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My parents had some crazy ideas about what I was going to do prom night. First, I would get one of the most expensive prom dresses I could find. Then I would get a guy. Then I would go to the dance, get drunk, probably tear the formal dress right off my back, then take the guy to a motel and...ahem. I couldn't get it into their heads that no way, that wasn't me. Yes way, they said, because you kids are all the same. No way, we're not, I said, it's you parents that are all the same for believing that. Smart mouth, they said. Whatever, I said. Then we both went hughhhh!

Want to talk about what your parents've got to say about you going to prom? This is the place! Maybe we can even make parents listen for a change...

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My Parents

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I think a lot of times as teenagers were prone to think that our parents are over-reacting or know nothing about us or whatever but you have to remember that they really do know more than us and they really have seen more than us. Prom night last year I had a curfew, I think it was like 1am or something and at first I was disappointed that i wasn't going to be able to do much with my friend's but the school district my step-dad works for had a senior die in a really bad car crash the morning after because he was trying to get home in time for work I think and it was like 6:30 and he hadn't slept very much and he ran into a light pole. It can happen to anyone so curfews, dress code, whatever are parents just know more than us and we have to trust that they're looking out for us and not just trying to ruin our fun or whatever.

-- Clarissa Bradshaw Mtn High School West Prescott Valley AZ

My mom really says that she is worried about how much the Dress is gonna be so am I; all i want is a really cute Dress to stand out from everybody else. I am a kinda HEAVY SET GIRL but I DON'T CARE

-- Kristi Florala HS FLorala AL

My mom is so awesome when it comes to prom. She wants to buy me everything and make it like a dream come true for me. She promised me a hummer limo for prom and any of my friends could come she was paying and any dress i wanted and any shoes. it's almost like she wants for me what she didn't get and i love her for that. my mom is awesome and i love her so much!!!

-- Jordan Salisbury East Rowan HC NC

My mum is so annoying she thinks that im doing drugs and meeting all these guys. So i told her that for the prom night im going to stay round my mates house. But in stead i'm going to stay round my boyfreinds house who shes knows about and likes. So me m and my bf are going to prom and then we are going to go and stay in a nice posh hotel the night but after the prom me and him and a load of our mates are going to go out and get completly hanging lol.Like usural.

-- Laura Cornwall Sir James Smith PL

Okay so im a 14 yr old freshman going to the junior senior prom, the school i go to has less than 100 students in the high school and is a public school. i am so happy my parents are my parents. my mom said i could go and im excited were looking at dresses online and having a blast. i hope she lets me go to a after party, but i doubt she will. idk why parents dont trust their kids these submissions are deppresing, parents need to remember that they were kids once and having fun is important

-- Caely Hibbits Cedar Key Sharks

My parents are pretty cool with prom. They don't mind that I go, and even help me buy my things for prom. I think my mom likes to help me shop because my older two sisters never let her and she's getting older now and misses shopping for things like prom and homecoming. My dad doesn't mind either. The only thing I hate is that they won't let me go to the after prom party because I HAVE to go to church in the morning. They don't like the fact that it's not in the gym anymore, but they like me to go. They think it's part of the senior experiance or whatever.

-- Chelsea Maple Valley Nashville MI

Most of the people who are posting on this are ignorant. Prom isn't that big of a deal. It's a junior/senior thing, but I went to my school's prom my freshman and sophomore year and another school's prom my sophomore year. It's just a dance. There's no reason to freak out about getting a hotel room or whatever. It's just a night to get dressed up and go dancing. Get over yourselves.

-- Tiffany

My parents are letting me stay out all night, I guess they believe I'll be safe. I'm going with my ex fiance' (I've been in love with him for almost 2 years)! My dad thinks that we're going to a hotel room to hang out with my friends, but my date and I are going to stay at his brother's house, because my best friend is going out with him. :)

-- Britt 18 Dawson Co. High School Dawsonville GA

My parents are both losers!!!. I love them to death and have alot of respect for both of them. I just think this instead! Parents are such perverts! They think the worst about us when it's not even like that. They have to learn how to TRUST us and give is our space. My mom never did trust me and the more she got in my life the more I messed up. After prom I did NOTHING with my boyfriend, we just went out to eat and had a good time! I love myself so therefore I will respect my body. So parents do us a favor and stop acting ignorant your kides are not like you and we want to do anything in our power to please ya! I love my mom so much but she says things that don't make any sense to me. My father does the same only he is worst.Britt

-- Mary Sam Houston Grand Prairie TX

well my parents are letting me go to prom, but they really don't understand how special prom is to me.I told them i wanted to stay at a hotel with my friends that same weekend after prom, and they freaked out and said no. im 18 and they treat me like im 12.my curfew normally is 11:30!! and on prom they want me to be home right after its over! they are crazy.im going to try to convince them to let me stay in a hotel that weekend,and if they keep sayin no well then im going to do it anyway.but i don't want to get them mad. i just wished they understood me. And wat gets me mad im bout to turn 19 and they don't really trust me when i want to do somethin fun.all i want is some freedom on prom nite and to let me saty wit my friends in a hotel.and to stop treatin me like im a liitle baby!i guess its cuz im the only child, but still!!! im an adult NOW.how can i make them understand???

-- Janette HML Hialeah FL

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