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Would you like to just thank your friends, your school, or Senior Year class for simply being there and for the wonderful time you've had over the years? This is the area where you can wish the best to anyone you like. If you have a dedication, or a farewell, or a thank you message of any kind, use the menu above to submit it.

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Arielle, Cardinal Spellman, New York NY
I dedicate my heart and soul to my baby Jonathan. My prom is the day before my birthday and I know hes gonna make it the most special day ever just like every one of our anniversaries. I love him so much!

Phoebe Cooper, , Bristol UK
OMG I Am Sooooo Excited About Prom, I'm Going With My Boyfriend Of 8 Months, Jay, and My Best Friend, Emily, Is Coming Back The Day Before From Australia!!!!!!!!! Can't Wait XXX

Jessie, BHS, B'Town FL
OMG!!!!!!!! I am very excited I am a freshmen and I get to go to prom this year with my boyfriend John ( of 3 Years)!!!!!! I want to thank everyone who is helping making this prom night a night I will never forget. I am very happy to say Prom Night is not just prom it's Mine and John's 4 year anniversary!!!!!! Can't wait tell March 30, 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lolly bear x, crispin school, somerset ba
Oh stephy baby!! Your Gorgouse! Love Yooh Loads Babes! Have A Good Nite At The Prom! lol! xxx

Lucy,hollie,Raith(Gay),Steph, crispin school, somerset, ba
We jst wana say a big HELLO! to crispin school your all gay!! love you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

jessica D, medicine hat high school, medicine hat AB
Finally made it guys!!!! Thank you for making it all happen Jordan, without you i'd be lost!!! Forever and always

Rich, CAmbrdige Central, Cambrdige NY
Here's to everyone heading out to prom this year. Congrats!

Jamie, hazlewood Central, St. louis, Mo
Justin I love you Soooooooo Much baby. You mean so much to me and you will always have my love and my heart.

Shannie, Prince Williams High, Nasssau FL
I would love to extend best wishes to the class of 2001 at Jordan Prince Williams High School, Nassau, Bahamas. I miss you each and erry1 of you, all those precious memories that took place on campus. To my dearest best friend curlz, bubba, plywood, ms humes brickles all of you. Farewell I wish you all the best in becoming that succeful individual in life.

SaMiE, SaN DiEgO HiGh ScHoOl, SaN DiEgO CA
WeLl ChEa 2 mUcH StReSs WhEn U BeCoMe A SeNioR. . . . cLaSs of 2007 !!!!! In ThE EnD iTs AlL wOrTh It!!!! gOoD LuCK 2 aLl YoU SeNioRs OuT ThErE KeEp Ya HeAds Up>>>> I LoVe YOu...... RoBeRt,JaNElY,ChUy,LaTAlia,FeRniE,LeXie,Jazzy,TMan,KaYlIn(08er),uNcle 420,SonJah, AnD 2 All the GhEtto fabOulous PeOpLe 4rm ThaT 619 !!!! MuCh LoVe SaMie

michelle, Samuel Clemens, Schertz tx
id like to say i love you to all my best friends and friends that have helped me so far go c/o 07

hollie king , crispin school, bristol ba
i love tommy g unit!

yoshi, st agnes, toronto on
omg this year has been crazy im gonna miss everyone soooooooooooo much <3 st agnes i luv u guys

Kayla, H.P. Secondary, Hamilton ON
to my gurls:... B.S, A.G, L.L, L.K, K.K and all the other ones.. The past few years have been memorable.. I luv u gurls to peices and im looking forward to many more years of embarassing moments, Great memories and stories we'll someday tell our kids about..

veronica, LA HIGH School, Los Angeles CA
Felipe i just want you to know how much i love you and i want to thank you for all of those happy moments that we have had and hopefully we keep on having them thanks for being there when i most need it you. I love you

Teri Abbott, Winston County High School, Double Springs Al
Glenn I want you to know how much i love you and how much i am glad you are in my life. i took the chance hoping i wouldn't get hurt and i didn't you've made me so happy this past year and i am so glad that i decided to move in with you after all. i don't care what everyone else thinks about our relationship. i know you love me and i love you and thats all that matters. and i will miss you so much when i graduate school, just remember i love you and always be yourself. and make the most of your high school years b/c they will fly by fast than you know it. cherish every memory and don't take things for granite. i'll never forget our first prom together we had a blast and i thank god everyday that we're together b/c you have been a true blessing to me. Love you always in forver Teri

Donna, Middle College High School, Higland CA
This is two my two favorite girls in the world Class of 06 even though im class of 08 i just wanted Jessica and Kaycee to know i love them no matter what and im happy for you 2 and hopefully we can be friend with each other for ever I love you chicks and CONGRATS! <3 donna

Ashlei, ******* highschool, Texas TX
Colton, I love you so much and i am so sorry for hurting you. PLease forgive me!!! I would do anything for you & i really didn't mean to hurt you!!!

Ashley, OTCS, Riverside Ca
i just want to thank my senior class of 2006, i love you all, I want to thank Jeffrey for just being there (not all the time , but i still love you ) I want to thank Shawn for going to prom with me, Thanks so much, were gonna rock this Prom. and last but not least I want to thank the Lord for getting me this far, the blessings are on Him. Class Of 06 Baby Do you love it ?

Amanda, Turner Ashby High School, Bridgewater VA
Zac you have no idea how much you mean to me. You're my life and I hope you know that I would do anything just for your happiness. I'm so excited about going to prom with you on May 27. I could never find anyone as wonderful as you to be with on that special night. I love you sweetie. I know we're going to be together for a really long time.

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