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Did your formal dress ever tear in an embarrassing way? Did the prom dress fall off? Did the whole night go wrong? Was it funny? Freaky? Or downright embarrassing?

If you've ever had something embarrassing or funny happen to you or someone you know during prom then tell us about it. We (and everybody else) really want to know!

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At my prom last year, I thought it was gonna be amazing, like everyone thinks before the big night. I was almost dateless because I asked my boyfriend to go with me, but two weeks before prom, he broke up with me, so I took my best guy friend. So, after taking pix, we all went out to eat at this really fancy restaurant... we walk in the room where we would be eating, and I saw my ex-boyfriend and his group of friends there... turns out the prom at his school was the same night as mine. It just made my entire night horrible. After prom, I was planning on sleeping over at my best friend's house. I told my parents... and they said they talked to her parents and they said the parents didn't want us sleeping at her house. Turns out, my parents made that story up and just didn't want me staying out all night.

-- Tessa     De Pere WI

I was dancing with my boyfriend - we were on a houseboat - and we were on the top deck and he kissed me, so I kissed him back, and we really started almost making out and my principle showed up right then. I was mortified.

-- Chelsea    

This was supposed to be the best night of our lives but it wasn't. What happened to us was we had our dresses but we hadn't seen each others so when we go to take pictures with our dates we end up having the same dress on. It was mortifying!!!!! So I (Erin) was standing with my back turned to Candace's date and he grabbed me and spun me around and kissed me thinking I was Candace because we had the same dress on and we both have blonde hair!!!!!!! So Candace was mortified, so she punched me and I ripped her hair-do out! And both of our dresses ripped because we had just gotten in this big brawl and we are laying on the ground totally exposed! And our friend who was taking pictures with us is on the yearbook staff and came by and snapped a few shots that ended up being highlighted throughout the yearbook! It was TERRIBLE!! SO EMBARASSING!!!! I hope next year me and Candace will go shopping together and not end up with the same dress and fighting over it with the end result of lying naked on the ground!

-- Erin & Candace   Moody High School   Moody AL

Last year for prom I wasn't feeling very confident about my chest so I went out and bought one of those water bras to enhance what I had. That night by bf came to pick me up and pinned my corsage on my dress. Later that night I walked into the bathroom to check my makeup and there was this wet spot on my dress. I thought that I may have just spilled water on it. Later on that night my best friend asked me what that huge spot was on my dress. I walked back into the bathroom and the spot had grown!!! It turns out that when my bf pinned my corsage on it had put a hole in the bra!!! The stuff in the bra was pretty much vegtable oil and it left a horrible stain on my dress that won't come out!

-- Angel   Collierville High   Collierville TN

I was late to the prom because my date never showed up so i drove myself to the prom. As I was walking in the door, my date ran up behind me apologizing. Not noticing he stepped on my dress, i walked forward and it ripped. i thought i could get by with it but to make matters worse, when i got some punch, i spilled it all over the front of my $250 white dress. As i walked to the dance floor after 20 minutes of scrubbing my dress, i fell and my dress ripped even more. There I was lying on the floor, my brand new thong showing...Everyone laughed so i ran away from them and drove home. My mom still teases me to this day.

-- Zigs   Spotswood High School   Grottoes VA

I had the perfect dress, the only problem was that i couldn't wear a bra! I was talking to my friend about it and she told me just to stick some sholder pads over my boobs, so i did! I thought it was the perfect, cheap idea... but i was wrong! When I was dancing i wasn't paying attention and the pads had drifted up and were showing! i didn't realize until my date told me that he "could see my stuffing."

-- Gwyneth   McAuley High School   Newport KY

We were all sittin around the talbes, takin a break from dancing when my freind told me she ahd somin to tell me so as i lend over the talbe my hair fell into the candle and with all the hairspray it coaght on fire, then my date trys to put it out with red punch , and it went all over my white dress...it was the worse day of my whole life i felt like a big loser...i went home at 10:30

-- Autom   Bonham High School   Bonham TX

Well I was a Junior and I got asked to prom by a really really hot SENIOR!! Ever since he had asked me I was really nervouse about everything.. well finally prom night rolled around and at are school the seniors have this walk( where they call your name and you and your date walk down the red carpet and everyone cheers for you) and well it was are turn after they called his name we were walking down and everyone was cheering and awwing at us when all of a sudden I triped on my dress and fell flat on my face.. ok and remeber this is infront of the junior and senior class.. it was soo embarrising

-- KIm   Harrison high school   Kennesaw GA

Well the whole night was somewhat of a disaster. The reason being is because my date had gotten badly sunburned 2 days before and so The day of the prom and the day before she could not hold much of anything down after she ate it. then I couldn't really touch her. Then to top it all off she spent more or less the whole night with our friends and just kind of left me there to get bored and fall asleep in the middle of the dance.

-- Brian   Bethel high school   Graham WA

It was my first junior prom and I was so excited!! I had asked my date Willard if he would go with me like two months before. I had my dress which was so beautiful, it was a lime green and was a turtle neck long sleeve. When prom finally came along we decided we would meet there. He didn't want to eat dinner there so he told me to take Kentucky fried chicken to the prom, so I did. Well I got to the prom and I had the KFC and it turns out it was all a joke and really didn't want to go with me. I started crying and left walking home!! I just left the KFC there and everyone was eating it!!

-- Shaniqua   Granite Hills High School   Porterville CA

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