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On the difference between sex & romance...

Sex is an act romance is a feeling. My best friend is probably the most romantic guy i know. Someone asked him once what his ideal night would be. and he said sitting at his house in front of the fire on the couch with a cup of tea and a light snow falling outside and reading a good book. Now THAT is a true romantic!
-- Clare, Mound MN, Mound Westonka High School

hmmm.....hard question. Well I think sex can happen between any two people but romance takes work. And that all I have to say bout that!:)
-- Katrina, NW

The diff between sex and romance is that sex is just that: sex. It's a lustful thing. In high school, most ppl are probably not married (unless you've already had a kid, meaning you've already had sex), so there's no need for sex. Romance is about finding someone you really like, even love, and spending time with them. It may end up w/ u making out w/ them, but the sex will come WAY LATER, when the time is DEFINITELY RIGHT. Just because it's prom and stuff is romantic doesn't mean that it has to lead to sex.
-- Keisha, Victoria TX

Sex is sexual intercourse and making out is kissing and other things mixed without really having sex.
-- Lucy, Lanier HS, San Antonio TX

Love is the heart of the matter. I think of romance as the nice things one does for each other as expression of that love, and love as the actual connection of two minds and souls, and the trust and respect that goes along with it.

Romance is what we can do with our physical selves (not necessarily "sexual") to express it.

Therefore, I believe that Love is the base of the relationship, and expression, such as romance, kissing, and sex are just "icing on the cake", as they say. None of it is technically necessary, or has to be done in a certain way or by a certain time or by certain rules other than those set by your own trust and respect for each other.
-- D., MA

the difference is that romance is when someome is acting very sweet and they are treating you nice. whem they have candle light dinners and buy you things. with sex that all you are getting is a little feel that will be there of a hour or two depend on the person. sex may make you feel good but been romance it was make you feel special.
-- Chakima, Rich South High, Matteson IL

The difference between romance and sex for me is that romance is when you love someone and want to show them that you love them without wanting anything in return, because you're just happy to be with them....and sex (if masquerading as romance) is when your only desire is to 'have' someone and you are only interested in what the other person can give you, not who that person really is.
-- Catherine

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