN

We are thinking about having the theme as "Here's To the Night" If you think about it, its the perfect theme since not everyone that goes is in love. Most people go with friends. The theme isnt all "lovey dovey"

-- From Amber, Leon high, Some Place TX

Our Prom theme is "A Night At The Oscars". Our colors are red, silver, & gold.

-- From Gloria, Escanaba High School, Escanaba MI

I live in Georgia and this year's prom theme is "magnolia ball". It may sound cheesy but I like having a Southern traditional sounding name because it makes me think of Southern bell's and Scarlet O'Harra. I think that we will all feel like southern bell's on prom night.

-- From Karen, Westminster High, Augusta GA

theme for 2002 is save the last dance for me

-- From Bethany, Strayhorn High, Sarah MS

Last year, I was at prom as a freshman and the theme was "The Secret Garden." It was gorgeous, complete with gazebos, benches, the whole bit. I am preparing to go again as a sophomore and our Prom 2002 theme is "Oriental," which hopefully will be just as good. Next year I'll be on comittee....any good ideas ?

-- From Danielle, West High School, Belleville IL

A couple years ago it was "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton, and then "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper. Both were amazing.

-- From Megan, Fairfield High , Fairfield OH

Our prom theme is "Moonlight Kisses"! It is the first time that we are having the prom outside! It's on a BIG balcony over our lake and it is going to be awesome. The colors are purple, black, and silver.

-- From April, Pottsboro High School, Pottsboro TX

a walk in the clouds...sounds corny and boring, but i think it came out nice- we based it on the movie, with keanu reeves... we set up these huge arches and benches and decorated the gym to look like the vineyard in the movie. we used green gossamer and shredded fake "grass" on the ground, and made little pathways with styrofoam rocks. there was a little area with a portable pond, with floating flowers and those little rocks that have words and sayings carved into them. on the little stage area where the court and all were presented, we had some kids wearing these awesome wings lining the pathway to the stage, moving them slowly [like in the movie...see a trend? hehe]. there were these amazing pictures some of the artclasses had worked on of faeries and angels all over...some were small, but some were lifesized. around the perimeter of the gym, we wrapped little white christmas lights up with white and pastel gossamer and vines of fake flowers. pictures were taken under one of the arch/benches- a small pillar with a big shiny garden ball was placed next to it. the pose? the girl sat on the bench, with the guy standing behind her, with both of their hands pressed to the ball's reflective surface looking deep into it. the whole prom was unbelievably surreal, wandering around this amazing vineyard- like something out of a dream.

-- From Cupid, Some School, Some Place XX

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