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Romance romance romance ROMANCE. Had something so incredibly romantic happen to you that you just have to share it? This is the place. And...if nothing has happened yet, this is also the place to share what you think would be a most romantic moment. Or you can tell us what romance means. And, last but not least, you can try defining the difference between romance and s.e.x.--because they are most emphatically not the same. Enjoy!
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The most romantic moment you had...

My boyfriend and I had been dating for about a year when we went to his junior prom. I was a sophmore, so I was very excited that I got to go to prom a year early. I went out and bought one of these amazing Paris cocktail dresses, but when I showed it to him...he replied "What'd you go and buy that for?". You see, my boyfriend..lets call him not much of a party person. He's uber smart and cute..and just isn't in to the whole high school dance thing.

Anyways...I told him that I thought we were going to the prom and he hesitantly replied "I guess we are now". Disappointed, I continued to gather my prom purse and jewelery,ect. Ben complained about having to wear a tux and buy flowers and tickets.

The night of prom, I looked amazing. I've never felt that good. Ben arrived at my house just before dark. I answered the door and said "hello"..but Ben didn't (or couldn't) say anything. His eyes got really big and 5 minutes later..he stammered a weak "hey". He looked amazing, too and I told him so more than once.

We left my house and went to our favorite little restaurant. Half way through our meal, Ben kissed me on the cheek and took my hands. He led me away from the table...which still had our half eaten dinners sitting on it. "Ben...where are we going?" We ended up in the parking lot, by Ben's car. The moon was out and the lake was beautiful (the restauarant was lake-front). He shuffled through his glove box, grabbed a CD, and popped it in the player.

"I know I've been grumpy about this whole prom thing," he said. "But when I came to your house tonight..." He trailed off. I smiled at him and grabbed his hands. He continued "I can't wait. I know I'm probably a really bad dancer, but will you dance with me now?" He popped in the CD and we danced in the parking lot by his car. He kept stepping on my feet and apoligizing. Finally, I slipped off my heels and danced on his feet. It was the sweetest, most romantic moment of my life. We danced close and I've never felt so content. He's still my best friend and boyfriend (1 year 7 months!) and he's talking about prom already. :)

-- Tiffany

First he asked me out to the movies.I accepted, and on the night of the "movie date" He picked me up in get this- a horse and buggy!We drove-er- rode right past the movie theatre! I asked where he was taking me and all he said was "you'll see". Then I asked why he had brought his boombox, and he said nothing Finally we got there. "there" was on a highway beside a forest! I asked "is this some sort of joke"? He laughed and said "follow me". There before me was the most beautiful waterfall I had ever seen! He got out a rose and placed it in my hair. He asked me then. He said "lexy Would you do me the honor of escorting me to the junior prom? Stunned, I waited awhile then answered" Of course! And he kissed me on the lips for a long time. But why did you bring your boombox? I asked. He set it on a rock and pressed play. We danced for hours! It was the most romantic night of my life!... So Far!
-- Lexy, St. Lloyd's Boarding School for Girls, San Francisco CA

my boyfriend JG asked me out when we were in 8th grade and so far, we're really going strong. we went together to our jr. prom and that's when i really had my first kiss. we haven't kissed since we got together because he respects me and my decision. and that same night, we told our 'i love you's'..

My date wanted me to save him the last dance. When it came that time, we had to leave b/c our limo had arrived. So we walked outside and while our limo driver stood next to the car, we shared our last dance outside under the stars on the dock that looked over the lake. It was so romantic. After the dance, he kissed me on the forehead and for the first time, he said "I love You!"
-- Abigail, TX, EHS

Well, actually, my junior prom was terrible. Really terrible. But it was the next "prom" that really counted... My best guy friend, Mark, who I am absolutly in love with, had told me that he wanted to make a serious commitment with me after high school. Basically, he wanted to become engaged. We have been together for 2 yrs. and from the day I met him I knew I was always going to be with him. Anyway, I was all ready to go to prom with a friend because Mark went with my little sister. I was having a great time but it seemed to be missing something... MARK! of course! I hadn't seen him all night. Right before the last dance, Mark came up to me and told me how upset he was that I didn't even save one dance with him, and that he didn't want to be with me. I was bewildered. He was being very immature. It ruined that rest of the evening, I even canceled the after prom party at my house because I didnt want to see anyone. The next weekend rolled around and Mark had called me asking for me to forgive him. I agreed to consider it so he told me to keep plans open for saturday night. Around 5 pm he pulls up to my door in a nice suit and tells me how much he loves me and how sorry he was for ruining my night. He then had me dress up in my gown again and took me to dinner at Red Lobster. After a great dinner he wisked me back to my house where candles and music was playing. He kissed me on my forehead and told me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me and asked me to try to enjoy my very own "prom". The night was awesome and he was awesome for doing it for me. We decided to go to prom together this year to avoid any complications.
-- Lisa, Newburgh IN, CHS

My family and I often retreat to the family estate which we hold in Scotland during school breaks, such as half term and christmas holidays. During the christmas holidays which have just passed we, as is traditional, went to stay in the house and we, as is usual, were not getting along particularly well. Due to this fact I chose to go for a walk across the grounds in the snow, when I reached the limits of the estate rather than turning around for whatever reason I walked out onto the road and towards the village which is roughly a mile away. Suddenly a car appeared from no-where and I was struck by it. I fell unconcious and the next thing I remember is waking up in the arms of a handsome stranger stood outside our homes front door. When we were let inside he came and sat with me in our living room and we spoke for several hours until he said he had to leave and went off on his way. Over the next few days I couldn't stop thinking about him, but feared that I woul never see him again as I knew only his first name and had no idea where he resided. But 3 mornings after I saw him 48 long stem white roses arrived with one red rose and a note attached saying "Even one thing although it may stick out in the memory will not tarnish the beauty of our love if you will have me. Go with me to my scool's Winter Ball xxx". Later that day he arrived with a homecoming dress-- Rose, Buckinghamshire

The most romantic thing happened to me on Prom night. I had one of the best Paris prom dresses 2010 picked out and my hair done JUST right. My boyfriend picked me up in a white stretch limo. He was all dressed up, and might I add....Looked SOOO *GrEaT* I wanted to faint when I saw him. I jumped in the limo to my surprise was filled with White roses, which are my favorite. We sit down in the limo, and are on the way there. He takes his hand and grabs my chin and turns me toward him, He kisses me VERY gently on the lips and says "Did you know that I'm the LUCKIEST man in the world?" and I just kissed him.

We get to the prom and dance all night long. It seemed to be just the two of us. At the end the very last song comes on, And it was OUR song from when we first met. We were just standing there holding each other, caught up in the moment. He once again grabs me by my chin and pulls it upwards to look him directly in his *GORGEOUS* eyes. He leans in as if he were to kiss me on the cheek, but instead whispers softly in my ear... "I LOVE YOU" for the very first time. I had never heard that before, from another guy my was a great feeling...But i didnt know how to respond. I guess I had a terrified look on my face, cause he said " Are you okay? You dont have to respond, I just thought I'd let you know how I'm feeling" And he kissed me on the forehead, and we danced all night long.
-- Molly, Clyde Senior High, Clyde OH

I took my boyfriend to my Senior prom, which fell on our one-month anniversary. We were taking our relationship VERY slowly because it was his first, and my last relationship ended in a really nasty way (found out the last jerk already had a steady girlfriend the whole time we were together. I ended it the second I found out.)

Anyway, the very day I vowed to never go out with a high school kid again, I see a sophomore, my (future) boyfriend, up on stage trying to make the drama club laugh with a spontaneous comedy skit he was doing. Without even knowing it, I was on full-crush-alert, and actually offered to join him and his friends on doing the skit in front of the WHOLE school the next week. Why? JUST BECAUSE I NEEDED ANOTHER EXCUSE TO TALK TO HIM.

Did I admit I had a crush on him? No. The skit was an absolute HIT, and all my friends easily saw what was going on between us. Then, I'm in one of my rants about how our school's "no date, no prom ticket" policy sucks, and my friend asks me "Why don't you ask (let's just call him Dave) to the prom?" My response? "No, way! Heck, man, that'd defeat the entire purpose of--okay."

So I ask him. Five minutes of silence later, he says "yes". I'm absolutely convinced he'll call me and change his mind, but he doesn't. Rumor's all over the drama club we're going out, and we actually did a few times, but both of us were too chicken to consider them dates. Then someone actually asks us, point blanke if we're going out. My witty response: "I don't know."

So we decide we might as well go out, because we obviously liked each other and had technically been dating for two weeks already. I, always the cynic, and he, completely clueless on what to do, didn't expect it to last very long, but we REALLY did like each other.

Come prom night, one month later, we'd realized that we had a lot more in common than we thought and it was lots of fun being together, but we still hadn't kissed. We were still quite awkward with physical stuff, so we decided not to worry about it. The last dance of the night, they played probably the only "good" song all night, the Beatles' "Places I Remember". My boyfriend and I get on the floor and start slow dancing. Then, at one point, I put my finger gently on the side of his chin, turn his face towards me and kiss him on the lips. He's startled at first, but relaxes after a while and holds me tighter.

Afterwards, he smiles and we keep dancing long after the song is over. Then he offers me his jacket and we get ready to go to the after-prom party. I wore his jacket like it was a badge of pride. Like, "I'm his".

Ever since then, he's been addicted to kisses and I love to wear his jackets. We've been together for 11 months and counting, and it couldn't be better. Next month's his Junior prom, and we're excited to go.

(and if anyone makes a "Mrs. Robinson" joke, I'll send a frowny-face emoticon your way...)
-- D., secret, MA

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