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Ok, please dont judge me on my actions because everyone makes mistakes. It was prom night and i had no date i was just going with some of my girl friends. I didnt go to the same school as these girls (i went to their Prom)But i had the most beautiful dress it was pink.I had gotten my hair done and i was so proud of going to this prom looking great. Prom was cool and i met some guys while i was there.We went back to their house and started messing around. Me myself was having the best night i had ever had. I started flirting with this guy Chris. HE was so cute 18 and captin of the football team and basketball team. We started messing around and he told me the i was the most beautiful girl he had ever met, HE took me upstairs and he laid me on his bed where we talked for hours and made out and did other stuff. We had sex 5 times but when it was time to leave we didnt want to leave each other. We kept kissing and wouldnt let go. A couple days passed and he didnt call or write. I saw him yesterday, he said he was sorry and forgot.

-- Dasha

well what happend was i didnt go to a prom it was a military ball witch is for the ROTC program and i went with my friends cousin cause she wanted me there cause she had to do a dance and wanted me there and i was really pritty all dressed up in a really eligant dress and i looked great and i was only in 8th grade going to a high school dance i looked great and i looked like i belonged there and then i walked in with my head up high and my date asked me to dance and i said ok then wse got up to dance and sumone punched this guy and he flew into the table and i was next to the table standing in my long satin dress (WHITE!!) and he hit the table with the punch bowl on it and it flew and i tried to get out of the way cause i loved my dress and i was cold as is and then it hit me red punch all over my satin dress i screamed like you wouldnt believe and everyone stoped they sstoped the music and everyone was staring at me i jsut stood there shevering with my arms out crying oh my god oh my god i wasnt saying it tro loud and then the guy that punshed the guy that hit the table that nocked the punch on me took his jacket and put it around me went and took me home for me to change and this was hois last military thing so he was missing it all jsut for me and then we went and he bought a new dress for me (not as nice) cause the thing wasnt 15 min into it i got dressed and he took me back and i had the best time WITH HIM :)

-- Ashley Gainsville FL

Lots of guys already invited me to be their prom date but guess what, I always say no. I never got the nerve to dance under bright colored chandeliers or pick a smashing gown. But everything got out of the way when Rei (Raymond actually} invited me. He's my long time crush. Without 2nd thoughts, I immediately said yes! Not to worry bec. it's more of a week before the prom. I told my gurls about it and they helped me pick a gown. It was tough at first, (of course, my first time) but everything got steady. Then, the night came, I was so excited! Rei met me at the park and before we go, he kisssed me! It was so great! I got my first date, first prom and first kiss as well. Not to forget that we won as Prom King and Queen. Whoah! That was the best moment of my entire life!

-- Nikki Philippines

"Priceless" You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. The sun was shining like a diamond in the clear blue sky, there was a soft breeze whispering through the trees, and my stomach was turning a mile a minute. This was the day that all teenage girls dreamt of ever since they were little girls. The visions of swirling on a dimly lit wooden dance floor, the millions of flashes like lightning bugs filling the fully decorated gym, and the priceless expression of my date Corey, seeing me fully decked out in an elegant prom dress, were flying through me mind. My dress was perfect, exactly what I had always wanted. A soft peach, simple cut, flowing, beautiful enough to fit a princess dress fit perfectly on a shy, beaming, nervous girl, me. My pearly whites were checked to be lipstick free, one list sprits of my already rock solid hair, a last glimpse at the full length mirror that transformed a filthy, temperamental softball catcher to an excited, anxious prom goer and breaking the ice was the rumbling of the "beast" pulling up the driveway. One last thought went racing through my mind, it was a conversation that Corey and I had the night before. "Don't worry Kare, all the guys will be jealous of my beautiful Prom date. I know you will look wonderful tomorrow night." He was exactly what I needed to calm the huge butterflies that must have been plahing a football game in my stomach. I needed to see his reassuring, yet goofy smile, and the gentle touch of his callused hands on my shoulder. "Can I go outside, not yet?! How about now, how does he look?" I was talking at a mile a minute, and nothing my Aunt Melissa could say could calm me down. Then Melissa erupted with a huge laugh that I'm sure anybody across the county could hear. "He has his water wings on doesn't he? I have to go out now!" It was finally the time I had been dreaming of for the past months and with a deep breath and a weak smile I walked out the door to see my prince charming. Walking out into the light, I stopped dead in my tracks as though a car had driven in front of me, and stared at my handsome Prom date that looked very uncomfortable in his 16 wide patent leather dress shoes. Not a single word was spoken, yet the breath taking moment was one that I'll never forget, for the amazed and proud grin on Corey's face said everything...priceless.

-- Kari WI

Well I thought prom was going to be one of the best days of my life but it wasn't. I was a sophomore when I went to my first prom and my date was a senior. I really didn't want to go but my mom told me to go cause it might be fun. The guy was shy around me so he asked my mom if it would be ok for him to take me. So I thought we had to plan for this prom but he never called me and never tod me anything. So a couple of days before he was telling me that he was planning a limo and the works. So I was getting excited. On the day of the prom I was supposed to get my hair done but the person that was supposed to do it went out of town. So I had to do my own hair which wasn't a problem. So I got dressed and he was a hour late so I was getting mad. Then I saw a Lexus pull up and I thought it was him but it was only his brother. Then I saw his mother hooptie pull up and he was in it. So we took pics. and I thought we was going in the Lexus but to find out that his mother was driving us to the prom in the hooptie. So then we got to the prom and he left me by myself. And since I was a sophomore I hardly knew anybody there. So then he introduced me to this girl and told me if I could take pics of them two together, and I was mad. So I talked to this junior and we talked and danced. While dancing my date interrupted us and told us that we had to go take prom pics. He didn't have enough money so I had to pay half of it and when he got them he didn't give me none. So then he told me that we had to leave cause his mom was waiting for us in the car. So then we went out to eat and instead of going to a restrauant we went to eat at Burger King. Now I'm a Junior this prom is going to be much better. I got a new date (Someone that I like) and me and him are planning the prom together. So I hope this one be better.

-- Melissa Portsmouth VA

Hey!! Ok my story is like the perfect Prom story. I was a freshman. And i had an older brother in the school so i knew alot of older guys. One of his friends whos name was Daniel i had a HUGE crush on. But i didnt tell him b/c i was scared of rejection. I always have been. Well i became very good friends with Daniel. We talked alot and always joked about going out and stuff. But never did i tell him i really wanted to. I thought it would be too weird b/c he knew my brother. So about a month or so before prom i guess... we were talking before class, the Prom came up.. and he was like... "Soo.. Prom is comeing up soon.. Do u think u would wanna go with me??" You have no idea what i was thinking. At first i couldnt say anything. And he just kept looking at me with those adorable blue eyes. And i finally spit out the word Yes. And wouldnt ya know that i had the best time?? I got the most gorgeous prom dress in the entire world and my date look so cute. I even got my first real kiss at the end of the night. I'm a sophmore in highschool now and Daniel is a senior.. and he happens to be my boyfriend. Prom night was the best thing that ever happened to me.

-- Kirby

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