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Most teens only have to worry about disagreeing with their parents. I on the other hand have to worry about the wonderful differentiating veiws of all four of my parents on top of not quite agreeing with ANY of them. One thinks they should take me and pick me up while sitting in the car(creepy much?),another thinks "she's getting older she should be trusted to drive herself, but that's it, yet another thinks I should be able to go to the school's party (tons of fun!), while the fin a l one thinks I should be allowed to stay out all night because I would never do anything unbecoming(guess which one is my Daddy). I just want to be able to go out and have fun with my friends, but always have that great back up excuse of "I'm sorry, my parents said I couldn't go to your party" for the weirdos. Why can't parents just act like normal human beings?!

-- Anon Franklin Co. High School Rural GA

Well, normally my parents are WAY controlling and protective, and I thought that was how they'd be on prom night, too. I thought they'd make my date take me home right after the dance, and I'd miss out on half the fun. But, I was pleasantly surprised. My parents realized that prom is a really special thing, and they actually didn't even object to my going to parties or anything after. They knew that other people would be drinking, but they also know that I don't drink and never will

-- Stacey Reed High School Reno NV

They pretty much except me to go and get drunk, stoned and mess around, i told them no way! That is not me, but some kids do, so they expect me to.

-- Annie Benton High Benton AR

Hey, my mom is a single parent, and she wont let me go to prom with my date because she thinks that all we are going to do is have sex, well e arent going to do that at all i dont understand why she wont let us go, ive been seeing this girl for almost 2 yrs. my mom wont even let us see each other now. does anyone have any advice for me?

-- Dustin RCHS Spring City TN

First of all, reading these stories has given me new perspective on my parents. They are a perfect blend between some of the extremes I've read about. I'm grateful for their trust and their set boundaries that keep me in line. :) Second, I want to commend my mother for what she did for me last year at prom . I was a sophomore, invited to prom by one of my best (senior) guy friends. Mom totally trusted this guy, but the thing was, she was going to be out of town on the date of his pr o m! Since it was my first, I was afraid she'd say no because she wasn't going to be there to help me get ready and take pictures and do all the mom stuff. But although it really hurt for her to miss her "baby's" first prom, she let me go and I had a wonderful and unforgetable night! Thanks mom for your sacrifice!

-- Amanda Somewhere NC

My parents are against me going to Prom. I'm a Senior this year, and they didn't let me go last year. They say that they trust me, they just don't trust the other people. It really makes me mad, because if they did trust me, they would let me go. I want to talk to them about it, but I don't know how to address them.

-- Kalah Joplin high school Joplin MO

Well, my mom want me to come home but she has another thing coming. I want to remeber this night for the rest of my life! I mean have fun with my friends, with my date, and just basically have fun. That doesn't mean you have to "do the dew" because you should be smart enough to make your own decisions and that's what parents think PROM is all about. My mom is in store for a rude awaking on the weekend of my Prom!!!!!

-- Evette East Aurora High School Aurora AL

My parents think iam gonna get dirty just like cristina aguilera

-- Jenny Summit High School Frisco CO

My parents hate my boyfriend Danny and that makes me feel real bad. They did not want us to go to the prom together because they think he just wants to have sex with me that night. I just don't understand why some parents think their kids are going to have sex on prom night. Just because some people do it doesn't mean all of us are. Me and Danny are in love and we might get married,but my parents give me a hard time. He's a very nice guy...I don't know why my parents do no t like him. That's all I have to say.

-- Emily Harlandale High School San Antonio TX

I am a sophomore going to prom this year. I was asked to prom last year. It was by this guy I had dated all year, well, off and on. He had broken my heart twice already and called one night. He asked me to be his girlfriend then he told me he had to ask my parents something. I was pretty sure I knew what he was asking. Well, we got in trouble for doing something we did in February, the 8th actually. Well, I didn't get to go after all. My parents didn't trust him and thought h e was just in it for the "post prom fun". Well, I have a new boyfriend this year and I am going with him to prom. He is a junior while I am a sophomore. If I had not listened to my parents I would not be going to prom with Matt this year. Thanks mom and dad!

-- Brittney CHS LaGrange GA

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