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Last years prom was almost perfect,i had a really hot date and i was also named prom queen.I was so excited and every thing and screaming my head off because i was so happy.so i walked up to get my crown and bouquet of roses.My dress was really long and i wasn't aware that the principal was standing on it,and the stitching in the waste was really poorly done.and when i went to walk off the stage to go dance with the king the whole bottom of my dress ripped off ,and everyone saw my hot pink thong that i was wearing.It was so embarassing.and none of my classmates would let me live it down until a month later.

-- Brittany   Dolphin Middle   Toronto ON

it was our 8th grade prom. everything went great, until afterwards. my best- friend helped clean up after most had left. when she stood up in a trash can to push the trash down, out popped her boob. right out in front of everyone there. men and women saw it. it was so funny

-- Rebeccah   WCHS   Hazel Green KY

I was going to prom in a limo, and the limo had tons of soda and junk food in it. Since my prom was half an hour away,i decided to have a soda with my date and two buds. I chose a coke and opened it just after we had gone over some very bumpy railroad tracks. It had gotten shaken and spilled all over my white dress! I couldn't go back- I could only afford to be taken there and back by the limo driver. My date was a jerk and he pretended he didn't know me and hooked up with my best friend! HOW RUDE IS THAT!!!

-- Mora    

i was at dinner and i order alot and so did my date and i had forgot to get money to pay for both of us so my girlfriend had to pay it was soooooo embarrassing.

-- Kelly   Shelby High   Shelby TN

It was my senior prom and all of the girls had decided to go together... just for fun... all of our guys friends were just going to meet us there. When I got there my boyfriend, Harrison, ask me to dance. when the song was over i turned around and noticed that my ex- boyfriend had walked in and was standing behind me... everywhere i turned he was there. i was not completely over him and i couldnt help but to keep looking at him. well when the next slow song came on i was dancing with my boy friend again and Lonnie, my ex, came up behind me and tripped me. i feel all over my date on the ground... it was like a dominoes effect- everyone was on the ground! i was soo embarrassed! ahh!!!

-- Lauren     Atlanta GA

I was all ready for the prom I thought I had everthing ready to go. Well my date arrives at my house he goes to put my flower on my wrist then he looks at me and says well are you going to put mine on I had forgotten to get his bootaneer! I was so embarrased!

-- Kristin   Neshoba Central High   Philadelphia MS

On my prom night I had the perfect dress it was a strapless lavendar dress and I also had on a pair of stilletos. My date arrived an hour late and he brought me a ghetto flower (dandelion) that he picked out of his moms garden and pinned to a rubber band and placed it on my wrist. We rode in his moms old green and yellow 1976 Cadillac because he claims that the limo driver never came. Finally, we arrived at the prom and I thought things couldn't get any worse and then we were called up to be crowned prom king and queen. I was so excited that I tripped up the steps and when we went to do our walk to the front of the stage my heel broke and I rolled and fell off the stage and my date was standing on my dress and it ripped completely off . A teacher ran to me and covered me with his jacket because I was laying on the floor in my thong and see through strapless bra and when I got up my bra popped off.I was so embarrased, that I caught the bus home crying and that was the worst night of my life.

-- Jaqui   Northern High School   Baltimore MD

i was getting ready to go to my prom and i put on my dress to show my mom and sister what i looked like and my mom said it looked good but i needed to take off my bra cuz u could see it and wear a thong ..so i did my date came and picked me up and we went to prom we walked in right in time they were gonna announce the king and queen.. all a sudden they called my date for king and then out of total surprise they called me for queen i was so happy i started to jump my dress was so long i stepped on it and it started to rip up the back and my straps broke my dress alomst totaly came off i was so embrassed ...but i had every guy in the room talk to me after..

-- Cheryl     Paris ON

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