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Prom Night Stories

Prom Night Stories--that is, stories that are all about the night itself. Sure, lots of these stories tell you how they were asked to prom, the kind of formal dresses or prom dresses girls wore, what happened several days after prom, and lots of other things related to prom. But mainly, they are stories about prom night, the night itself (that's why they are in this section and not in the asking, or other sections).

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Prom Night Stories

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So, my best guyfriend of the time, Josh, asked me to his Jr. Prom. I got ready at my Dads house and he picked me up and drove to his parents house for pictures. We went to dinner with some of his friends and it was really nice. He is an awesome guy. We got to the dance about an hour early on accident but it worked out. Prom was at a lodge overlooking a lake. (His school is that small) Newspaper guy was there and we ended up in the paper the next day. I had a lot of fun with him. A bunch of laughes and compliments. He turned around and asked me out after prom was said and done. Not together anymore but still friends. Prom was awesome!!

-- Haley Kansas City KA

I could not wait until the prom! After getting ready, I could not wait for the limo to arrive! My dress was pink and puffy, decorated with diamanties. THE PUFFIEST DRESS EVER!!!! When I arrived people compimented my dress and people's faces dropped. When it came to the awards ceremony, we waited patiently to see who won Prom Queen and Prom King. When they called my name out; my eyes lit up and for once all eyes was on me. All of the time and effort for all the arrangements for the prom has finally paid off and this experience will be something I will cherish for the rest of my life. To all those people, who have an upcoming prom; have a great time ang GOODLUCK :)

-- Emma Kings

So, the actual dance part of prom was lame. No one would dance with me, and I didn't have a date. But afterwards, my friends and I drove down to the Jersey Shore and I almost got into an accident trying to switch lanes. Once we finally got to our AMAZING beach house, we partied it up on the beach. Too bad I'm a light-weight and was wasted after one sip of vodka. This is part, I don't actually remember, but my friends told me and I hear about constantly. I mistakenly called my friend Caitlin, Melissa the entire night. GOOD TIMES THOUGH! WOOO PROM!

-- Mike Goshen IA

Ok I went to my senior prom with my boy friend Steven and it went wonderful because my make-up was great my hair and ohhhhhhhhhhh my god my dress was so beautiful it was a black dress with rhinestones along the straps and rhinestones and the top and the slit came up above my knee, i loved it me and my date loved everything and after that we went to change and we went to a club and we had a wonderful time. And oh yeah he kissed me for the first real time he always kissed me on the check or the hand but he didn't this time. I hope your prom was good or is gonna be good!

-- Nikki Woodscock GA

well hmmmm..my prom story... This is how it goes. It was 2 nights before prom. Everything was set. Then wham! my boyfriend breaks up with me. "we can still be friends" he says. Yeah, sure. SO I ended up going with this friend i had since i was 5. It was cool, my date and I had fun. But the day after prom i found out that the reason he broke up with me was because he cheated on me and didn't want to tell me. Argh, it sucked. So my only memory of prom was hanging out with this guy, and longing for this other guy that i "loved" not even knowing he cheated on me. Oh, to make matters worse: he cheated on me because his friend dared him to have sex with a random girl. JERK!

-- Terry Algonquin

I had never been to a dance before and in my mind I wasn't going to start with my Junior Prom. So everything was goin' all good, I had some things to do the night of Prom so no worries. Well, about one week before Prom and friend of mine calls me up and says that she cannot get a date to Prom and asked me if I would go (I was the last choice since I wasn't really stokin' on Prom). Gah, I really didn't want to go but that would have been really weak to say "no" to her so I agreed. Now all I needed was...everything. I went to a tailor place and got a tux (the most expensive out of all of my friends...sigh). But the cool thing was that I got in the newspaper (they just so happened to be there taking pictures). Although it was quite expensive, it was probably the nicest tux out of all of my friends (black tux, black shirt, gold tie). Another cra-zay thing was that my friends, who had been planning on going to Prom for months, didn't have a limo and I did...wierd how things worked out. So I bought the corsage and everything and then I was ready for Prom...or at least as ready as I could be for the time constraint. Good ol' Prom: nice pre-Prom dinner, pretty nice hotel, very stuffy dance floor, blackjack, crazy horse-drawn carriage through populated San Diego, friends, pictures...good times. Afterwards we went to a friend and watched a movie or two, ate some, chatted it up for a bit, and went to sleep. All 'n all I'm glad I went, good times. Oh, and if y'wanna see some good on ya pictures of my groups experience at Prom check it out at: http://www.thesophomorechronicles.co m/p rom_2002_pictures.html Very cool, thanks for listening and I hope your Prom experiences are Good on ya!! See You Later...BYE!!

-- Ryno Encinitas CA

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