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For our prom, the juniors are the orginizers. prom is on a saturday, and the friday before the juniors get out all day to decorate. the cafeteria is closed due to decoration, and the objective for the younger students is to to catch the sacred "peek" of the prom construction. it's a pretty big deal to be kept a secret. on prom night, all the girls get their hair done in the morning, and at night, everyone goes out to dinner. around 7, it's to the gym, where we walk out on the floor in front of the whole community and get announced. then, we walk to the cafeteria to see the junior's creation, and it's party time. After prom is over, there's a breakfast, and then there's casino night. which is gambling with chips and an auction for stuff at the end of the night.

-- Liz Dawson Springs KY

Every year, the seniors have a grad night at Disneyland. We leave the school at 10pm and come back at 8am. The best part is the bus ride. At Disneyland, there are other schools from the whole state of Cali, about 30-50. There are clubs to dance at and rides. Everybody looks foward to Grad Night.

-- Monique San Diego CA

In my school, the prom is held at the Radisson Seville Beach Hotel. Girls wear lond dresses and the guy Tuxedos. At 12:00 am we do a Senior breakfast and than most of the people do partys at their houses or rent a hotel suit and chill there for the rest of the weekend. As you know, Miami, Fl has beautiful beaches, so that's were most of us rent the hotel room (south beach). C/O "2000" #1

-- Xiomi Miami FL

In our school which is saul, Juniors don't have a prom instead they have something which they call a Junior Ball. It is still kinda a prom but only it is semi formal. But of course the seniors have a prom and it is the best!

-- Jaci Philadelphia PA

At my school on the day of prom we have a triathalon. There are 5 person teams and people who do it individually. The participants have to run, canoe or swim, and then bike. Each grade has one boys and one girls and one individual race. Then the high school gets out early so everyone can get ready for the prom.

-- Lauren Clarks Summit PA

At our school Prom is a major event. It's always on a Friday and at the beginning of the day the Seniors come in to take their Cap and Gown Group Pic and have a Senior Brunch and then are released for the rest of the day. The juniors go to classes until 4th Period and then are allowed to leave. That night everyone goes to really nice resteraunts and then to the hotel where the Prom is being held. There is a Senior Walk-In which the parents stay for, then they have to leave. Afterwards they either go to a party or back to the high school for AfterProm which is until about 6 AM. Then everyone goes out for breakfast and most head to the beach. The following Monday is Senior Skip Day.

-- Brandi Powhatan VA

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