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Cos I'm from england we have like no proms over here!. We have one at my school and we rent a different place each year. We are gonna have this old medieval castle in lincoln which will be full of fairy lights and candles. Everyone goes to a restaurant before where we look and bitch about everyone's dresses and ohhh and ahhh over our mates. Then we have an orchestra and a solo violinist. We take pictures for the yearbook and then we all groove down baby !!!!!

-- Becky Lincolnshire England

Every year my school has a junior, senior prom. The juniors put it on for the seniors(this year the theme is Mardi Gras, talking about sucks) The prom is on Saturday night and usually everybody skips on the Friday before. Saturday all the girls go get their hair, makeup, and nails done. Then they go home and get their dresses and everything else on. Then usually a bunch of couples get together and takes pictures. Then off to party!! We usually go to town and meet everybody else and show off our dresses and then the couples go to eat out. After we eat we go to prom, just long enough to take pictures and dance to one or two songs then we leave to go party. After we leave prom we usually go to somebodies house to a party and either stay all night or leave and go to town and see what else we can get into. It is really funny to see everybody prom night because everybody is drunk. Some people rent hotel rooms and party there but it just depends, anything can happen in Louisiana!! It may sound like it sucks but it really is alot of fun.

-- Julie LA

Our prom is a junior/senior prom and the juniors are the ones who sponser it... The majority of us get dates (new zelend) But the ones who dont most usually dont go or will sometimes show up stag.. Our prom this year is March 30th. Prom ussually last until about 1:00 and then we have school sponsered after prom activities; only we dont have to go to them. Everything is pretty basic dinner before prom, the corsage, and etc... But after prom its all about the biggest and best party.. Here preparing for prom is just about like preparing for your wedding day

-- Kayla Miami OK

Wow! I can hardly imagine what it is like to go to some of your proms! I have a very small public school. There are only 31 kids in the whole Jr. High and High school put together. In my school, sports are a very big thing, so for our prom we invite every school in our sports league..about 8 schools. It's really fun~we have it on a saturday night. The whole day saturday is spent getting ready. The girls do their hair, nails, makeup and get dressed, and what not. Then around 5 or 6 the guys pick them up and take them to dinner. After dinner, the couples head off to the prom which is usually held at the Elk's Lodge. We dance until 12am, and then head off to a party or whatever for the rest of the night and morning. It's so much fun for us! This is my last year, and I'm looking forward to it like you wouldn't believe!! By the way...I loved all of your traditions!

-- Miranda Dayville OR

Here in Dexter Michigan we have a few traditions of our own. Prom is naturally held on a sat. night. That entire day is spent with girlfriends primping for the prom. Usually the boys get together to watch football, or play some other sport. Its all about friends. Anyway we all get dressed up in amazing attire, and head to dinner at a restaurant of our choice, usually something really nice. Then we do something like Mini golf or something FUN for awhile. At about 10:30 we head to our school, which has been transformed into something AMAZING. It doesn't even look like a school. We have different themes every year as in Tropical Paradise, Swing, winter wonderland, Night in Veins. This year is Holly Wood! I like having it at our school instead of a hall or so on... This year is going to be a blast! We show up at about 10:30 because no one ever stays long. We go to see the decorations and stop in at the casino to play a couple rounds of the dating game and black jack. Then we head out to all the parties!! There are always HUGE parties prom night. I can't wait till prom this year =)

-- Nikki Dexter MI

At Oakfield-Alabama High School, our junior-senior prom is a big deal. It's always on a Friday night, which sucks because if you plan on attending the prom you MUST attend school until 11:00 am.. That is when the school says you have put in enough school for it to count as a full day. They only do this because they know that if they don't everyone who is going to the prom will skip school on prom day. I know-- stupid, but you just deal with it. It's not THAT bad. The whole senior and junior classes (at least all the girls) get out of school at 11:00--it's cool. Then, for the gals it's off to get your hair, nails and makeup done. Then, to put on your dress and do the once-over check to make sure you have everything-- boutineer, purse, camera, ticket (although it's not very important-they don't collect tickets!), and, well your date! It's up to the different parties of people whether they will meet at the park or whether they will meet beforehand at someone's house and go to the park in the limo together. Most of the time the girls meet at one girl's house to get picked up and the guys at a guy's house to get picked up. Then, it's off to the park. In the middle of our town we have this park called the Triangle Park because it's in the shape of a triangle formed by three streets. There is a gazebo there and it's tradition to get pictures taken at the gazebo. Everyone gets together so you can ooh and aah over their dresses and how they glammed up for the evening. Anyone from the community can come. That is, if they can find a parking spot within a half mile from the park.. Yes, it's THAT packed. Well, with over a dozen limos parked along the street, you have to park a bit down the roads. We get to the park about 5pm to meet and take pictures and then it's off to the prom (8pm-12am). Every year it's held in a different spot. Last year it was held at a gorgeous Italian Garden about an hour away. A lot of people went to Niagara Falls afterwards. This year it's going to be held at a very posh Valley Hotel/Inn. And, seeing how it's an inn, if you or your date is over 21, you rent a room and have some fun! Partying of course. :) All in all, it's awesome and you just don't miss it.

-- Amanda Oakfield NY

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