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Wonderful Tonight- Eric Clapton

-- From Jackie, Rolling Meadows High School, Rolling Meadows IL

"The way you look tonight." I had a really good time and I'll always remember it because it was my last dance with the one I lost...

-- From Jennifer, Festus High School, Festus MO

Tarkington goes hollywood (Ocsars).

-- From Barbara, Tarkington Middle School, Cleveland TX

Our theme was swing into the jungle of life. We had tons of decorations that made it look like a jungle! (this was my grade 8 grad) We had a little hut made of straw for our DJ's booth. There were murals of vines and flowers and tropical birds on the walls. it was incredible!

-- From Talia, LGMS, Washington DC

Just like heaven

-- From Deborah, , Baton Rouge LA

soaring in paris

-- From Jennifer, Minor High School, Adamsville AL

my themem\ is pink

-- From Savontra, Red Oak High School, Red Oak TX

I think a good theme for a high school prom would be:: "A magical night under the stars" and the song Butterflykisses and the colors Gold, blue and sliver.

-- From Laura, Amalgamated Academy: Jaguars, Bay Roberts NF

Enchanting Dream

-- From Domeneque, Woodlawn High School, Birmingham AL

Somewhere Out There

-- From Lara, Beaver High School, Beaver UT

We had Light the Night it was black and silver and when u walked in you walked through gates.It was the best night of my life and if I could do it all over i would.

-- From Melanie, James Ford Rhodes High, Cleveland OH

I'm a junior on he prom committee planning for the senoir prom coming up in june, and the theme we've decided on is "Deja vu". As juniors we're all really close to the graduating senoirs and so we have collected tons of pictures and memory items and made it into a huge collage backdrop. In addition to that we're getting tons of roses, and draping black and maroon silk cloth from the ceilings of the hotel. And for the senoir suveniors we're handmaking each one of them a 'PROM 2003' snowglobe. It's gonna be great!

-- From Faith, ,

Our Junior prom theme was "A night to last a lifetime" and our Senior prom 2003 theme is "One Night, One Wish"...Those are sweet but I think we could've done better...But still in all, the night will be special!

-- From Asia, John Ehret High School, Harvey LA

night everlasting

-- From Jacqueline, A.B.Miller, Fontana CA

Our theme is an india theme...it has the Taj Mahal and lots of beads and elephants and fountains...The song is "Dreaming of You" by Selena...I think its going to turn out great!!

-- From Jennifer, Bloomfield High School, Bloomfield MO

Glitz and Glamour (It's suppose to be like a night at the Oscars).

-- From Amanda, St. Martin High School, Ocean Springs MS

A Night in Paris

-- From Ashley, Plymouth High School, Plymouth OH

friends are forever

-- From Marie, Union High School, Union NJ


-- From Ashley, Baker County High School, MacClenny FL

Our theme was Golden Dynasty. It was actually an oriental theme. Our colors were red, black, and gold. We had a set with a golden pagoda, black and gold banners with Chinese writing on them, paper lanterns, folding dressing screens, huge columns with Chinese writing that matched the banners, and to top everything off, we had a red and black dragon hanging from the ceiling. Our tables had black table clothes with long, red candles. Our center pieces were mirrors with vases with red and black beta fish and floating candles in them. Our souveniors were fans and lanterns. It was a lot of work, but it payed off. My best friend was a senior last year and he said it was the best prom he'd been too (when he had been to 3 others already). I suggest this theme to anyone who wants to have some fun!

-- From Junior Class Officer, Butler High School, Huntsville AL

This year's theme is "A Night in Paris." It comes complete with a 17 ft. tall Eifel Tower.

-- From Michelle, Antigo High School, Antigo MI

Last year our theme was Midnight under the stars. It was really pretty. Our colors were Dark Blue and Silver. We used moons and stars for dec. We gave out moon and star suckers that we had made just for our prom. It was really really great.

-- From Anon, Cynthiana Christian Academy, Cynthiana KY

Winter Wonder Land

-- From Rhenda, Charlotte High School, Punta Gorda FL

"Captured in a Dream"

-- From Deanna, Wildwood High, Wildwood FL

Well our theme is "it's our Time..." out colors are red & silver.

-- From Anon, Hollywood High, Hollywood CA

New World-New Start!Song Here I am by Brian Adams!Our colors are black,Baby Blue &Silver!OH!How pretty !

-- From Brookee, Canon Richards High, Flower's Cove NF

"A Night To Remember" our colors are blue, black, silver it was so pretty.

-- From Donalayha, Brunswick High, Brunswick GA

Candy Land, I'm not to thrilled by it because I awnted it to be something romantic, like enchanted forest or a night in MontyCarlo that would be cool

-- From Jessica, West Central Area, Hoffman MN

Are theme for prom 2003 is Golden Moments. I think it's stupid because I don't know what that has to do with it being are last year. i wante something like the last blast. because this is our last night together besides graduation. I don't know if i'm going to go or not. still in the decideing stages. but I better hurry up quick don't have much time left till prom.

-- From Randy, Eastern, Landsing MI

"Heaven on Earth"

-- From Anon, Memorial High School, San Antonio TX

Our Prom theme last year was "There You'll Be" by Faith Hill from the movie Pearl Harbor. Our Colors were navy, marroon, and gold to sort of tie in with the movie. This year the theme is "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson. I wansnt too happy about this desicion b/c the song is wayyy too over played--but all in all I think our Prom is gonna rock! *Theme Picking Tip: Pick a Theme Song that's title can fit in the same as Main Theme! It Makes things Easy and It All Ties 2gether REALLY WELL!!!!* -*-JuLiE-*-

-- From Julie, Mt. Carmel High School, Mt. Carmel IL

Hey, Well i am a Senior this year at Alahmbra High School and I have been waiting for my day to come for 4 years and now it seems so perfect because of our theme. My Senior Prom 2003 theme is "We're In Heaven" and the colors are Wistika purple, Skyway Blue, and Silver.

-- From Lorraine, Alhambra High School, Alhambra CA

Stairway to heaven colors are light blue and dark blue and silver

-- From Tywana, Rich East, Park Forest IL

Paradise Awaits

-- From Darsenika, Jefferson County High , Wadley GA


-- From Candace, South Amboy Middle School, South Amboy NJ

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Prom Night Drinking
~ Girls! ~
1. You plan to drink:
A little
Get smashed
2. You will drink at (if you do):
House party
Hotel Room
Alone with date
Not Drinking
Prom Night Drinking
~ Guys ~
1. You plan to drink:
A little
Get smashed
2. You will drink at (if you do):
House party
Hotel Room
Alone with date
Not Drinking
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