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I was on crutches because i got a fractured ankle and I crutched into the school and it had been snowing. Right when i walked in, i slipped and both of my crutches came right out from under me and everyone was laughing. Then, i was riding the elevator and my coat got caught in the elevator door so i had to push the emergency stop button to get my coat out. It was so embarrassing!!! Thank God I'm off the crutches!!

-- Katrina   Worland Middle School   Worland KY

Well It was my boyfriend of three years senior prom last year (I was a year behind him) I was one of the only juniors to be invited and I felt pretty lucky. I had gotten the perfect dress, shoes, jewlery you name it, and when he showed up at my door to pick me up on Prom night he shows up with my best Friend Brittany and tells me that he was going with her and they'd been seeing each other for two of the three years we'd been together. I was devestated! I sure hope my senior prom is better!

-- Chelsea     Vancouver BC

Oh my gosh.. I am such a blonde. Okay so I walk into our school dance and am just dancin my heart out. Well girls know how painfull dancing in high heals is.. so i took them off. My date was 6'7'' and i am 5'2''. We started dancing our hearts out, having a ball when i fell... and slid right between his legs.. the worst part.. we were in this huge circle with like 100s of people watching:( i was so embarassed!

-- Megan   Gibson Southern   Haubstadt IN

It wasmy first year at a new school and I had to find a date to the junior prom. I didn't know many people so I asked the guy that sat in front of me English. I told him he needed to be at my house at 5 because dinner was at 6 and we had to stop at my friends for pics. He calls and asks me for directions to my house at 5:30. He sat in his car and waited for me to come out. He didn't give me a corsage so his boutiner is still in my refrigerator. We were late for dinner but he paid so that was o.k.. After the prom as we're walking to the parking lot he decides he is just going to go home. So we all had to cram into my friends car. I hope my senior ball is better. Word to the wise: find a date you know.

-- Lauren     Cooperstown NY

This is how it went. I had to pick a boy from St. Lloyd's for Boys down the block.I called my boyfriend Carter and he said he'd love to go with me. The night of the prom, I stood waiting on the front step of the school with all the other girls, waiting for the busload of guys from St. Lloyd's for Boys.I watched for Carter but as soon as the last boy got off the last bus I was still waiting! He hadn't come! I ran inside and called him quickly on my cell. He said he was sorry but he had the Tazmainian Flu and coulldn' come! I went back downstairs and was sooo embarrased when they called the dance where if anyone asked you, you had to say yes! I ended uf dancing with Andy Louis ( the nerdiest guy in the world) ALL NIGHT!!!

-- Veronica   St. Lloyd's Boarding School for Girls   San Francisco CA

OK well this really really sucked!I had on this GREAT long black backless dress and my boy friend looked FINE.Well since my dress was backless i got one of thoughs tape on the side bras and i had thoughs fake boobs in.Well the tape on one side came off and the whole night it kept poping out!I coudnt dance,I could hardly walk and this guy at a table kept pointing at me asking his friends what i was doing since every five seconds i kept adjusting my self.

-- Carolyn   Crespi   CA

alright its my senior prom and i was going with the HOTTEST guy in school! I spent a lot of money on the perfect dress and my hair looked great! When we were dancing, i noticed that there was blood running down my leg! It bled all the way through my white satin dress!MY date looked mortified! He announced what happened to the whole room! on my way to the bathroom, some jerk stepped on my train, and the whole dress came off!!!!!!!! I wasn't wearing a bra, and on the way there we got frisky, and accidentally left my thong in the limo!!!!!! i was completely naked! He ditched me for some other whore, and i ran home in a towel from the bathroom! thankfully i live down the street from the school

-- Gertrude   Wesleyan   Atlanta GA

At my first Homecoming I went w/ a group of friends b/c a bunch of ppl were going the same way. I was head over heels about this guy and he was there. I was wearing a slinky tight red sparkly dress which was the perfect length when I was walking. I was in the middle of grinding w/ the guy(yay!) and I was getting really really hot cuz we were in the center of the crowd and everyone was staring at us. Well all of a sudden I feel this sudden draft of air on my butt and as I look down I see my dress all the way up to my waist!!!! and my blue thong out for all the HS to see!! The guy had, had his hands on it and as we were dancing it kept moving up and his hands ended up on my bare thighs and my dress caught on his belt! When we both noticed he quickly pulled it all down and held it down for the rest of the night(=D) and although we didn't go together we danced the night away, while all his friends looked w/ jealousy lol.

-- Lizzy   Buchholz High School   Gainesville FL

It was my junior prom and i went out with my boy friend and well 1 i was dancing and jumping up and down. ( i had a strapless dress on ) and my breasts fell right out and my whole dress was about to fall off when my boyfriend ran over to cover me and luckly he caught it but it was an ich away from showing my croch

-- Mandy   Notre Dame   Burlignton ON

For the second year in a row I couldn't find a date for prom, so a friend (whom I had taken the year before, for the same reason) asked me to take her. Aparently she had been having the same problem. I warned her that I could not fast dance, and I was prone to stepping on feet for the slow dances, but she said she didn't care. I was doing my best to make this her best prom ever, but things went really sour. For starters someone backed into the side of my car, putting a hole in the quarter panel, 3 DAYS BEFORE PROM. ($4,500 damage, he paid). Then, like I said, I didn't fast dance well, and eventually quit completely. I stepped all over her poor feet. I was approached constantly by hot girls (for once in my life), i chased them off but it still pissed her off. When we went to the post prom party the only people there were me and my date, the girl I was crushing on(A), the girl I had crushed on for over a year before the previous(B), and their dates. I ended crashing on the floor (the 2 crushes ended up on either side of me, not my fault because my date was preoccupied and wouldn't crash, though I had been hitting on her all night!) She asked me if I was ready to leave (she drove, remember my poor car) and I was so out of it I told her ot drive home ALONE! (I was asleep, not what you are thinking) When I woke up the next morning, in a mutual nocternal embrace with my crush (A) none-the-less, i found out that I had messed up one time too many! I had my friend (B) drive me home, only to find my tired and pissed off parents waiting up for me. They knew about last night and for some reason expected me to come home early. My date forgave me, after I groveled at her knees and begged for my life. TOP THAT

-- Anon     Central KY

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