Prom Transportation Ė Make a Safe Choice

From breathtaking Jovani prom dresses to the last sparkling hair accessory, everyone wants to arrive at the Prom in style. Youíve spent gobs of time choosing from prom dresses, and looking through prom tips for ideas on your hair, make-up and your body. Your date has the perfect tux, looks great and has a great boutonniŤre, and canít wait to spend Prom 2008 with you. But how on earth will you get there?

The best choice is for neither of you to drive to Prom 2008. Whether this means hiring someone to chauffeur the two of you to dinner, the dance, and any after-Prom events, or relying on a family member, itís really the best choice. While you may have no intention of partying so much that you canít drive, you can never know for sure what will happen once things really get going. While Iím going to be politically correct and assume no underage reader will drink, thatís only one reason to have a driver.

The following prom tips of having a hired driver or trusted family member available to get you where you need to go will demonstrate that you are wise beyond your years and that you are conscious of the possibilities that may threaten your safety. Remember, you wonít be the only ones on the road that night. And driving may not be your main concern.

Pay Your Way

Hiring a car Ė whether itís a limo, classic car or other type of transportation is a good way to go. The average rental price for a stretch limo is about $400 for the night, not including the driverís tip, parking fees or tolls. If youíre planning on splitting the cost of the limo between some other couples, this is actually a very safe and somewhat economical way to go to Prom 2008. The driver takes care of everything; filling up the gas tank, parking the car, and knowing which routes to take to get you safely to your destination(s). (Imagine having to stop for gas on the way to the Prom and arriving with your gown smelling of gasoline!!!)

The Kindness of Others

Of course, you can also rely on the kindness and goodwill of others to get you and your date to the Prom. An older brother or sister, or even cousin may be willing to drive you around. You may even consider offering them gas money, at the very least. Since gas is so expensive these days, offering to pay for gasoline will probably make them more amenable. You can even ask your parents or your dateís parents to do the honors. If you donít want to be too much of a burden, you may be able to convince all the parents to share the duties; maybe your parents can drive you and your date to dinner and the dance, and his parents can pick you up and deliver you to the party afterwards and then home again.

No matter how you end up getting to the Prom 2008, remember that doing safely should be a top priority, and if that means getting someone else to do the driving for you, go for it. Youíll have more time to concentrate on your very handsome date! Prom dresses and tuxedos are fun, but if you donít know how youíre getting there in the first place- what use are the fancy duds?

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