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Before Prom

We've had sections for prom night and after prom for a while now. We thought that was enough--until someone reminded us that we were missing a "before prom" section. We had to agree. And so so here it is.

Before I start listing before prom submissions, I just want to mention, that what you do before prom depends on you. It's not as if there's one specific thing that everyone does. Some people, for example, go out to dinner before prom. Others meet as a group and just hang for a while before the dance. Still others go straight to the hall where the dance is being held. However, there are some general things which many people do:

So here's what people are doing. Read, enjoy, and submit your own before prom plans

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Before Prom

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This year before prom, my best friends and I are going to get our hair and nails done together and get ready together...just to make sure everything looks right. Last year one of my friends ripped her dress and we had to do a really REALLY quick fix! Definately bringing a sewing kit this year!! We went to dinner with our boyfriends and right before hand we hung out at Target...seriously! Everyone from our school hangs out at Target before hand to get some last minute snacks or whatever. Our prom is on a boat, so once you're on, you're staying! Afterwards, my friends and I are going bowling...in our prom dresses...yes! All of our dresses are about knee-length so its not like we are going to ruin them!

-- Heather

Before prom me and my boyfriend is gonna go out to breakfast then me and my bestfriend is gonna go get our nails and hair done then back to my house where we get dress and wait for our dates

-- Sheera Lincoln High school Jersey City NJ

ok heres the thing everyone who is going to prom has to go to school for the 1st 3 periods of the day.... i no its totally pointless. so we all have to have permission slips to leave school early. then me nd 5 of my best friends go out to lunch but right from there go to get our hair and make-up done then go to one persons house(usually where the limo picks us up) ten just hang out till we need to get dressed. then finally we all take pics w/ our famlies nd our dates then off to prom!!!!

-- Nicole Roy C. Ketcham HS wappingers falls NY

Before prom, my parents would be treating me to breakfest in bed, I'll sleep in until like 9 or so. Eat breakfest. Chit Chat with my mom about the nervousness and excitement of the upcoming night. Take a shower. Shave and all that stuff. Meet up with my two best gal friends Chloe and Melissa(we've known eachother since gr 6 and been planning this ever since) have lunch at a nice resturant. Then go to the salon with Chloe and Mel. Get our hair and nails and makeup done. Then go back to our own places. Get dressed. The limo would pick up our dates first. The boys Alex Andrew Anthony and Tom would then go get some last minute things for the afterparty. Then pick Anita, Chloe, Mel, and finally myself up from our houses. Take a bunch of pictures. Cruise around in the limo for a lil while then go to the hall for the dinner and dance. After the dance we havent really decided we would either stay at the hotal above the hall, or sleep over at Anita's house. Where we'd have the ho u se to ourselfs and spend quality time with friends and our bfs. Then go to bed or party until the early hours of the next day and just chill. Make lots of memories and a great conclusion to another part of our lifes. A night we will never forget and been looking forward to for a long time.

-- Samantha Dante ON

Hopefully all our couples will still be dating by prom, if so then me and this really cute guy friend (just friend). and my best friend and her boyfriend will be hanging out together.. since she'l be the only one with a license, she'll be driving since i know we won't get a limo.. unless someone comes up with somemajor money!!.. but yea after i finish settin up with prom committee ill come home and do my hair my self.. and make up.. and get my dress on.. and wait for my date to pick me up.. then we'll drive to my best friends house and get her and her date.. then we're gonan go to walmart ad walk around and eat at the blimbie inside it!! then hit up the dance . then back home to my dates house for... fun. haha sounds good to me..

-- Emily NC

i'm a sophmore this year & my boyfriend is a junior. so far my plans before prom are to get my hair & makeup done & all that good stuff, meet everybody at my school cause we're taking a charter bus to a boat down in new orleans & go to prom & have lots and lots of fun!~!

-- Stacey Pearl River Central High School Pearl River

ok, so my prom isnt til next june, but im so excited!!! cant wait! we only get one prom...unless you go to sixth form instead of college but...neway, back to the prom. ive got my dress its the most beautiful dress you've ever seen. its pink and fitted and it sort of flows out at the bottom and goes right to the floor. and its got little jewels over the top bit and i luv it i luv it i luv it! we've booked our limo already, we even got a ride in it - the driver took us to tesco so he could get petrol :D so neway...before the prom, im gonna go with all my friends to have our hair done, and our nails and makeup and we're all gonna look so good! and then we'll get the limo and drink champagne and meet all the guys at the airport (where are prom is gonna be!!! in one of the posh suites!!) and then we're gonna have the meal and then dance all nite! its gonna be fantastic i cant wait!!!

-- Jenna UK

Taking final exam, get out at 11:30am....go and get hair, eyebrows, and nails done.... come home and get dressed and make up done. wait for my date and limo to come and go out to fancy resturant then to prom then to hotel afterwards and spend the weekend there.

-- Theresa LRHS Raleigh NC

This year me and my friends are on our school's Winter Formal committee, so we are gonna help set up in the morning. Then me and my friends Sam and Tayler are gonna go get our hair done. After that, me and two of my other friends are gonna get ready at my house and take pics then go to dinner with our dates at a fancy Italian restaurant. :)

-- Brighlee Orange County CA

Well every year at my school we have our class day and prom on the same day (prom is always on a friday, usually in may) but after the class day I'm leaving school just like every other senior and I'm going to get my hair done and all that other girl stuff...whether my boyfriend and i do something...it hasnt been decided yet.

-- Sara NY

Before the prom i was soo nervous. I had never wore 4 inch heels before so i was afraid i would fall. As soon as i got home all of the gurlz came over and did eachothers hair and makeup then we all put on our perfume and dresses. Then the boys came over and we took lots of pictures . It was all soo fun i would do it again.

-- Maria Camden Highschool Camden NJ

My plan is to have my nails done already and go and get my hair done with a few friends in about 3 hours b4 the dance (b-cuz it'll look neater) then put on some clothes (jeans & a tee) after that go to my bf's house 4 a while and take some pictures there then head back home to get dressed and take more pictures there. Finally, by the time I get dressed I'll have just about another hour cruising in the limo with just me and my bf. TIP: If you're going to the prom with your bf don't go with about 10 or 12 more people that way you'll have time alone with him. I mean either way you're still going to see the same at the dance when you get there!

-- Sha'Quyah Irvington NJ

We always have a group of atleast seven couples to split the cost of the limo but the girls also get together and help each other get ready, we buy the fake nails at Wal*Mart and do each others nails, one of the girls is great at doing hair so she does the hair and we spend the whole day getting ready while watching chick flicks! When its time for dinner, instead of worrying about making reservations and spending a fortune on a decent meal, we do a progressive dinner (One girl does the appetizers at her house, another does the main course and another does the desserts) its fun, inexpensive way to have a great meal and have fun with just your group. It's always so much better to be creative and do things that other groups aren't and plus we all had a blast!

-- Amanda East Forsyth High School Kernersville NC

Before prom, all my friends are coming over and we're gonna get ready all together. Helping each other with make up and stuff! Its gonna be a blast!!!

-- Danielle Taunton High School Taunton MA

Today is actually my prom day!! It is now 9 o'clock and I have been up since 7. I went for a run this morning, just to stretch my muscles and get some fresh air. Around 8 I took a bath, and cleaned myself up. I just double checked all my items, dress, shoes, purse, jewelry, ticket. My hair appointment is at 10 and my friends are at 12(my hair takes long time to do) then we are having a light lunch in the mall food court before our makeup appointment at 2. Most girls I know are not getting their make up done, but it does make a big difference. It will be a hectic day for me, because I also have to drive with my date to see his tux, then go pick up my dress and head back to my friend's house to get ready..all this before 5!! EEEpp, I am excited.

-- Kelly Alexander Mackenzie High School Richmond Hill ON

skip school...get my hair done..toes..nails..eyebrows shave...then eat..then get dressed.. feel nervous talk on the phone with my date and friedns..then be out to my prom....

-- Johanny george washington high school New York NY

The night before, people get together and party. The next day, everybody takes school off (holiday) and get their nails, hair, brows, tanning, wax, and makeup done, pretty early in the day. Then girls get together at eachother's houses and get their dresses on, guys do the same. We then get into groups to go out to eat in limos, and arrive fashionably late to the prom. There are then after parties, etc. in which people celebrate the fact that it was another wonderful year.

-- Meg LBJ High School Johnson City TX

It's on a Saturday night, and all day you get ready, like your hair nails, make-up and stuff like that then you come back to your house or at a friends house and put on your dress and wait for the limo and get pictures taken while you are waiting for the limo. Then you go and have dinner at a place in Town then you come back to the school and everyone watches you get out of the limo's and stuff then you line up in the gym on a stage and there is a grand march for everyone who is graduating and family/friends take pictures and then after the grand march there is a dance, not a lot of people go to that though, they go back to a house and all get changed into party clothes and there is a huge party that the whole school attends. Its great fun!

-- Lydia MRHS Morelle PE

My friend and I are getting ready at our own houses, I'm going to another friends to have my hair done, then we're all meeting at my house. We'll leave go to dinner and then go to prom. After prom we'll propbably go back to my house.

-- Cristi Triad High School N. Lewisburg OH

I will go get my hair done, then come home, have my friend do my make-up and then get dressed. My parents will take some pictures of me before my boyfriend arrives; when he arrives, all my relatives and neighbors come over to see us and take more pictures! Then we'll stop at my friend's house for a short time before heading to my soccer coach's house! *It's a tradition for all the players to meet there for team pictures!* Then we'll stop at my boyfriend's house before beginning o ur drive to the hotel where prom is held! *Just so you know, we have dinner served at our prom! I'm not just skipping meals!*

-- Nikki PA

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