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Prom Night 2001 was definitely a night to remember. Everything was planned weeks in advance. My dress was bought, by appointments made, transportation arranged. Everything was set. My date was a friend of mine from way back, whom I had a crush on for 2 years and he looked absolutely fabulous. Everyone complimented us on how great we looked together. We went to dinner at this REALLY fancy restaurant in Washington DC. They served things like, filet mingon and angel hair pasta! The theme was "Save the Best For Last". The music was bumpin', and the second we got there, my date and I hit that dance floor. (The slow songs were especially fun!) Well, the night went by sooo quickly and the DJ announced the final song. It was Vanessa Williams, "Save the Best for Last". At the very end of the song, my date kissed me. It was a perfect end to a perfect evening. I couldn't have hoped for a better night. It was magical. I've dreamt of that moment for years...and it finally came true. I'm sharing this cuz it shows that you don't have to play hard to get or be a hoe to get the man you want...and that anything can happen on prom night. Its definitely something to look forward to. I'm just sad that I won't be able to go to any more proms!! :(

-- Allison VA

The theme for my junior prom was " A Night in Hollywood" which from my experience held up to it's name. Saturday May 5, 2001 was a very special day for me. I already had a date to prom many months before it so I was all set for that aspect. My dress was beautiful. My mother made it for me. We designed it together. I went up to order my boyfriend's tux with him so I already knew how awesome he looked in it. The day arrived after a long time of waiting. I left my boyfriend's house with my hair all done. I snuck out without him seeing me. When 4 o'clock came around I was ready to go. We had conections on getting a driver for our 2001 Cadillac Deville. So then I wouldn't have to drive there and back. When the car pulled into my driveway and the driver let out my boyfriend I thought that my mouth was going to drop open and hit the ground he looked fantasic. He walked over to my house and put on my corsage and I pinned on his boutinere. My mother took pics. and then we were on our way to go eat dinner at a Chinese resturant. We got there and everyone just looked at us funny. The car was amazing. I got in it from my house and there was some sparkling Cider in there with gorgeous glasses just waiting to be drunk from. I felt like a princess. After we ate we headed toward Prom. When we got there my boyfriend helped me out of the car and his mother was there to take pics. We walked in and up the stairs and there was a ticket booth where you picked up your autograph book which was very cool. Then came the "Grand March". I had been waiting for this forever. The red carpet was rolled out and was waiting for us to step on it and smile. My boyfriend and I marched down the red carpet as people flashed pictures of us. I remember being so happy. Then the parents left and the photographer came in to take the pictures and the back drop was very cute. We stood next to an Oscar and held eachother close. Then we danced the night away. That night was a very romantic night for me because we just were so close to eachother that being apart was impossible. Well thats my story about my junior prom. I hope that you enjoyed it.

-- Mindy Dixfield ME

My night was one I will never forget. It was my senior prom. I had finally found my perfect dress and perfect guy. He picked me up at my house and after about 15 minutes of pictures and "Oohh's" and "aahhh's", we finally got in the car, headed to his house for yet more pictures, then went to a friends house to get our LIMO. We took a few more group pictures, then we went inside to wait. My boyfriend looked at me a few minutes later and said "well, here's our ride!" I looked out that window like a little kid would look at Santa Clause. My night was perfect. His vest on his tux also matched my dark purple dress so perfectly. We drove to dinner, then went to prom. It was magical. I danced my first slow dance and my first fast dance, at that. I still smile when I think of how perfectly it went. He is a perfect gentleman, and as my friend said "our guy's look so HOT!" He looked so handsome in the tux. I could never imagine such a perfect night.

-- Megan MIdlothian VA

Actually, back in high school, I was more of a tomboyish, careless girl. I didn't really care about parties and dresses --- and I never even had a steady boyfriend, because I mostly mingled with everybody I liked back then and felt that there was no time for romance or anything like that in my life. But then, in my senior year, all my friends --- girls mostly --- insisted that I show up in prom with a proper dress and beautiful appearance. So, only a couple of days before the occasion, Mom hustled me downtown for a formal dress to a prom. I only bought a very simple black dress (while most of my friends were going to boutiques and shops and spending almost millions) and a pair of open- toed shoes. Then Mom added and Indian style in my dress with sari, and I went to a hairstylist to fix my long curls into a...pompadour??? (if I'm not mistaken) I also let my smooth face be swept by brushes of make- up, since I hardly knew how to use it properly myself. When I was set for the senior prom, I had to admit to myself that I didn't look too bad, plus the silver necklace, my one and only Gucci around my left wrist, and a small gray handbag. I went to the senior prom without a date, but I didn't really mind at all. I talked to a lot of people in there, admiring lots of my gorgeous buddies (since I was actually a tad overweight) in their beautiful dresses. I knew that there would be a senior poll on cathegories like "The Best Dress", "The Best Dance", "The Golden Couple", and also "The Prom King & Queen." I didn't really think about it much also. But when the cathegories were nominated, guess who was the Prom Queen? Me! I had to slow-dance with my friend's boyfriend, but --- since three of us were friends, she didn't really mind letting me have her guy for a night. I just could still hardly believe that! There I was, surrounded by complimenting eyes and congratulatory cheers, applauses, and wolf-whistles. Me, the fat, tomboyish girl who just wanted to have fun. Since then, I began to realise that looks sometimes doesn't really matter that much, but personality does (of course, that also doesn't mean we don't have to look well in order to attract other people. A proper dress and a nice behaviour will win you compliments --- I believe!) :-D

-- Ruby Indonesia Jakarta

Prom was a beautiful night filled with mixed emotions. Though I was shinning on the outside I was pretty much disappointed inside. There was this guy at school who really didn't look that great. He was very talented in the music field and was very funny. He was popular too, but not because he was drop dead gorgeous or anything he just was a cute, funny, talented, amusing guy. Sorry about the spelling it is very late. So anyways the story goes that I ask him to go to Homecomming with me the year before and he never responded. He ended up with this other chick. But when Prom came around I was anticipating what I had wanted for so long, that I messed every thing up by asking his friend to ask him again. Well his friend never ask him and I was very upset. I ended up with this guy who had already Graduated 3 years before me. He was a close friend and I adored his company. But I was so filled with disappointment that I didn't really pay attention to my date. I had saw the guy I really wanted with dancing with this girl I never saw before. My heart was broken, and all I wanted was one stupid dance with this guy. I tried for 4 years and he ditched me all the 4. I was so worried about myself that I didn't realize my date had never been to a Prom before even when he Graduated. So I sucked my pride in and went out on the dance floor with my date and danced so hard that we had the spotlight for awhile. We were getting down right groovy right in front of the guy who ditched me. He stared at me and I smiled and he smiled back at me. Then I knew that for 4 years I finally caught his eye in amazement. It felt great knowing that deep down inside he knew he would have had a better time and better looking date with me. for some odd reason I could have had any guy I really wanted but I wanted the least favorite guy and It still never happened. So much for my happy Prom ending. I still had a wonderful time with my date and don't regret it to this day. It felt great giving somebody a chance to relive their forgotten Prom, and having a blast doing it.

-- Beel Surrey BC

The year I graduated, there were 45 girls and 6 boys so just imagine the trouble of finding a date when 5 of them already had a girlfriend! I had decided to go alone, but then one of my friends asked me to go with this guy she knew. I had never met him, the only thing I knew about him was his name, but I thought what the heck if she thinks he's nice, I'm sure I'll like him too. WHAT A MISTAKE!!! I'm a fun loving girl, I talk to everyone and I have a ton of friends but i just hated that guy. He kept following me everywhere all night long, I didn't even get to dance and have fun with my friends cause he was always there, following me like a fly. He had a friend there and I really don't know why he didn't leave me alone for a while cause he knew it was my prom and I was with my friends the only reason I said yes was because I didn't want his friend to be alone there cause they didn't come at the same school as us. Anyways, after prom me and my friends were all going to party and I told him I was too tired to go, but then I went with my friends. I just didn't want to spend one more minute with him! I know I was kinda rude, but hey, here in Canada, we only get one prom so I wanted to have fun (without that annoying guy)!!

-- Terry Fredericton NB

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