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Basics For Prom committees

Prom committees, planning prom night is no easy thing. It's much harder than planning your prom dress and ensemble! You will have to work hard to be sure that every detail is right. As with all things, there are a minimum number of parts, or tasks, or whatever, to creating a successful prom. Without these prom will not work, or it will not work very well. Below, we've listed seventeen items which we believe are necessary to set up the perfect prom-- and experience has shown us that this is true (although if you're not having an after-prom-party, then it's sixteen, not seventeen). So stick with these, and your prom will go well. That's all there is to it.

These three items are must-do-first!
Determine Your Location
Hire Entertainment
Contract Your Photographer

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After you've taken care of those three, you can take care of the rest. Please note that we have arranged all seventeen in a somewhat logical do-first order because there are some things --like selecting a menu-- which are time sensitive and cannot be left for the last minute; or other things, like selecting a theme before you select a menu because your menu might be dependent on your theme-- but I think you get the idea. So here they are (just click on the item to visit it):

Fund Raising
Theme & Colors
Post Prom Party
Royal Court Selection
Set Up
Clean Up

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Remember: the well orchestrated prom doesn't happen on its own but depends totally on a well orchestrated planning committee!

Home > Go: Fund Raising | The Basics
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