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Prom is held Saturday night at a fancy place. People go to dinner with their dates. Usually the way of transportation is a limo. No one wants to drive a crappy car. At the dance there are many activities, like gambling, drinking, and eating. There's this dance when all the guys line up against the wall and the girls have to go pick someone they want to dance with, EVEN IF IT'S NOT THEIR DATE! Then we have a contest for the best dressed couple, I won this year. After prom everyone goes to after parties at the beach or other hotels. It's fun because no one gets carried away and everyone has a good time.

-- SHakia Escondido CA

My first prom is this year, but I do know some traditions that aren't up yet (at least I didn't see them!) All of the junior highs throw the first prom for the 9th graders. They do it in June and each school is in charge of something different. The prom is held at a big hall at the local fairgrounds (kinda weird place, I know) and before everyone goes out for dinner. Most who have dates are going with them as friends and it's mostly groups of people. Then after the prom the whole group of whoever you go with goes to someone's house and just hangs out there. Sometimes it's just till like 2 or 3 a.m. and sometimes it's the whole night! The next day you get up and everyone wears their dresses/tuxes to school. That day's also usually the last day of school and all the 7th & 8th graders get to see how everyone looked.

-- Kyla Puyallup WA

i am in grade 9. this year will be the first year in 20 years our school does not put on a graduation. So a small group of students and their parents reneted a rec centre on a lake with a cute little gazibo. the tradition is its held on a thursday there for we miss as much school as possible. the girls do not go to school thursday to get ready, after the rec centre dance everyone heads to an after party till late in the morning. then friday no one goes to school, we all head to the fair. the guys and girls by macthing corsage and boutinere.

-- TJ Sackville NS

At our school, we have our grad and prom on different nights, but prom is always on a Friday. Every year the prom is held at a different location, and the food is awsome! The girls usually take that day off school to prepare and what have you, but it's worth it. They look great! A lot of people rent limos which will also drive you around town for an hour or so after you leave. Then everyone gets ready for the grad party! Also in a different location every year, people drink and party and swim and hike all weekend. The tents are usually pitched earlier in the day by the guys, while the girls are getting their nails and hair done.

-- Jay Sudbury ON

WE have something called a safe grad and it begins at 6pm one night and doesn't finish till 7 am the next morning. We have a graduating class of about 400 and the point of having it over night is so no one will drink and it works... amazingly. We start off with a toast to the grads then a huge all u can eat dinner next there is a desert extravaganza then a dance then a casino next an auction.... more food and finally breakfast. It's pretty cool and we always have time to party over the next few weeks...

-- Jean Halifax NS

I'm from England. My School for the past couple of years has had prom it is the social event of the year. It is for year 11 as we have finished our exams and will be leaving school. My prom is in a few weeks. I am really excited. We have a masked prom, it is a competition to see who can make the best mask. ithink this is a great tradition to have

-- Jo England

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