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Prom Traditions

The following traditions come from all over North America. Although we all have proms (US) and proms & graduations (Canada), everyone does it just a little bit differently and regional differences abound. Some beautiful local traditions have developed over the years, and you can learn about a few of them below.

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Prom Traditions

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On my prom night, during that whole day i hung out with all my girl friends. As usual we all wait until the last minute to do everything so we had to go get our dresses from the store we had gotten them from. Of course we got our hair and nails done that same day, so we were running a little behind on everything else. First we stopped at the nail place and we ( all 8 of my friends and i) got that out of the way, that didnt take long it only took about an hour and a half for all of us. By the time that was out of the way it was about 11 am. Now mind you the prom starts at 7pm but we had agreed with our dates that we would meet at my boyfriends house at 5:30pm just to hang out for a little and take some pictures. So after we got our nails done we rushed over to get our hair done, this had taken longer then i had expected i thought that we would be in there for a max of like 2 hours but boy was i wrong. the last one of my friends to leave the stylists chair got up 4 hours after we walked through the door. By this point we had 2 hours and 30 mins to be dressed and ready to go to my boyfriends house to meet our dates. Now we had to pick up the dresses, which by the way the dress shop we got them from was about 45 mins to and 45 from where we were. so we like sped the whole way there and decided to just put on our dresses there and we would just do our make up and stuff in the car. well boy that went bad too. walking out of the dress shop on of my friends was in suck a rush she tripped and ripped part of her dress. luckly we were right outside the dress shop we ran inside and she got it sewn up as much as she could and that only took about 10 mins. now that we all had our dresses on, our hair done , and our nails done all we had left to do was get our make up on and get over to meet the boys. we all decided that we would just wait until we got over to meet the boys to do our make up. we pull up to my boyfriends house with 5 mins to spair before the asset time we all agreed to meet to find all the car's gone. we get out of the car and i went and unlocked the door, and sure enough no one was home. Well we didnt have the time to wonder where all the boy's were so we took advantage of having the house to ourselves. We all rushed into the bathrooms and what ever mirrors we could find and we all did our make up. somehow we managed to get everything done and who comes walking through the door but all our dates. they had their tuxes on and we were all ready to go. the guys were all so impressed. They were amazed that we were all at the house and ready to go before they even got back from going to pick up their tuxes. Little do they know we all finished getting ready at the house right before they got there. Once we all got to prom it was the best time in the world. Beautiful decorations, wonderful food, awesome songs, all our friends, beautiful gowns, hot guys, everything anyone could imagine. after prom we all went back to my boyfriends to change our clothes and then we went camping for a week, it was so fun i had the best time in the world. but that was my crazy exciting stresful prom night. any girl who is going to prom make sure you plan ahead of time it will save you a lot of stressing and running around!!!!!!!!!! but its all worth it in the end!!!

-- Jamie Burdo East Hartford High School East Hartford CT

Here in my town, people go absolutely nuts around prom time. First of all dresses are bought MONTHS in advance. We have both Junior and Senior Prom, but you can bring who ever you would like, in or out of the school, any age. Before the dance, people usually all meet somewhere either to eat dinner or at someones house to take pictures. After that Limos and just regular cars are driven to the Prom, which is usually in nearby towns. The dance is usually awesome and if it is senior prom, it includes dinner. After the parties are crazy, smoking, drinking, partying its insane!! Something definetly to look forward to!

-- ABC Waterford High School Waterford CT

Our tradition is to miss the friday we have the prom. The girls have to get their hair done and nails. So most of them miss that day. Which is no big deal because the principal knows that the girls didn't come to school because they had to get their hair done. The boys don't have any tradition except to look good.

-- Pauline Belle Galde FL

At our school, the tradition is that all the gurls go and get there hair done together,eat supper together and do sumthing fun together before grad.This may be the last nite we are all together again!

-- Onie Sudbury ON

In Canada, we have a graduation, or grad, not a prom. Grad is for grade 12's only, but your date doesn't have to be. The grad day is almost always a Saturday, but here in the city, they do it Fridays too, otherwise they'd never get through all the high schools! This year, my school's theme is 'Under the Serengeti Sunset'. We have to get up early Saturday morning, because the graduation ceremony starts at 9:00. The grad ceremony is where the whole graduating class is presented with their diplomas. It lasts for three hours, and it's so boring after you and your friends have gone, but they lock you in so you can't leave until everyone has gone up. Then, the girls all rush off to get to hair and makeup appointments while the guys lounge around. This year, my girlfriends are all coming to my house to get ready together, after hair and makeup. Then our dates are coming to my house too, for drinks and pictures before the limo comes, and then we drive around for an hour before dinner. After dinner, we go to an after-grad party, either at someone's ranch in the country or at a nightclub downtown, and party until early in the morning! We have a Grad Week that starts the Saturday of our grad starts a whole Grad Week of parties where we get ready to say goodbye to all our friends as we leave for university.

-- Lauryn Calgary AB

Here at good ol' Carbon High... the whole Prom event starts with the asking. Instead of just coming out and asking a girl, the guys do some "cutsie" way of asking... *Example: my date gave me a bag of tootsie rolls and balloons filled with shaving cream with a letter that said "Hey 'toots'... I noticed you're a pretty 'smooth' gal, and would 'burst with joy if you went to Prom with me" and then I had to pop all the balloons to find his name.* (The girls answer in some cleaver way too.) In Utah, Prom is a whole-day event. Instead of spending the day primping or yadda- yadda, it is spent hiking, 4- wheeling, going to a nearby miniature golf place... whatever "day date" activity the guys have planned. After the day date, there is usually about 2 hours to get ready before dinner, pictures, etc. happen. We also have a Promenade. Since it's "Junior Prom" here, the Juniors are announced and they walk down a runway as parents/friends watch and take pictures. Since Price is a small town, the newspaper folks are also there and there's usually a page or two featuring the pictures taken there. (Last year, my date and I had our picture in it!) After the dance, people go with their groups to someone's house and just kick back and watch a movie until it's cerfew time. Prom here is a blast! :)

-- Wendalyn Price UT

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