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Most people know, especailly when its all over with..prom is rarely ever as good as its cracked up to be. My prom story is one such example. Everything just seemed to go wrong for me. First, when i went to the hairdresser, i found out that they had lost my appointment ...so i had to wait for them to call someone else in to do my hair. I was already running late, so this wasn't good. Then when i got home i found out that my mom had invited like ten people over, my aunt holding a camcorder, to watch my exit. Embarassing!! When my date (my best friend tim but not exactly my ideal prom date) i hade to excuse my family for being so..well..there. I was already a little peeved that my date told me he wanted to go to prom with his friends and their dates instead of my friends, but to make it worse, when we showed up at the house where we were all meeting, one of Tim's friends date was like two hours late. I was spending the beginning of my prom night on a couch watchig "Short Circut." Fun, fun, fun. When the girl finally showed up we all piled into the van..yes the van. Hmm..big spenders. by the time we ate dinner and fially got to the hotel the prom was at we were like an hour and a half late. Plus.. the ballroom we were in was completely crappy! Way to small for all of the people. You cold barley move. you even had to go outside to these bathroom trailers to pee. it really sucked. I was really upset about the whole thing, i had expected alot more out of it. I spent so much money and even gave up a trip to San Francisco to go and i totally regret it.

-- Sandy Oceanside CA

With the way things started out, you'd think it was going to be the prom night from hell. Everything went smoothly, until it was time for the limo to show up. This was the one thing we had problems with. The first place we tried to get a limo from, was a small family owned place, that only had one or two. The owners knew my boyfriend and his parents, and the guy that was supposed to be our driver worked with my best friend's boyfriend. Anyways, there was a big conflict with the price, in two weeks, we got three different prices. So we went with anothere place. Everything worked out untill it was time for the limo to pick us up. It was supposed to arrive at 4. As we were standing in my front yard getting pictures taken, we saw a limo go down the road. My dad knew it was ours for some reason, and went and stood in the middle of the road. Finally, it came back up the hill, and my dad flagged it down. We found out from the driver that the company over-booked, and had to send us a not-so-nice older limo. We also found out that the driver was a fill in. We made it on our way, finally. Me and my boyfriend had plans to go to the grocery store where we worked, because everyone wanted to see us. This store is not hard to get to, but somehow our driver managed to get lost. After showing ourselves off, we headed off to Murrysville, to pick up my best friend and her boyfriend. We made it there without problems. The driver had some trouble getting out of the private lane, going straight into a dead end, instead of making the turn out. Sarah had plans to stop at the place where she worked, so we stopped there. After getting back in to be on our way, we asked the driver if he knew where he was going. Our prom was held at the Syria Mosque, in Harmarville. He reassured us that he knew where he was going, so we closed the thing between the driver and us. We left the parking lot around 4:45 and got on the turnpike. We were laughing and having a good time, but something seemed wrong. Sarah and Joe had gone the year before, for Joe's senior prom, and they knew how to get there. Joe was the first to notice that we seemed to be going the wrong way. He mentioned this to the driver, who realized that yes, infact, we were going the wrong way. So we got off the turnpike, turned around at the New Stanton interchange, and got back on. About 40 minutes later, Joe was looking out the window, and noticed some signs, saying like Seven Springs, 10 miles. Joe once again infomed the driver that we were still going the wrong way. Our driver, when we got back on the turnpike, was still going the wrong way. We got off at the Donegal exit, and made sure that we got on going the right way. By this time, we were almost an hour late to the prom. We made sure we were watching out the windows that we were going the right way, and so our driver wouldn't get lost again. Little did we know.... We finally got off at the right exit, about 2 exits from where we got on in Monroville. We thought, finally, we are going to get there. But, our driver managed to screw up again. He passed up where he was supposed to make the turn, and went about 6 miles in the wrong direction. Our driver finally stopped at a gas station and asked for directions. We finally made it, about 2 hours late. Luckily, we wern't the only ones walking in the door at that time. Only difference was, I don't think they went through what we did. Before we left the limo to go in, we found out that because the company screwed up, they would send us another limo and driver. So for the way home, we had a really nice 10 passenger limo for 4 people! Luckily, once we got there, the night wasn't a diaster. We had such a great time dancing and taking pictures. Our theme was "Time of Your Life" from Dirty Dancing. We truly did have the time of our life, after we got there. The ride home was awesome, with the huge limo. We spent the night at Joe's house, and didn't sleep at all that night. We were up watching movies and talking. After me and Charlie made it back to my house, we slept all day on the couch. We were supposed to go to Kennywood, but never made it there. A couple months after prom, we tried for a refund, because of all the mix ups, but never got one, because no one had a copy of the contract. Thats one night I know none of us will ever forget!

-- Andrea Delmont PA

I was a sophomore and we aren't allowed to go to prom unless asked. It started as a guy called and asked if I wanted to go to the movies. I agreed and we saw more and more of each other. He had already been asked to go to prom and I didn't have a problem with that, until his date for prom started things between us. She was supposedly my friend and it didn't bother me that they were going. Then she started rumours about me behind my back and saying that the only reason she was still going to go to prom with my boyfriend at the time was to get at me. Before we even had prom, my bf and I broke up, but I still got to go, because I was voted in by the junior class as sophomore attendant and I thought that was awesome. It was even better, because my "friend" had an awful time and mine was great.

-- Tina MN

I had my very first prom last year. In our school juniors are not allowed to call their proms proms so we had to come up with a different name. So us juniors called it a ball. Well anyway I was in search of a perfect date. But I had no idea how to ask. So there was this kid I had a major crush on that my sister asked for me. When he said yes I was so psyched thinking he was perfect. Before we went he had warned me that he doesn't like to dance. I was fine with that as long as we get one or two slow dances. Of course I danced the whole night and got my slow dance. He was a fun date and a fun friend for a bit afterwards but what I am trying to get at is that now we don't talk as much. I think I ruined it because I wanted to be more then friends and he didn't. So there goes my perfect date and friend. I just want to add one thing I hope everyone has fun at their prom no matter what the status of their dates, friends or boyfriends.

-- Jaci Philadelphia PA

When I was in 9th grade a guy at my church asked if I would go with him to his senior prom. At the time, I had a boyfriend, but I liked the guy that asked me and I really wanted to go. I ended up telling my boyfriend that I was going to the Prom with this other guy. He flipped out. A few weeks later I broke up with my boyfriend and soon after that started going out with the guy that asked me to Prom. Since he was a senior and I was only a freshman and we went to different schools because i live in the city and he lives in the county I didnt no any of his friends. I was really nervous about going, until i found out that my best friend (who went to his school) was going also. The night of prom finally arrived and I was running so late. I had waited so long that by the time I went to make a hair appt. everywhere I called was booked. My mom ended up doing my hair, but it looked pretty good. So anyway, we got to Prom and all night, my boyfriends ex was trying to make him jealous. She would grab her date and make out with him every time we walked past them. ( She still cant stand the fact that we're together and always tries to start stuff between us) When Prom ended at 12:00 we went to U- Hall for the after prom party. We stayed there until it was over at 5. The had those sumo wrestler suits you can put on to make you all fat and sumo wrestle with people, and a velcro wall, and a bunch of other games. After the After prom party was over me and my boyfriend went to Aunt Sarah's Pancake House. Then we went to a park and sat in the back of his dads explorer and watched the sun rise. It was really sweet. Then we went back to my house and fell asleep on my couch. It was a pretty fun night, except for my boyfiends ex. Hopefully, my senior prom will be just a good. (P.S. I'm a junior now and me and my boyfriend are still together and as happy as ever! (: )

-- Michelle Charlottesville VA

Well prom started off to be quite fun. I had met the perfect guy around five months earlier and really didn't like him because he was six years older than me. I told them I was going to prom alone with my friend Casondra instead I set her up with one of his friends and they picked us up at her house to go to prom. It was wonderful. They took us to the most expensive place in Gainsville to eat. We danced and had a wonderful time I never once thought about lying to my mom besides it wasn't the first time I had lied to her about being with him but my friends always covered for me. Doyle my boyfriend rented a hotel room for us that night but Casondra went home so I was stuck there with two guys. I didn't mind. The next morning my mom called Casondras house and asked for me and she said i wasn't there i never came home well Casondra hung up from my mom and called the hotel. When I anwsered the phone she told me my mom had called and i needed to go home well i went home and mom met me at the door. She looked right into my eyes and asked me where I had been I could have lied but I have the worst conscience and I just couldn't make myself so I told her the truth. Needless to say I was grounded for ever but the worst part of it all is I lost my mom's trust. Always remember one night of partying isn't worth the trust of your mom.

-- Stephanie Homer GA

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