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The theme for our senior ball this year is the movie "GREASE". It's going to be sooo much fun! We've even learnt rock & roll dances!

-- From Amber, Colac High, Victoria AU

Our theme for my junior prom was "This side of midnight" It was really cool. Our colors were a royal blue and silver. We made it look like a fairy tale, with Castles and a lit up arch way, a garden and a pond. BIG trees made out of brown paper and the leaves out of different colors of green ballons. We had confetti all over the place along with ballons also all over the floor. Our theme song was Van Halens "Stairway to Heaven", which fit perfect. Prom was a blast!

-- From Unknown , Holmen High School, Holmen WI

Our theme was "This Moment" the song was "Moments" by Westlife. The song is so good! It was held at our capitol and it was beautiful. The song worked out awesome, all the girls loved it, (i don't think the guys really cared).

-- From Anne, Alta High School, Sandy UT

East Fairmont High School theme: My favorite prom theme would hafta be last years. It was "it's your love" After the country song.

-- From Amanda, Some School, Fairmont WV

A Night In Disguise

-- From Anon, Pickens High School, Pickens SC

Our prom theme for 2002 was "El Parque de Amore..." the park of love. The colors where purple, black, and silver. The ballroom was decorated as if you were in Paris, and in the middle was an ifiel tower made of silver ballons, with a light in the middle that shined through. It was so pretty, and on every table was a small silver photo album with the prom theme ingraved on it in purple. It was a very special night.

-- From Amanda, Lewisville High, Lewisville TX

"Love of a Lifetime"

-- From Amanda, Gallatin County High, Harrisburg IL

Last year's theme was "Starry Night in Paris." We had props set up to look like the street lanterns along the sidewalk, stars all over, an almost lifesize waterfall which was actually the punch drink, and for the pictures, you stood behind a "river" which had a swan boat in it, the starry moonlit sky behind you.

-- From Alida, Edwardsburg High, Edwardsburg MI

We had the theme of Sweet Kisses for Prom 2002. It was really cute because the girls who planned the entire dance (there were only 4 of them) decided to use picture boxes for our souveniers and they placed directions, our ticket and little hershey kisses inside of the box. They did an awesome job and Prom was awesome! Now its my turn to plan this year and I am psyched!

-- From Danni, Jefferson Academy High School, Some Place CO

A Dream Come True These are the Moments

-- From Jennifer, Alta Loma High, Alta Loma CA

All the themes I've seen so far seem to be pretty much the same even the ones from all the way over here in New Zealand. The themes from my years at school have been 'TITANIC', 'WISH UPON A STAR', 'ARABIAN NIGHTS' and this years theme is 'WONDERS OF THE WORLD'. Things are looking promising!

-- From Naomi, Church College of New Zealand, Hamilton NZ

Prom theme-A Knight to Remember our class colors were red and platinum and our class song is "Hard to say Goodbye" by Boyz II Men

-- From Lauren, Oak Park High, Detroit MI

Our theme was "Heres to the Night" and everything was made up like you were going to the Oscars. The red carpet and the black tiles w/ the gold stars w/ our names written on each one were nice touches but only thing was it was written in Magic Marker! Thanks a lot c/o 2003! The theme was awesom but the presentation could have been better. See what YOUR school can do with such a nice theme!

-- From Unknown, Academy of Our Lady of Guam, Agana GU

"wonderful tonight" by damage.. a timeless love song; just listen to the lyrics. its a song perfect for the night, enough said.

-- From Unknown, Father Duenas, Tamunig GU

I don't know how it happened but I was put in charge of four out of the five dances this year. For Homecoming we had "Come Away With Me" and it featured different lands like Candyland, Winter Wonderland and Space City. For Winter Tolo the theme was "Mosey 'til Midnight" and we had hay and catcus everywhere. For Sweetheart we had "Meet me in my Dreams" that was the stars and moons. For Spring Tolo we came up with "Dancin' Though the Decades" and we featured the 80s, 70's, 60's and 40's. For Senior Ball, we choose "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton. The building was filled with ivy, lattice, and Christmas lights. We even cut out all the letter to all the words of the song and had them up on the wall so people could sing along with it.

-- From Me, Little Town High, Little Town WA

our theme was Hella Good this year because of the song Hella Good by No Doubt it was awesome!I got prom queen but n e way.the colors were red and black and our fast song was hella good by no doubt and slow was Back at one by Brian McKnight talk to me on my s/n for yahoo:jessica_nichole_mcgrath2002 I got lots of pics!!

-- From Jessica, E.P.C. Jr/Sr High, Caraway AR

Last year(when I went) it was "Fairytale Fantasy" and the colours were silver and white. They designed a fake castle and had strings of white lights everywhere. It was simple but elegant. This years was a "Hollywood" theme and the colours were gold and white. They had gold stars with peoples names in them and lots of baloons. I wasn't there but I saw some pictures.

-- From Anon, St. Francis Xavier, Ottawa ON

the theme to the 8th grade prom was theater. they handed out autograph books that the cover looked like a playbill. it was held in a ballroom with a stage and a profesional photographer and every thing it was really cool

-- From Tricia, Lincoln Jr. High, Kearny NJ

"Phantom Fantasy", song Midnight Senada. If I got to make up one I'd do, something "GOTHIC" (like the other girl) and have it like a castle, medieval, some music from any VAMPIRE SOUNDRACKS, like interview w/vampire or imortal beloved. All the classical music has a mobid feel to it. Plus it's sexy and dark. And call it "ETERNAL FAIRYTALE" and have a medieval/vampire/goth look about it.

-- From Girl28, Belleville Township East, Belleville IA

This year's was "Until the clock strikes twelve". The place looked like Cinderella's castle. It was gorgeous! Last year's was "Moonlit Garden".

-- From Kim, Brunswick High School, Brusnwick GA

Our prom theme was MARDI GRAS...it was honestly the coolest. Everyone got beads (purple, green and gold) and a mask. and we had lights and huge masks on the walls. It was truly a fun festive nite! And i would recommend this for other schools because it was so memorable and fun!

-- From Grier, Shikellamy High, Sunbury PA

This year the junior class ahead of me was going to do a Medievil theme, but decided on Shakespear. They uses these really elaborate table settings, with these candlestick holders that stretched out over the entire table, and the brought in real trees, and some fake trees and all kinds of arch ways, and bird bath and there were christmas lights hanging from the ceiling and all. It was an experience to rememeber.

-- From Unknown, Argonia Jr/Sr High, Argonia KS

A Memory is Forever i think is a good theme because the memory of your graduation should last forever

-- From Betseyt, Fairhaven High, Unknown XX

under the lake

-- From Chris, Unknown, Waldomar CA

Our prom theme was James bond 007. It seemed kinda silly at first but it gave the guys an excuse to wear sleek sunglasses and the girls an excuse to wear tight revealing dresses! We had virgin martinis and a huge ice sculpture of 007. It definitly was a memorable prom

-- From Asha, D. Bay Secondary, Vancouver BC

Freshman year it was Flashback to the 70's. The colors were pastel colors (most all the ladies wore red for some reason. Center pieces were Candles and flowers, that was about it. Oh, and our song was "When Birds suddenly appear" or something like that Sophomore year was Under the Oriental Moonlight. Colors were scarlet red and black. We had those japanese light thingies all over the place. Center pieces were fortune cookies, and beatiful candles! Junior year was My Heart will go on. It had the Titanic texture and our song was My Heart Will go On. Senior was I Will Remember you.

-- From Adam, Collington High, Salem OR

back to the future,it was great complete with a top of the line elvis impersanator and everything.madonna even came!!

-- From Lindsey, Sturgeon Creek, Winnipeg MB

Well the 2002 prom theme for our school is "Fairy Tale Dreams"

-- From Amanda, Annapolis West Education CTR, Nova Scotia CA

Our Prom theme was "A SECRET GARDEN". This was the most beautiful idea i ever could have came up with. Our song was "secret garden" by bruce springsteen. My prom was the most special night of my life. Everything was so beautiful, i felt like i was in a movie. We had a real fountain, and flowers everywhere. During Grand March the boy met the girl underneath a flower covered arch and gave her a rose, then we joined arms and walked together down the stairs. Truly an unforgettable night...

-- From Jessuca, Waukesha Hgh, Waukesha WI

Our theme this year is A Midsummer Night Dream, I saw a couple of other schools with the same theme and was wondering what sort of decorations etc you had? Also did you have a song chosen? Our school is very small (less than 325 total from grade 7-OAC) so it is very personal and we hold it it our cafeteria, the teachers participate by serving us and doing the valet parking etc. We have a blast!!

-- From Casey, Sharbot Lake High, Sharbot Lake ON

Never Say Goodbye

-- From Victoria, St. Paul High School, Niagara Falls ON

For our winter ball, our theme was "Winter Dreams" with our song "Dreaming of you" by Selena. The colors were purple and silver and each couple had a paper cloud on the wall with their name on it. We had white Christmas lights and purple and silver starred fabric draped on the railings of the balconies. It was beautiful!

-- From Allie, Mathews High School, Mathews NV

At our after prom we are having the martigras theme as well... I thought it was kinda silly because were having it at the school and all and its not ognna be anywhere fun like at planet fun or at funland.. or anything fun like that and all.. so hopefully well have some fun there but.. Our prom is on saturday may 25th and Im soo excited!! thanks alot.. your page is cool! lacey

-- From Lacey, Spotsylvania High, Spotsylvania CA

Hear's To The Night! Not Only The Night, Hear's To Our Night, Hear's To Your Night Hear's To The future!

-- From Ashley, MacDonald Drive, Newfoundland CA

A night in Hollywood! the decorations were great!

-- From Oh, Western High, Bay City MI

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