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well it was my junior prom..My dress was baby blue and my hair was awesome.. The only problem was my date..He was a nice guy but he gave in to temptation too easily..I went with him and I had a good time but not with him..I did not even dance with him..The reason being that he had sex with my cousin before the day of prom..She rode in the car with us and I was so betrayed..Heart breaking..But I forgave them both because she is my cousin and that will never change..I forgave him after he kept saying he was sorry..He is a nice guy though..

-- Sugarpudding Martinvilla LA

Not all prom stories are perfect. Mine being one of them. It started about three months before the big day. I saw the dress of my dreams in a magazine and was determined that was the dress i was going to have. I searched and called every store in the magazine. I finally found it in a town about fifteen minutes away. When i got to the store they had a size four. Much too small for me. I had to have my dress pre-ordered. The only size they could get it in was a twenty-two. That one was much too big. I decided to get it anyways, I was in love with the dress. It was light pink with beaded flowers. When the dress came in I had it altered so many time and it ended up costing so much money. It was beautiful though. When prom was soon aproaching I found someone to do my hair and had my nails done. My nails weren't as nice as I had hoped but they worked. My hair looked wonderful, even though it wasn't how I wanted it. Prom was wonderful. I danced with the greatest guy. I sat with all my friends at two large tables and took a ton of pictures. The hall was decorated beautifully and the DJ was pretty good. The prom pictures turned out pretty good. I did forget to have my best friend get in the group picture. I was devastated. The time after prom was the best. Every year the students go somewhere together to have even more fun. The usual place was Cedar Pointe, in Ohio. This year we went to a place called Game Works. It was so much fun. We met and 1:00 a.m. in the high school parking lot. Then we signed in and boarded a few charter buses. That night we played virtual reality games such s kyaking, parachuting, horse racing, and Nascar racing. I even got to drive a taxi cab in the streets of downtown New York. The next morinig we left the arcade at 6:30. Then we traveled to our new destination. A very nice restaurant for breakfast. The food was excellent and the conversation still are very vivid in my mind today. After breakfst we drove the buses back to the school. I was never so tired in my whole life. I had successfull stayed awake for thirty-six hours. We arrived at the school at about 9:00 a.m. When I got off the bus my legs felt as if they would fall off. I limped to my car and drove home. The second I got home I told my mom all about my evening. Then I crashed on my bed and didn't wake up until 3:00 p.m. that afternoon. I went through so much trouble getting my dress, jewlery, hair and nails done. That part was defintely worht the time i had afterwards. The onlt thing I would have changed was my dress. It never ended up fitting properly.

-- Krista Montrose MI

Well My prom didn't go very well. I was going to the prom with a friend and he calls me the same night of the prom. He tells me that he wasn't going to take me. He found someone else. I had my hair done my nails done and ready to go. And the phone rang and he told me that. I set on my bed and cried. He was my freind and he hurt me so bad. Well after that I had a call telling me that my exboyfriend wanted to take me so I went with him. I saw him and he wanted to dance I told him no to leave me alone. After the prom me and my ex left and went to the beach. We got back to gether and we and still going out. I love him so much. Thanks for taking the time and reading this.

-- Kelly SC

WEll, as any girl knows prom is one of the biggest event in her life. Especially when she's going to prom with the man she absolutely adores. She would give ANYTHING for the night to go perfectly! Well, my boyfriend and I, along with another couple, showed up at my boyfriend's grandparents house. They had hired a photographer for us to take pictures other than those at prom. When we get there they offer us a soda to drink. All 4 of us take a soda. We were laughing histerically and when I went to go take a drink my boyfriend says something HILLARIOUS and I miss my mouth, and spill soda down the front of my VERY light baby blue dress. This wasn't sprite or anything where you could just see a wet mark. This was MUG ROOTBEER!! I had the biggest brown spot ont he front of my dress. Everyone laughed, but then freaked out afterwards, his grandmother grabbed a washcloth and started scrubbing. Eventually after about 3-5 minutes scrubbing at the spilt soda stain it came out, and all there was left of that horrible embarassement was a huge wet spot on the front of my dress. Man was I embarassed but relieved that it didnt stain for good! How humiliating would that have been walking into Prom with a soda stain on my dress??

-- Brandi Visalia CA

I went to my boyfriends senior ball (we went to different schools). I'm no longer going out with him. I had a dress made and it was a blue aline halter neck and the night before the ball i had my final fitting. I didn't like it. It was a beautiful dress buy the lady hadn't made it to the right measurements and it just hung on my body. So on the day i had a hair appointment at likt 11:00am - the lady was really nice but she didn't do a very good job. It looked like a really rough job. Anyway my mum did my makeup and my friends came around and visited (cause i was the only one going). My parents took photos and then drove me around to his house and i had more photos. I met one of his friends and his date that also didn't go to that school. We were meant to get a limo but something went wrong so my date's dad just drove us. At the entrance my date was meant to introduce me to his principal and vice principal - he called me by the wrong name! It was emmbarrassing and quite upsetting as well. We went and got seats at a table and then he introduced me to all his friends. When we went back to our table someone else was sitting in our seats so we found another place. I met up with this other girl who didn't go to that school either and me and the girl from my date's house hung out together. My friend told me later that it looked like my date was dragging me around all night - we were holding hands and i was just like following behind him. We then caught a taxi back to my house (3 couples now) and then my bf drove us to the after party - the cops were all ready there so we had to like hide our drinks - my bf decided we should just go home and I told him i had lost all my alcohol (that pissed me off) he wasn't to worried but his friend that was with us went and collected it all off people who were "hiding" it. He then dropped me home - I got a kiss goodnight :0). The night sounds like it was really bad but it was just awkward cause i didn't really know anybody and he didn't make that much of and effort.

-- Jasmine New Zealand

Well i am a freshman at Glide high school and I was totly into a guy that was a junior pretty much the whole summer of my 8th grade year all the way to feburary of my freshman year, then it finally happend i got the courage to ask him out. He said yes and that was in feburary. SO then when Prom came around he asked me and it was the best time ever i got up at about noon and had to rush into town to get my hiar done at 12:30.. So after the 2 hour wait of getting my hair done.. I went home and got all of my make-up on. At about 6:00pm me date showed up and it really made me mad i didn't want to be out side when he drove up becasue i wanted him to have to wait to get to see me but my parents insisted on takingg my picture.. So then we where off to dinner at los dos and mexican restrant in a local town, and we met a whole bunch of friends there and then about 8:00pm we finally went on our way to the dance.. It was the most fantasic night of my life all of m friends where there and my date looked really hott.. So we ended up having a really good night and we got some really good photo memorys and they ended up turning out really good.. The one funny thing that i remeber was that the guy that took mine and my guys pics, was really gross, he was a old guy who seemed really perverted. I had this new necelace that i wore and like the stars where out of line so he was like your stars are ou of line so i asked my guy to fix them and the photagragh sid ohh its ok let me do it and he did and my date/ boyfriend still talks about it.. But it was really fun.. when i got home i had some friend over and we stayed up for a while and then went to bed at about 3am.. But i will always remeber that nigh t with my secial guy..

-- Adrianne Glide OR

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