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Okay--here is my messed-up prom situation. I am a junior, and my schools' prom is only SENIORS!! (it sucks, but will be even more special next year) I really wanted to go to prom this year. My boyfriend goes to another school, but is only a sophomore (no prom chance there) Last Oct. a friend, Chris (senior) and I had a thing. I just assumed that he and i would start being a couple...but all of a sudden, he and a very good friend of mine, Kate (also a senior) started dating. It really caught me off guard, but, everything was cool cause they were both so happy. In April, Chris and Kate breakup...but are still going to go to prom as friends. But, they never stopped fighting! (especially about prom stuff.) In their last fight, Chris screams "I don't even want to go to prom with you anymore!" So, the next day, Chris asks me to go to his Senior Prom...with flowers...which i am a sucker for. So, i'm like, let me talk to kate. Kate is a little hurt that Chris asked someone already, but is ok with Chris and I going, so I tell Chris yes. Meanwhile, my boyfriend throws a fit, because he knows that i had/have feelings for chris. NOW...CHRIS AND KATE are getting back together! Chris and I will still go to prom, but it will be 10000000 times wierder than it would have been!!! My boyfriend is over the chris thing and i'm so excited for prom (may 26) but it is still really strange!!!

-- Kelly Pittsburgh PA

It was my Junior prom. My friend,her boyfriend,my boyfriend, and myself. We were at my house because my parents were making us dinner.as we were leaving my friend stepped in my cats poop! She had it all over her shoes!!! Luckily victoria secret perfume works because that's what we used for her shoe so it wouldnt smell bad. It was a fun night though and tomorrow I am going to my Senior prom!!!

-- Holly Yuma AZ

my junior prom was a week away i had a date he was older his name was grant and he was the hottie or the school we rented a limo we had plans to rent a nice romantic cabin with our friends after the prom for the whole weekend we had a great time on the way up there me and my 600 dollar dress i was named prom queen and my guy was named prom king we were having so much fun when we were on our way to the cabin me and grant were all over each other in the limo and so were our friends we got to the cabin and had a huge party . i will never forget that night p.s i love grant

-- Casey Mounds OK

My Junior Prom this year was very fun. I am a member of Junior class Leadership who puts on the dance. Our theme was "Underneath the Stars" which was beautiful. We hung up nearly one hundred stars from the ceiling in our commons, hung toule all over, and red tulips throughout. Our picture backdrop was gorgeous, lots of tiny stars and white lights. But my date was the best. My boyfriend and I had gotten into a huge fight about the dance and he decided that he didn't want to go with me. So I went with someone else, it was my dance...I had to go! So I went. We didn't do any of the typical 'pre-dance stuff' but we had a blast. And our pictures are the best...He is kissing my hand and I have my other hand on my hip with my head in the air, in kind of a snotty pose. Needless to say, my boyfriend realized that I don't need him and can have fun even if it's not with him.

-- Sarah

Last year i was asked to the prom by a guy that i hardly knew. I was a sophomore so i was happy to accept the invitation. We went to the prom and had a great time. Afterwards, we went to a party a one of his friends houses. I wasn't really friends with the person so i was kind of uncomfortable and wanted to leave. We were on our way to one of my friends parties when he started to show off in his daddy's new car and we hit another car head on. We flipped our car and slid about 300 ft until we landed against a dirt embankment. I wound up with two broken bones in my foot, glass in my eye and a lot of cuts. He had a huge cut on his head and a broken leg. The man in the other car was hurt badly and needed several surgeries. i must say that that prom is one that i will never forget!

-- Christina Scarlets Mill PA

I had the worst JR prom ever. I had just broken up with a total jerk, with whom I had made plans with to go to prom prior to our split. Well, he wouldn't let me break those plans, and due to a momentary lapse of judgment, I went with him. It was one of the worst mistakes of my life. To make a long story short, he got jealous because I started dancing with a guy that I was currently dating, and he took me aside in the middle of the dance floor and yelled at me. Needless to say, I was completely embarassed and ran to the bathroom with my best friend at my heels crying. My beautiful night was ruined.

-- Becky Fridley MN

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