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On what romance means...

Romance doesn't mean anything. I truly and firmly beleive that. Romance is the root of eveything bad. I know I wrote that beautiful stroy about what would be romantic. I would love for that but it doesn't happen like that. Guys are shallow they really suck. Romance is only important for prom because its a once in a lifetime event. So c'mon guys make yoursleves have just a little depth on this special night we deserve to be treated like princesses at least once.
-- Katrina, NW

Romance can't really be defined. It is something that you feel in your heart that is so overpowering that you feel like you have never felt that way before. Prom night is notorious as being the dance of all dances, and it CAN BE if you make it special. Being at prom with someone you truly care about would make it so much more special than going with just a friend... dinner is fun, the dance is fun, the dress is incredible.. it's what happens after prom that sets the whole mood. What extent is your boy willing to go to in order to make you happy? You could have an ok relationship going into prom and have a complete rebirth afterwards just simply on how you guys bonded. It's awesome.
-- Krystyn, Louisville KY, MHS

Romance is a feeling when two people really like each other and each person make the other feel special. It is important to have romance in someways on prom night because it adds to the excitement of the evening and makes the night more memorable.
-- Vikki, England UK, King Edward VI School

What do you think romance means and why do you think it's important prom night
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