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I was asked by my friend to go to his senior prom. I wore a georgous two piece baby blue dress. When we got there a bunch of my guy friends started whistling saying nice undies, it turned out you could see my underwera completley through my dress!!!

-- Jennie     ON

My date shows up at my house wearing a shirt w/horses on it, tight black dress pants, a cowboy hatand boots to start off with...let's just say i'm not a country girl and that didn't please me and my elegant white gown. Next, he drove a nice corvette and it only holds two people which was fine since i was his date and rode w/him, but while at the dance he hooked up w/some freshman girl and on the way home she had to sit on my lap...so pissed! =/

-- Carly     Fort Myers FL

I was going to the prom with the guy that I was in love for over 2 years. It was like a dream that was caming true.I was going to meet him in the party so when I got there I saw that he was not there. I was sitting in chair when I saw him caming in with another chick. And he began to dance with her. It was so emberrassing because I was the only person sitting and alone and the worst part was that I told everyone that I was going with him.

-- Pamela     Fresno CA

I was danceing in the middle of the floor-SOLO- and one of my crushes came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder...he didnt know that i was me......because his gurl was wearing the same thing as i was and when he said that he got the wrong person he gurl came up to him and slapped him.....i told her he was mistaken because she was wearing the same thing as i.... she told me to get out of her face........so my crushed dumped her and asked.....my best friend out and boy was i mad!

-- Kayla   John Uyen   Chatham ON

well i'm a british girl and i must say i looked gorgeous. My dress was long black silky and stunning. I was never miss popular until tonight! As i pulled up in the family limo every one knew who it was! As i got out i looked radiant every thing went my way that night. I walked in to the champaign reception and Katy Huggings the most popular girl in school was standing with all the "popular People"! as i walked through the door every one looked at me katy just smiled and started sniggering to her friends! as i walked over to her i noticed that her dress was starting to come away at the seam. i walked straight past her and as i did i "accidently" stood on the back it came away and revealed her big brown tummy hugger knickers, i can only come to the conclusion that she had her period. Every one laughed at her there was millions of photographs in our year book and no one will ever let her live it down that was the best night of my life and it will treasure my year book forever. tee he he

-- Beth   Sunderland   UK

I went to the Angel dance with the man of my dreams!! He had came picked me up, we went to the prom. When I got there everyone came up to my date and said how did you get her to come with you? i asked him why they were saying that? he said he did not know. well in the end he only took me as a cruel, mean joke and that he heard I was easy!! Now that was very embarrasing and i hated him

-- Samantha   Muncy Jr/Sr High School   Muncy PA

So, this isnt THAT embarrassing, more annoying actually, on my part. Well, lesson #1, dont ever go with someone unless you REALLY want to. I ended up to seemingly ditching him and I feel terrible for doing so. However, on with the story, My dress had a low cut back, so I wore one of those new "tape- on" bras, um... well, one cup stuck on fine. and the other, I already stuck it once, and used another tape , and it wasn't the greatest. I had hoped that it would stay throuhgout the night at least. WELL, needless to say, I had many trips to the bathroom to fix my one cup. And, for the many guys I danced with, I probably had "three" breasts - two and a shifted cup.

-- Stacey     New Market ON

It was prom night and even though i am a freshman i got to go w/ the hottest senior in the school. Well...it was the middle of the last slow dance of the night when all of the sudden my dress strap broke and my hot date had to help me all the way to the bathroom and help me fix it so that i didnt expose myself to all the upper classmen.

-- Kristi   Solon High School   Solon IA

okay... this really didn't happen to me but I did it to my friend and I felt really bad about it too. We had just met up together with our dates and she had a white dress on and we were chillin at our friends house and I was smoking and my friend walked passed me and I burnt her white dress and it was a HUGE black mark that was really noticeable I felt really bad so then she went to go and get pictures done and you can see it!!

-- Cassie   Habor Lakes   Duluth MN

ok like my junior prom i had bought a red dress and i went with my boy friend named Jack. when we got to the prom, this other guy named Chris came up to me and said, "your boyfriend is cheating on you,". i knew he was lying, but i became suspicious. I told my boyfriend about it, jokingly, and he turned bright red at first, then joked about it with me. we had a blast, until at a after-prom party, when i walked in on him and some other girl from another school. I was mad and i hooked up with Chris. we've been together for three years.

-- Cindi   Denver High School   Denver CO

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