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On what could be the most romantic moment...

The most romantic thing that could happen for prom is.....this guy--let's just call him Tim--was to walk up to me one day and pull me away from my friends and say "I'm so sorry for everything. My life has been empty and meaningless without you. I've thought of you every day since I let you slip away from me. I can't believe I ever let you go, I was just scared. You were so perfect and I knew I didn't deserve you from the moment I saw you. I know you don't owe me anything and there is no reason you should even give me a chance but I promise you if you let me escort you to prom I will never let you feel even one ounce of pain because I truly love you." Then I would say "I don't know, you really hurt me and I don't know if I will ever be able to forgive you.", and I would just walk away. He would feel what I had to go through twice. Then for the weeks before prom he would go around doing little romantic gestures. Like putting roses in my locker and writing me love notes. Until I finally decided that I would go with him and give him one final chance. He would arrive at my house in a tux with a dozen red roses and a limo. Then we would proceed to a beautiful restaurant where he would tell me how thankful he was that I accepted his offer and we would just talk like we used to. Then we would go to the prom and everyone would be incredibly jealous because "Tim" is so incredibly hot and I would be the belle of the ball. I would practically glow compared to the others. Everyone I hate would fall on their a** and have the most horrible evening. "Tim" would go tell "Kyla" that she never had a chance with him and the only reason he ever even spoke to her was to get closer to me. She would be devastated. Then out of the blue I would be named prom queen and "Trevor" would be named prom king. I would thank "Trevor" for always being my friend and always being there when I needed him and tell him that I would have liked to have given "us" a chance. Then we would dance one final dance and I would proceed to leave with my date. We would then go to post- prom and party til dawn. Then my wonderful evening would come to an end as the limo drove us home. We would get to my house and share the most beautiful pure kiss anyone has ever experienced. Then we would live happily ever after. ;) (Now tell me that's not the most romantic thing you've ever heard.)
-- Katrina, NW

My first prom isn't until July, and i don't know whether it would be called Junior or Senior, because for England it is just the end of school before college. Then, i realised, it's going to be such a disappointment. For me, prom is meant to be all about romance with your boyfriend... I am very romantic at heart, and i would love to be asked out with poetry, picked up by him wearing a tie that matches my dress, driven in a limo, given roses and chocolate, hold hands, slow-dance together, have prom photos together, watch the sunset on a beach after prom, be taken to a surprise candlelight dinner, make a toast to each other....but, it is not going to happen. Guys just don't seem to understand what romance is and, especially in my school, i will be lucky if i even get a date, let alone flowers.
-- Eloisa, England, UK

When my boyfriend proposes to me. I don't have a BF right now, but I have this fantasy about the night and day that we'll get engaged: NYC, the day of the annual lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockfeller Center... we go skating and out to dinner at a nice restaurant, go back to the tree for the lighting... just as they light up the tree and the choirs and bands start singing and playing "Silent Night" and whatnot, he'll drop to one knee and propose, with the box open in his hand to display the diamond ring...
-- JLM, PA

i think the most romantic time at prom would be that your date picks you up in a white strech limosine and then takes you to a really fancy restruant. when you arrive at prom he dances with you all night then you go out for a evening drive, and you stop by a beautiful place and he makes out with you. as long as you don't go to far. the sun is in the clouds. they look red and orange in color.
-- Alisha, Constantine MI, Constantine High School

To go to prom and have your man waiting there in front of hundreds of people, with a handful of roses, and he's singing your favorite song through a microphone. After that, he gets down on his knees and asks you to marry him, after a three year relationship. Then, as you are in prom, he plays the song from when you met, and the students just let the two of you have the dance floor for that one particular dance.
-- Sarah, Richlands NC

The most romantic thing that could happen to me for prom is that I would be with the guy that I want to spend the rest of my life with. He would pick me up (doesn't have to be in a limo or even a nice car, as long as I'm with him, I'll be the happiest girl ever!) Then we would go to eat and then to prom where we would have the time of our lives and see how awesome all our friends look. After prom we would go to a secluded field where we could just talk to each other all nite and watch the sun rise while in a deep embrace.
-- Jessica, Lonoke High School, Lonoke AR

being with the special guy on the most romantic and special night of your life
-- Jennifer, Bowsher High, Toledo OH

The most Romantic moment that my boyfriend could give to me would be to pick me up tell me i'm beatiful and go for an awesome dinner. Then after that take me to our spot at the park on the same bridge that we had our first kiss and have candle's set up, our song playing, and kiss me like the first time which made me feel like i wasn't on earth. Then slip a promise ring on my finger and tell me his feelings. After that whisk me away to the dance and...
-- Megan, SHS, VA

I think the most romantic and fun (graduation) prom I could ever go to would start with first me and my friends all go out to dinner and have a nice girls only time. then we'd all pile into a couple cars and head back to my friend stephs house. all our guys dates would pile into a stretch limo and come pick us up. my b/f would come to the door with flowers and a slight yet serious smile on his face...then wed all get into the limo and drive around for a while. he'd tell me he was going to make this the best night of my life..and id doubt it but id be proved wrong in time...then we'd get to the dance..the last formal dance wed be together at in high school..we'd go in and dance and have a blast. and then on the last dance they would play "Forever Young" by Alphaville, and we'd dance slow and embrace each other and hope the night would never end. then id look at him and hed be looking at me and he'd say something like "I love you, I want to be with you forever" and id look into his deep eyes, speechless, and he would kiss me more loving then ever before. we'd stop in the middle of the dancefloor and kiss passionately as a crowd grew around us. theyd all be so happy as they knew how much we loved each other..i'd feel as if i was in a dream and there would be fog on the would be as if in slow motion..and when this last song ended they would smile silently for a moment and people would slowly start to clap...we'd look at each other silently and with tears of joy in my eyes i would embrace him and say "oh Terry, I love you!"....we'd get cheers and flowers thrown at us as we walked towards the beautifully decorated doorway..then wed stop in the doorway and one final kiss before we left the dance, and we'd get one final cheer..then we would walk hand in hand into a small limo waiting just for us, and we'd drive to the most romantic spot. there would be a waterfall, a stream, with beautiful flowers and trees all around. a small hill near the stream would serve as our romance spot..we'd stand on this spot against a full moon and be silouetted by the light..the light would hit just right enough to create a blue-ish glow on our faces..and at that moment he would stand on one knee and say to me.."Roses are red, daisys are white, please take this ring, and be my wife" I would graciously accept and sit on the hill with him..we'd kiss for what seems like forever on the clearest night in summer. every star in the sky would be seen above, and every moment would be filled with true love.
-- Jenn, Cony High School, Augusta ME

Just having a good time with the man I love would be it for me. Especially if something unorthodox or silly happens so I can always remember it by.
-- D., MA

Just slow dancing with your date...
-- Young, Rockwell High, Rockwell TX

Hey-I'm only 13 but I have a lot of high school friends. When prom time rolls around I hear a lot of talk about prom. All I can say is that when i'm old enough to go to prom I want everything to be perfect. The GUY, hair, shoes, jewelry etc.For the whole romantic gig I'm thinking that my BIG crush would wait til last moment, when I've given up ALL hope and I have decieded to stay home and pig out on ice cream and watch depressing movies, to come to my house (while i'm asleep) with roses and some hoplessly romantic excuse for not asking me sooner, so when I wake up the morning of the prom he's there. Then we spend the entire day together. Like brekfast on the top of his car, and WE go to places to talk.To top it off he picks me up later for the prom with more roses and a limo and we have a great time.
-- Lauren, Lanier Middle School, Buford GA

When my date picks me up, when my mom opens the door and my boyfriends says "Wow your beautiful!" then he walks up to me and kisses me passoitaly. Also when the prom is over and everyone goes to their parties, and he looks at me and says baby lets go somewhere alone for a little while, then I'll give him the look ;) and he'll say "No, no, no, not to have sex just to hold each other for a little while.

The reason I say this is because my boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year and he has known how I feel on the whole sex thing since the first date. I want to be married before I take that step, I have plans for my future and so does he, so we've decided to wait. I mean don't get me wrong there have been times that it's hard to stop oursleves, but we always have, and plan on it until we are married

I'am only 17 but I just wanna say to all those other girls and boys who want to take that step, don't do it, espicailly on prom night make it romantic something he or she will want to remember and be safe!!!!!
-- Mandy, East Gate City Schools, Easy Gate OH

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