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My sophomore year i was so excited to be going to the prom with a senior. i found the perfect dress with a purse to match, i was getting my hair done and my make- up, i'd also spent 40 dollars on my own ticket (we went dutch). then the day before the prom, i hadn't seen my boyfriend all day,then i found out he'd been in the office all day getting suspended for playing a prank on a teacher, which meant he couldn't go to prom. Which also meant i could not go because underclassmen were not allowed without a senior escort. Well this year is my junior prom, and i plan to take the same guy, even though he does not want to go, i am making him. And he will have fun, i'll make him do that to. i think i have the right to, right?

-- Elaine Riverside CA

Well, here's how my prom story goes. I was a sophomore at the time and I ended up going with my sweetie of a best guyfriend who is a junior. It was the junior senior prom. As soon as he asked me and we started to work on details, we agreed to go dutch since prom is just way too expensive to pay for by yourself. I had already planned ahead and bought a dress the summer before figuring I'd use it at some point since it was a classic dress and also on sale. (It sure beat shopping at the last second for a dress with my girlfriends three days before prom!!!!). Anyway, as prom time rolled around and we started to get into the ticket process, before I knew it, he had bought tickets for the both of us for both prom and post-prom (To this day, I still swear that I will get him back for that! And I will this year!). This came as a total surprise to me and I insisted to pay him back (he wouldn't let me!). Anyway, prom night came around. We decided to go a cheaper route and drive to dinner, prom and postprom. I went and got my hair done at the Renaissance Festival (Great idea {hint,hint})which was really fun and relaxing. We go to dinner with another couple and had a great time. Once again, my date surprised us all and picked up the bill. This almost caused a fight between my date and my girlfriend's date. The two of them worked it out and we arrived at prom. We all had a great time, and driving there was a great idea. We could leave when we wanted to and stay as late as we liked. The prom last year is one of the most memorable nights of my life. I can't wait to go to our prom together this year!

-- Cara Atlanta GA

Well, my sophomore year was great. My prince charming new boyfriend was an all star athelete and a son of two doctors. everything was a fairy tale. this year is awful! it's my junior year and i have no date whatsoever and i've spent all my time getting a post-prom party together and setting other people up with dates. it's like the humanitarian never gets her dream man this year and last year i was doing the same thing and i got a boyfriend out of it. WHAT THE HECK DID I DO WRONG? gee, if i would've known i would've just never decided to go!

-- Rachel Beverly OH

well, this isn't really a story, almost a dilemma...My prom is in a few weeks yet.... Okay, well anyways....I'm a sophmore and I had been going out with this one senior guy, but we recently broke up. We told each other at first that we would still go to prom together and all since i already have my dress. But now I don't really want to go with him. There is this other guy, he's a senior and he's really nice and sweet...he want's to go with me, but i'd feel REALLY bad dissing my ex- boyfriend. Me and this other guy are always hanging around and i really don't know what to do anymore! :(

-- Tiffany Lancaster PA

I graduated from high school in '98 so my Senior Ball (same as the prom) was last year around this time. I went with my boyfriend of 7 months. I wanted it to be one of the most special nights of my life. I had never been dancing with my boyfriend so I was looking forward to it. Well, guess what?...the night before my Ball we went to a party, where I promptly learned that the guy can't dance worth my a*#!! Driving to the Ball, I was still hoping maybe he had been slightly drunk and that would explain his "dancing". I soon realized booze was not to blame for his inabilty. I was mortifid when everyone on the dance floor was looking at us in utter distaste! Anyway, The rest of the night i kept making excuses everytime he asked me to dance. I felt bad but......oh well. He didn't catch on to it. To top off the evening, my boyfriend and I got in a fight about sex. Plain and Simple: He wanted it and I didn't. So there went my storybook Ball down the tube. My advice to u all is to go to as many Proms as u can. That way u can try to make each one more memorable than the other! Good Luck!

-- Preetee San Francisco CA

It was my junior prom last year. Now i am a senior. well i was really excited about the prom. I had found this beautiful dress like 1 hr away from my house and made countless trips up there and everything. well i had a date he was my boyfriend for about a year but he decides 2 weeks before the prom that he dosent' like me anymore and doesnt' want to go. I was throwing him a surprise bday party that day and i had all these people at my house for him that i didn't really want to see. So the next day i drive an hour to go pick up my dress. The alterations were all wrong. I needed the stomach part taken in and they took the chest in. It was terriable. It didn't fit and they washed the dress...don't ask me why and it faded and looked so nasty. So i looked around to see who i could go with...EVERYONE i knew was going .. i set all of my guy friends up., So there was none left for me. But that thursday i went to drivers ed. noticed that the cutest guy had always been in my car with me and i was just seeing this. So this is 1 week before prom and i asked him...he wanted to go. I was really happy. We went and had a great time...But the good catch to my story is now i'm a senior and i'm going to my prom in june with the same guy. he is the best i don't know what i would have ever done without him. Oh and about the dress last year. I brought the messed up one back and found a beautfiful purple one. This year i have one date and one dress. I would have to say the date is better though :)

-- McKayla Albany NY

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