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So... how were you asked to prom? Or did you ask someone... If you've ever been asked to prom, or if you've ever asked someone to prom, or know someone who was asked to prom, tell us about it. We really want to know!

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Got Asked

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Okay, long story.
There's this boy I've secretly had a crush on since freshman year in high school. He and I were in AP classes together, and the teacher gave us seats next to each other in class. Later in the year I found out he lived near me so he and I used to walk home together from school. We became friends, JUST FRIENDS for the time being. He came to one of my show choir performances once :)
Then, halfway through sophomore year he moved... To Las Vegas.
So he and I have kept in touch primarily through myspace.
Halfway through junior year (I was on winter vacation) I woke up one morning, feeling glum... Then I realize that my cell phone is ringing. Then I pick it up only to find that it's HIM!!! He called me to ask how things were going... Halfway into our conversation he said he was going to get his driver's license soon so that in senior year he could come to my prom!!!! And we're still on for prom this year! I have my dress and I've paid for my ticket. My parents know about this and they've told my friend that he could stay at my house when he travels 400 miles to go to prom with me :D I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah CA

i like this guy, adam and he is 17. i have known him for a long time from church. so we like eachother and he just was like you should go to prom with me so i said yeah of course i'll go. and on my birthday he is going to ask my dad if he can take me. i am so happy.

Jessy Glen Este HS Batavia OH

I didn't get asked in a creative way... which kinda bummed me out.. So I decided to reply in a creative way to make up for it :D When my good guy friend asked me I was like hmmm I don't know I'll have to think about it. I was totally joking but he was all worried. It was so cute. I technically hadn't said yes yet so the whole next day he was bugging me about it. I would just smile and shrug. He said he needed his answer soon. That night he was coming to my house to watch a movie so I came up with a plan. I grabbed a bunch of sticky notes and starting in the front hall I made a trail The first few sticky notes leading to my kitchen said things like Maybe. and I don't know and the last one in the doorway of my kitchen said a little closer. Inside my kitchen were post it notes everywhere that said YES! On the walls, on the coffee pot, on the cabinets, on the fridge. LOL he didn't even notice the first ones so I made him go back and start over before he got to the kitchen. When he saw all of the YES's he just kind of stood there dumbstruck. It was so cute. He said Well i guess I got my answer

Katie Albert Lea MN

My boyfriend of a year. Took me out to Chinease. Dinner was really good. Then after dinner we got our fortune cookies and I opend mine up and it said "Paige, will you go to prom with me?' IT was so cute. That was the best way to ask!

Paige Rapid City Stevens Rapid City SD

Well, I know it's only the beginning of the year, but my recent boyfriend, Cory, and i were talking one day after school walking to his truck. For some reason we were talking about the last prom he went to and how one of our mutual friend's mom had told him about some bogus dream she had about him taking her daughter (Megan) to prom and showing up in Shorts and a wife beater. (Needless to say it was a nightmare) But then we got around to talking about this year's prom and how it couldn't possible beat last year's theme ('007 Casino Royale). He was talking about what colors would look best and what kind of ride he'd rent and all this kind of stuff. Then I remarked at how if he decided to wear a white shirt that he better not call me in the middle of the night telling me that his shirt was stained (*Smart me for hinting, LOL). He looked at me with kind of a wink in his eye and simply asked why I would be at home. i decided to play the dumb card and told him that I figured that he already had someone in line for him to take (* another smart move on my part, If I do say so myself...). he said of course not and has been hinting at the subject ever since! {I'm seriously scared now though because i just realized that I would have to do the senior walk!!!! EEP!!)

Aby Smith Early Co. High School Blakely GA

I've only been asked to prom once. My sophmore year my boyfriend was a Junior - we do Junior/Senior Prom (I don't know if anyone else does that) and he called me a week before prom and was like Are we going to prom We went, but needless to say it was crazy. Now we just know that we're going.

Chelsea Maple Valley Nashville MI

Okay. So i asked my date to prom during superbowl(it's senior prom for both of us). Earlier that day at work (I work at a party store), me and a few of my co-workers blew up these sparkly mylar balloons. We wrote one letter really big on each balloon, so in the end, it spelt out PROM?, in really pretty calligraphy. Then we tied ribbon on each balloon in the shape of a bowtie. So later that night I was watching the game at a friends house with a bunch of people, including my date. At halftime, I asked some of my guy friends to keep an eye on my date and make sure he didn't go outside. Then I went outside with a few of my girlfriends, and we tied the balloons to his car. We tied them to his door handles and his antenna (he has one of those cars where the antenna is in the middle of the back of the car.) Later, when we were all leaving, I walked him to his car. He didn't really get it at first, he just thought someone was being funny and tied balloons to his car. Then he read some of the letters, and figured it out. He told me he'd have to think about it, and the next day at school, he told me he hadsomething for me in his locker. So I went over with him, and he pulled outthe balloon I had tied to his antenna (it was the one with the ? on it), and gave it to me. I didn't really know what to do with it, so he turned it over in my hands, and on the other side of it it said yes. it was so cute =)


Okay so I went to the mall with an old friend of mine and I told him he had to help me look for prom dresses. Well after the third store he asked me who I was going with. I told him that I didn't have a date and he had a little smirk on his face. After our mall trip we went home and as soon as we left each other he sent me a text message and we talked for a few minutes and finally I was like, Would it be weird if I asked you to go to prom with me? and his reply was, Ha ha.. No it wouldn't. And I would definitely say yes. It's not the most exciting way to ask someone to prom but at least I had the guts to ask! Valentine's Day is next week and he asked me to be his Valentine!!!

So this morning, ironically, I walk outside and see a bucket on my doorstep with a paper that read "Danielle, I know Easter is a week away, but the Easter Bunny brought you something special today! Put the clues together to find the last egg!". I looked and there were about 20 plastic easter eggs in my front yard. Easter was in fact a week away, so I was like, "What the..." My sister took the initiative and started opening all the eggs. A few of them had pieces of paper in them that sa i d "people are DYE-ing to be here" "better underneath the STARs" "I'm hiding in the grass" and "Rest in peace".. after finding about 2 of these i was pretty creeped out.. but then i opened the last couple and saw that there were cut outs of a face and one paper that said "pudding". I finally realized that I was being asked to prom by my really good guy friend/ fellow drama geek, Eric. Pudding was an inside joke from the play we had just got done doing called The Matchmaker, and it symbolizes ad v enture. A few weeks earlier me and Eric were driving around looking for adventure when we drove past the cemetary in a town called STAR (hence the 'better under the STARs'). I have this huge fascination with history, so I wanted to get out and look at all the old tombstones. When we were out there we found this huge beautiful tree growing out of this one plot and I was amazed by it. Ever since then, we talked about going back and taking pictures. But anyway, so I went out there and found the e g g and inside it was a picture of 2 dressed up little children and the girls face was mine! (he has a photo program to make funny superimposed pictures) and the boys was blank. I took the face cut outs and put them in the blank and it was his face and it said WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME on the top. I was really surprised at how much time he went into doing that. Now all I need to do is find a good way to say yes. :)

Danielle Eagle High School Eagle ID

I was walking to 6th period and this guy friend of mine was ahead of me walking. Suddenly he turned around and said "I have something for you". I said "You do". He had to dig in his back-pack for a little while and he then pulled out a card. The card started out by saying "I've been considering something quite significant....". Then on the inside it had this cute little comic that he drew (he's an awesome artist). At the end of the comic it said PROM? I looked at his and said yes, I would love to. It was sweet that he spent time on it for me. And I could tell that he was a little nervous, but he still went for it and what do you know I said yes. So guys out there don't be afraid to take a chance!

Catelyn Chico High Chico CA

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