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What is Prom?

This is probably going to sound strange.

We all know what "prom" is, right? I don't mean, like, the history of prom, or local variations and traditions in small towns, or anything like that. I mean "prom"-- you know, pro-om, prom night?

So how come no one can give us (or you) a short definition that explains what prom is and how it works and why it matters so much to all of us? How come we all seem to think it's just about girls and prom dresses

We've been living and breathing prom for the last nine years (almost ten) and we still can't tell you exactly what it is and why it matters. Alot of people seem to think it's mostly a girl thing, a party night so the girls can dress up in formal dresses. Some think it's about establishing romantic relationships and confirming them on prom night. Others think it's all about partying, getting toasted, getting "action." Still others think it's a coming of age thing, an end to high school and the beginning of adulthood.

Obviously, if people think all that about prom, there must be some truth in each of the above.

So...we want to know what you think. And maybe, between all of us, we can finally answer the question "What is prom?"

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What is Prom?

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Prom comes from promenade meaning to walk with pleasure. It became a night where couples - usually two seniors - to the dance, eat, then dance (duh). Over the years it's become acceptable to go in groups without a date or to go with someone that's years younger than you. If you want to eat now you must go out to eat yourself. It's become a like a fake ball. In the older days it would take place in the gym, now it's anywhere from a houseboat, to a ball room at a college. Usually considered the night where you lose your virginity.

-- Chelsea Maple Valley Nashville MI

a lot of parents when they think of prom they think SEX, but prom to me is the the hello to new beginings and the goodbyes to being a highschool life.also it it just a night to have fun and look good while doing that.

-- Shay winslow township high school Sickleville NJ

Prom is a night of romance, elegance, and timelessness. It is a night to be romanced, to dance away and remember when you're elderly. It is a night of bustling gowns and roses, a time for friends to hang out, laugh, and have fun. My prom is elegance all in one bundle, something to never be forgotten.

-- Katherine El Shaddai Christian Academy Brighton CO

Prom is a special night where all the seniors gather up with their dates and dance their way off. It happens every around the month of May. Without a senior prom it wouldn't be a special end of senior year celebration. So that's why prom will always be a end of senior year celebration. That's all for now.

-- Hector Alief Elsik High School Houston TX

prom , is the main event of every junior and senior high school student in the world.. if you have a date , GOOD! then you can have the time of your life dancing till the clock strikes 12..if you dont have a date, LIFE GOES ON.... dont stay at home eating chocolate chip cookies, and cry your heart out..its okay, your not alone..

-- Lexi

prom is a night where it marks the end of your high school experience. its one great last chance to hang out with all your friends for one big fun last time

-- Mary hylton high school Woodbridge VA

Prom is like the party of your life. You do mad stuff for prom. It's like the day you plan most during highschool. you work on graduatin on time, and finish all your classes while the summer is outside. but prom is like when it's all over right before graduation. you gotta have the hotttt date, the limo with the spinners and the slammin after prom party at a club in the city. I went to club speeed after the prom and i sold mad tickets so i got them for free and made cake to pay ffor prom night.

-- Malik Hempstead New York NY

Is a night to celebrate with your friends... You step out of ordinary, into extraordinary... You have fun with the people you care about & love ... and its not just a date with your b/f but also your friends too... Prom is Promise... Promise to always remember this enchanting night of lovely decorations, food, music and company... "Promises last forever, never do they die... Bestfriends stay together and never say good- bye"! That's the real deal of prom...

-- Andie

I think prom is a night that you'll always remember. You have to make it fun. Everyone makes it what they want it to be. It islike living out your own Cinderella sory.Its also a night to get have fun away from parents!!! Prom has always been an exciting thing to look forward to as you grow older. I couldn't wait to be a part of helping to put it together. Its gonna be great!

-- Holly PRVHS Princeton AL

Prom is an unforgettable evening made for friends and romance. It's an opportunity. It is also mostly upperclassmen, so it's a privlage. It isn't an excuse to permit underage drinking, but an excuse to take a well-deserved evening off to be with friends and lovers. After all the planning chicks get to do, which is fun in itself, it's a night to make memories.

-- Sophia John Glenn Cambridge OH

Geez.. Seems like all the opinions that are offered on this site are from women.. Well here's one from a guyI think that Prom is a point of confusion for guys. They go because they hope to find something. They don't know what that something is or how they're going to find it but they know that through Prom hopefully they can... I dont think Prom is about dancing too much for guys, most of the guys I know hate it. I think it's also somewhat a band of brotherhood for most guys.. You feel really connected with one another all dressed up, all differences, peer groups, etc seem to disappear. I've never felt closer to my friends than on these dances, and no I'm not gay. Well that's my unromanticized version

-- Jay Niwot Longmont CO

The night which signifies the end of your high school career is your prom night. By dressing in formal attire you show the world how you have matured and grown as a person. But of course, it's the night you let loose and tie up all your loose ends. Tell your enemies you love them, kiss your crush, and don't get pregnant! It's a night you will look back on your entire life, so make sure the dress fits, your hair holds, and your date has manners =DI'll be going in two weeks, and I'm way excited. Have fun, guys!!

-- Victoria FL

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