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What is Prom?

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What is Prom?

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Prom is a special night for two people who really love each other to get together with all their friends and have a blast dancing to great up beat music. Prom can bring not only two people who love each other together it can also bring everyone closer together. And it lets the seniors know that everyone's friendship will last forever!!

-- Stephanie Montgomery County High Mt. Stering KY

Prom is a time for everyone to just say"hey i need this , i have had 13 years of school and i need 1 wild night." Prom is to share some of the last moments with your friends and people that aren't even your friends. SO TO THE SENIOR ENJOY PROM AND GOOD LUCK!!!

-- Megan Albert Gallatin Highschool Mesontown PA

Prom is a night full of fun and emotion. It's a time for you to remember your high school years. I'm looking forward to my prom next year...it's going to rock! Go c/o 2006!

-- Kristie SRHS Sebastian FL

prom is a night when the junior and senior class come together in one beautiful place and look back on all the happy times they have all shared together, its the junior classes gift to the seniors, its a very sentimental goodbye to the seniors and the begining of the new up coming senior class, prom is about shareing moments that will never be forgotten its about laughter,fun and smiles its about spending a fun filled evening with your date, maybe someone you have been after since your freshman year, prom is a special event and tradition that each of us dream about when were freshman, its the excitement of planning,shopping,getting ready at 12 in the afternoon which for us girls its the longest time well ever take to get ready to spend a couple of hours with people that will go into the real world and those just putting there foot in the door, prom is beautiful and yet its sad its a elegant unforgetable googbye, its the end and the last dance of grade school

-- Latanya Canutillo High School El Paso TX

Prom is the night that brings an end to your high school career. It is the last time you'll be able to party with all your friends before you each go your separate ways in life. It's a night where all differences are put aside to party all night long. It's the last dance of high school and the most memorable night of your life. Yeah, the dresses and tuxes are part of it, but planning for that one night is bigger. As soon as summer is over, plans for prom are already beginning and they o nly start to become real in those two months before it all happens. Planning with friends, shopping, getting a date, and all that stuff is what prom is. The last time you get to together with friends to plan one of the most memorable nights of your life. The night itself is what it's all about, but spending that time with your friends is even more important. Prom brings your closer to your friends in those last couple of months of school. It strenghtens the bond that you share with them and he l ps you get through the bittersweet feeling of graduating high school. That is prom.

-- Jessica River Ridge High School Olympia WA

Prom is mainly all about the senior class. It's the last night to get together with all of your friends and fellow classmates before graduation. It's a time to just relax and have fun, because you may never see those people ever again in your life. Sure, girls get to search for that special dress to show off, and the guys get to break out their special tux, but it's not just about the attire that you wear. It's a chance to reminisce with the senior class about the good times and the ba d before you all go your separate ways. Prom isn't about romance and all the pretty decorations. It's the last time before you walk down on that stage to be with all of the seniors. When you graduate, you're leaving behind your "childhood". But on prom night, you can have fun and be a "kid" again with the people you will have to leave behind.

-- Ali Warrington High Warrington IN

Prom is a night where everyone (juniors and seniors) get together for a final farewell to those who will be leaving. It's a night to make great lasting memories and have fun with the close ones to you. Last dance of the school, so people go there looking very nice in formal attire. That's a great plus! Making those last hours, minutes, and seconds count for forever. Just one last dance, too before everyone goes their own way.

-- Mary Como Park Senior High St. Paul MN

Prom to me always meant, watching my older brother going to his Jr and Senior prom, seeing his date's looking georgous in their poofy dresses, when they came home, they would say "oh my gosh, I just cant believe the night I've waited for so long is finally over!I'll never forget a night of my life." Prom is what ever little girl dreams when they see magazine colums of girls telling about their amazing prom night, Now I wait till May 15th, going with my love, and seeing what every girl s ays is true.

-- Lisa Elk Grove High Elk Grove CA

The definition of prom depends on the year you attend. For example, if you go Junior year, you're going to experience it beforehand.... to sort of get an understanding of what to expect next year. (Atleast that was my reason for going last year). Senior prom is the final party as a class. It is the final gathering, the final time we all have to dress up and be together besides graduation. To me, PROM is the evening everything either comes together or falls apart. It is the peak of your adolescence (besides puberty) and the beginning of life (besides graduation). Prom can be EVERYTHING or NOTHING depending on your perspective.

-- Netta Miami NorthWestern Senior High Miami FL

Prom is the last night for the seniors to shine. It is the night for people to smell, look, act and feel like celebrities. It is the time for the seniors to celebrate their thelve plus years of school and to shine with their fellow class mates and to shine on under classmen.

-- Doma Fremont High Oakland CA

Prom is the 2nd biggest dress-up night that a girl dreams about! We all start planning it once we hit freshman year. It is a night where we can dance and have fun, then afterwards, go and have more fun. It's one of the biggest nights of your high school life.

-- Amber Brookings High School Brookings SD

I think prom is the most wonderful thing in your high school years.When I was little ever since Middle school I imagin my self getting all dreesed up waiting for my date to pick me up in a in a big limo just like the movie stars you see on t.v

-- Melissa Cartersville High School Cartersville GA

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