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Our prom theme was "Havana Nights" for Cuba and our Winter Formal theme was "A Sea of Elegance" and we held it on the Queen Mary cruise liner.

-- From Becca, , Los Alamitos CA

Ok I'm a junior and just like every prom, it is very stressful. I want something bright and flashy ,yet elegant and classy in a way. Any suggestions please e-mail me at lilstunna53188@hotmail.com

-- From Greg Walker, Westview High, tn

it wasnt my prom but i went to it with a bunch of my girlfriends, and our theme was "frozen in time" it was amazing!! very elegant and beautiful!

-- From amber, Svrss, benito IL

last year our theme was "beyond the bamboo" it was amazing. we had a huge chinese dragon in the ceiling of the gym and bamboo everywhere. there were black cut outs of chinese women on the walls and on the tables were chopsticks and fortune cookies.

-- From Britt, ,

"City Lights"...white christmas lights..park benches in front of these little fountains things that looked like they were outdoors with all sorts of foilage

-- From ashley, , ny

A Midwinter's Night Dream

-- From Dayna, BMHS, Moncton NB

I went to prom my sophmore year with my boyfriend who was a senior and their prom theme was "Puttin' on the Ritz" with a 1920's feel. There was a black and white checkered dance floor and all the walls were white with black shadow cut outs and stuff. It was really elegant looking and I loved it!!

-- From Barbara, Northview High School, Dothan AL

Last year our prom theme was 'Imperial Dreams' with a chinese decoration theme. There were lots of chinese lanterns and a pagoda. It was so cool. Our winter ball theme was 'Graffiti'. We used cones and traffic signs and police caution tape. We also spray-painted lots of carboard sheets to look like graffiti. The school also let us graffiti on the floor with sidewalk chalk.

-- From Sarah, , madison wi

Our senior prom is in december, right before christmas break. Last year the theme was "All I Want for Christman is You." It was really cute, and more creative than the themes used in the past

-- From ?, Sacred Heart, KY

last year my school's senior prom theme was, The Oscars- Red Carpet it was really nice. All the teachers had camers and were snapping photos like paparatzti as the students entered on the red carpet. I liked it so much that i want the same theme for my prom this year, because our theme is Blue Ice yuk! I am on the prom commitee and i hope to change that theme.

-- From Juanee Scott, CedarBridge Academy, Bermuda

cool theme suggestions i've heard from friends and other schools: carnival, willy wonka, alice in wonderland, Bollywood, 50s diner, masquerade, pixie forest

-- From jinxyminxy333, ,

For my proms we have had "a night in hollywood" "moulin rouge" "mardi gras" "casino nights" "arabian nights" "island paradise" "bling bling" and "monopoly" If anyone needs an idea on one of those, feel free to contact me at amym3292@hotmail.com I set up all of the moulin rouge and hollywood proms

-- From Amy, Episcopal Collegiate, Little Rock AR

"Ever After" This was a interesting theme.. we tryed to make it as romantic as possibe. we used the colors green and white and.. flowers all over and ballons it was more or less a garden theme. but the juniors and seniors really liked it. It took alot of planing and decorating but in the end it was fun

-- From Alicia & Talisha, South Albany High School, Albany OR

I am a junior and we are planning the prom this year. We love our seniors and we want them to have a prom they will never forget! Our homecoming was really good so we need a Prom that can top it! Help me if you have any ideas. We are having prom in a place that is called The Vault(its and old historic bank in Ohio)! Thanks! ilovecrowes@yahoo.com

-- From Lacy , Franklin Heights, Columbus OH

I'm on the prom committee this year and we have an AMAZING idea. Because of the New Orleans tragedy, we're doing a Mardi-Gras theme and half of the proceeds from Prom are going to the relief fund! It makes it a lot more heart-felt and not just another party night for us grads!

-- From Brianna, Some highschool, Ontario ..

our school is having a Knight for a Princess

-- From Natalie, , austin

"A night at the Oscars"

-- From tara, Cedar hill HS, texas

Our class has the idea of something with James Bond, since we are the class of (2)007! We are planning on announcing the guys names such as Doe, John Doe essorting Ms. ..... We are planning on decorating very classy and having a theme such as "Tomorrow Never Dies"... it's a good idea for all of you in the Class of '07!!

-- From Brittany, Kewaunee, Kewaunee WI

I Need some tips on decorating for the theme "Moulin Rouge" if anyone has any ideas post it on this site.

-- From Sandahl,B, Ashern Central School, Ashern MB



its hard to think of themes for prom because we don't base it off of songs and stuff that othe schools do! plus, we've had really good themes for dances thae past few years that its hard to think of new things! we've had fiesta, a night in paris, island paradice, a night with the stars( hollywood), a night UNDER the stars, new york new york, marti gras at the moulin rouge ( those should have been 2 different ones but that had them together for some reason) and fire and ice! there isn't much else that isn't over done. any ideas?? oh and we are also needing fundraising ides because we only have like $800 so far!! its sad... but oh well! we are gonna make it work somehow... i hope!

-- From Alex, , IA

our themes soo far have been *at last in wonderland (alice in wonderland) *cupids ball (valentines) *a night in paradise (ocean) *frozen in time (winter) *arabian nights (aladdin) *belle noche (italin romance)

-- From HAHAHAHA, HHS, Hesperia CA

Last year our theme wus Diamonds and Ice. It was gorgeous. Had glitter everywhere with balloons. As you entered you walked through a build ice cave, a huge 2005 on the side for pictures, and blue reflected pvc on the floor. We also had a cozy corner and used frosted colors for the table decorations and candle light. we turned the gym into absolute perfect area

-- From , Dubai American Academy, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

i think the theme we are going to use for 2005 is "into a Fairytale". its actually really pretty. the theme is basically a cross between cinderella and space. we have a cosmic, celestial theme mixing in with clouds and castles. it should be pretty tight.

-- From Tiffany Walker, Wasilla High School, Wasilla AK

we had cruise ship as our theme, but it was awful, and felt more like under the sea. it was embarassing. we shouldve just done casino, or something really simple.

-- From cas, ,

A few years ago our theme was "Where you take me".The gym was decorated like a Boat it was very unique.

-- From Megan, , London KY

Hey im a senior CLASS OF 2006!!, we are deciding on a theme...but i went to two proms already with my boyfriend "05" so this is nothing new and the themes where "Red Carpet" red and gold for mine and blue and silver for his. lets not get on how many prom dresses i have and i still need to find one more... but this is my senior year so i need the best theme i can get to go out with a bang!help im on the prom team

-- From Etana F, ATA High, Dearborn MI

Last year's prom theme was old hollywood couples, and everyone came as old hollywood couples. All the decorations wre black and white and it really looked like old hollywood. Plus the prom pictures were done in black and white. Our school also held an afterprom party with games, catered food, and more dancing to keep everyone safe. For after prom everyone chnaged into jeans and tropical clothes because afte prom was tropical. It was a great night and had something for everyone-classic and tropical! Yeah man!

-- From SarahBeth, ,

A NIGHT IN THE GHETTO!!......we had bullet holes all over with graffeti on the walls and we had parents hiddin in corners dressed like thugs..sellin drugs...then every 10 mins there would be parents in a car drive by and act out a drive by!!

-- From Steph and Amy , Steph ane Amy High, dublin ir

Our mopr theme this year will be Old hollywood. we are gonna have a huge movie projector that will play old silent romantci movies. as well as huge blow up posters of famous movie stars such as marilyn monroe. Our colors will prolly be silver and black. we are gonna hang gosamer throughout the banquet hall nad such. it is gonna be sooo pretty.

-- From megan richerson, CMR, great falls MT

Sprin time in Paris

-- From Lauren Woodward, Prattville High School, Prattville AL

Our prom committee this year is wanting to have a heavenly theme. Our senior class is all for it. It's in memory of a classmate that was lost this year. Our problem is, we can't find anything heavenly that looks elegant. Most heavenly things that we have seen are not very pretty and most of us don't like them. Anyone know of anything heavenly that would look good for it, and not cheesy?

-- From Courtney, G-ville High School, G-ville IL

We're Juniors and we are in charge of decorating prom this year! Some of the seniors want a "heavenly" theme which sounds kind of stupid to us. They dont want anything Hawaiin. HELP US!!!!!!!! email me at jdmoore1107@hotmail.com. ASAP!

-- From Jody and Jill, Mid Pen, Rock MI

Hey Ya, I need some help....It is our senior year and no one really knows what they want, so everyone is just going to go with the only theme anyone has come up with which is "Mardi-gras" alot of us now don't want that theme because of the New Orleans episode. I'm thinking something starry or tropical so if u could help me that would be ausome. my e-mail is starry-eyed@hotmail.com, thanxs for ur help

-- From Nikki, ,

Our theme for prom is kinda dorky, but it was very creative too. It was Terror of the C, for Cyprus.. good luck with that one!

-- From Kayla, Cyprus, Magna, Utah

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