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I was at a school dance and had already danced with my crush. As the dance was winding down I went over to him and asked if he would slow dance with me on the last song. It turned out between the time I had last danced with him and that moment he had hooked up with another girl. I felt so stupid and disapeared into the bathroom.

-- RObin     CO

There is this one girl that is a year younger than me. She ended up getting to go to the dance anyways b/c her b/f is old enough. Well, her favorite slow song came on and all of a sudden she tries to kiss her b/f but when she did, they both fell into the fountian that was a decoration for prom!They were completely soaked!

-- Jane     OK

It was Junior Prom and i was like the most popular girl in school so i had to look good!!!!! Well I went with a white dress it was beautiful but it was around that time so i packed necessary items in my purse. Well That night i was dancing with my boyfriend and i went to turn around and he said you have something red on your dress. OH NO!!!!! So I went to the bathroom to put on something and after that my plan was to go home after the king and queen were crowned well when i sat d o wn on the toilet to put it on i fell in and you know that blue stuff in the bowl??? it got all over my dress well to make matters worse i was crowned QUEEN!!!!! And had to go up on stage and dance in front of everyone!!!! Needless to say everyone said if you planned to go swimming at prom why didn't you pack a suit and i continued to be known but not for good reasons!

-- Sally   Laney High  

i was just too freakin excited n i wet my pants! oh dear god good thing the dress was black!

-- Candy     Tampa FL

So it was finally prom night and i still didnt have a date. then this guy called me that i had a huge crush on forever and asked me if i wanted to go with him. i was so excited, i wore my older sisters dress from a few years before. then when he finally showed up at my house i opened the door and he threw eggs at me. i was so embarrased i cryed and ran to my private tree house.

-- Aubrey   Mason High School   Mason MI

this has to be the worst situation ever for a girl at her prom.i bought a white prom gown that was absoulutly beautiful. well me and my date go to eat before we go to the dance. well while we were sting the waiter comes by with another couples order at the table next to us. i gues he wasnt paying attention because he trips and all i see is a big plate of speghetti come right towards me. sure enough the plate lands right on my dress getting red pasta sauce all over me. everyone st a rted laughing including my date. i started crying. my dress was ruined. i never made it to the date

-- Kerry     San Diego CA

well it was my year 11 ball, and in my school there is another girl named jacqui. when i turned up to the ball i found out not only did we have the same dress, but we also had the same hairstyle and type of shoes! it was incredibly funny, although we didnt even tell each other any details about it!!! lol

-- Jackie     Toronto ON

Okay. I went to my first prom in 10th grade with my boyfriend who was in 12th. Everything was fine. I had a beautiful dress it was cream and silky like. My hair was a little funky with lots of different strands tied back. Well the evening was great until we were on the dance floor. I was already shy because I was around all the seniors and I didn't know any of them. Then my boyfriend tries to spin me around right, and my wrist corsage gets stuck in my hair. It was terrible. I grabbed my best girlfriend who was also there thank God and we ran to the bathroom. I was near tears but she managed to fix it. I was so thankful for her that night. And for my great boyfriend who didn't say anything about it for the rest of the right. I was so embarrassed!

-- Kate   Horseheads High   Horseheads NY

I had an unforgettable coronation this year. (For those of you who don't know what coronation is, its like prom except its november/december and 9-12 is invited.) My boyfriend Corey and I checked out of school together at 11:15 and decided to go eat lunch with my friends before the big night. After lunch, Corey tells me that he didnt get a boutineer(he told me his mom was going to get it along with my flowers). So I speed to the nearest flower shop and ask them for a cute quick bout. They told me it would take about 30 minutes. Corey decides to wash and clean out my car(since i was driving us and another couple, b.c no one else could drive, besides we live in a small town where there are no limo services). After I drive across town, we go back and pick up his boutineer. I speedily take him across town again to drive him home then back again to my house to get ready by this time its already 2. My friend Laura came over to help get me ready. Well she was mad because I was an hour and a half late getting home. By the time we had gotton done getting me ready, it was 4. My friends was going to have pictures made at a friends house. I pick up Corey and go to Adam's. When we get there, it turned out to be just Adam, his date, me and Corey. We all got in my car and I drove us to a restaurant called The Wearhouse. Since it was six, which if we didn't go then we would lose our reservation. We waited it seemed like forever and ever on our food. Our other friends: Rhianna, Lee,and Savannah, was late getting there because they went for pictures first. Well by the time they got there we had to leave for pics or we would miss out on them. Alison and Adam felt bad about leaving our other friends there so they stayed with them throughout their dinner. Well Corey and I leave to go to the Convention Hall. (I have never driven to this place or even this part of town before.) I got lost and drove around till we finally got there. We went in got pics made and danced for a while. I forgot to call my family and let them know that I arrived there ok. Well as I got out my cell phone, it was dead. My bra cups kept sticking out of my dress, so I finally took those out, which created my dress to fall down because I am not exactly that built up top. Corey stepped on my train which made my dress come down and I flashed people several times. After Corey and I had exchanged bowtie and garter, he put the bowtie around my neck. One of my friends later on that night noticed that my bowtie was missing. Corey and I looked all over the floor for it but no luck fnding it. We were the last couple to leave but we stayed after to look for the bowtie, which we found on someone else's table. I hope prom this March will have less problems.

-- Lauren   Suth Side High School   Gadsen AL

It was my first prom and i went with my bestfriend/crush i had this baby blue dress on and on the first slow song I was scared b/c i had crush on him and as the song was ending i gave him a big hug and my strip broke and he was like " i think you rip your dress" I look down and sure enought i did I started crying and ran to the bathroom and all my friends came and lucky teacher had safety pin my date was so sweat he ask if I wanted to go home but I stayed and now we are dating so it wasn't that bad.

-- Summer     Rock Hill OH

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