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About a month before prom, I went out with my best friend who was meeting her boyfriend. Well, he brought a friend who we didn't know was coming. I thought his friend was gorgeous, and throughout the whole night my best friend(Rose) and her boyfriend(Robb) kept telling me his friend(Jason) liked me. well, we finally got together a couple days later, and he made my prom the most romantic it could be. And when we went to afterprom, he did not let me out of his arms for a moment. The night was so magical for us, we got married about 9 months later. And just had a baby girl. And we are all living happily ever after(he is 4 years older then me.) It is a pom I will never forget !

-- Chassidy Bellevue NE

My prom was the best night of my life. My date was a guy I had been going out with for five years. He's so sweet. He rented a limo and got me a dozen roses for prom. We went out to eat and then headed off to prom. When we got there we were the only ones who were actually brave enough to go dance. After prom we had the after prom party and then we went to the beach untill 10:30 that morning it was so sweet I'll never forget it.

-- Ashley San Diego CA

The theme of my prom was "Forever Starts Tonight". I already knew I was going with my boyfriend Gabe, It was also going to be our 1 year anniversary. I designed my prom dress and my mom made it. It was skin tight and very provocative, but my mom didn't mind. I chose a metallic pink material because no one was going to wear that color. The day came and I was very excited, I was getting ready and heard the doorbell ring 15 minutes before the time my boyfriend was supposed to pick me up. Then my mom greated him and she wouldn't let me see him until I was completely ready. I felt like a bride. I was also pretty embarrased because I had never made my boyfriend wait before. Then when I finally came out we saw each other and were speachless. HE looked so handsome in his blk and wht tux. He looked more amazing than ever. He told me I looked beautiful and couldn't take his eyes off me. Then we left in the new Dodge Viper his parents had gotten him for his graduation. We drove to his freinds house so him and his girlfriend could follow us to the Hawaiian restaurant where we'd be having dinner. At the restaurant there were many people from our school, everyone looked great. Then we went to the dance and had a wonderful time. This was also the first time I danced with my boyfriend and he was wonderful. The best dressed couple contest was held and Gabe and I won. I was so happy because we really tried hard to stand out. After the dance we went to this one party, but Gabe insisted that we leave, so he took me to the beach and told me to walk to teh end of this one wall. At the very end I found a beautiful buoquet of roses with balloons and a card that said "Happy Anniversary". I was so surprised. Then he took out a ring and put it on my finger and said, " with this ring I promise you my love forever.....starts tonight. I Love you." I felt like the luckiest girl on earth. Then we went home and I had wonderful dreams. By the way the ring was precious and NO we didn't sleep together, just incase you're wondering. I wish I could repeat that moment of my life again, it was all perfect and very special.

-- Shakia Escondido CA

I'm a sophomore right now, and my boyfriend of 6 months (7 on June 2nd) asked me to prom the second week we were going out. I went shopping a few months later, and got the PERFECT dress for $30. It's royal blue satin underneath, and black on top, but you can see the blue through the black. It has wide shoulders (which i need cuz i wear a dd bra, and i need SUPPORt if ya know what i mean), and it's LONG. Well,anyways, there was only one thing wrong with it. My mom and I thought we could fix it, but we were wrong. So prom is next friday (june 2nd), and my dress is basically ruined. Boo. So, I figure I can color over the spots with a black magic marker (its a white- scorched spot). I figure if anyone says anything, I'll just play it off like I had no clue it was there. Like "Crap, how'd that happen??? Ya really can't take me anywhere" So, oh well. I really hope prom turns out great. I'll post my prom story after it happens so ya'll will know :)...My boyfriend and I are going to wash his truck sometime before prom (probably wednesday night). His truck just happens to match my dress, and we both see no point in taking a limo because we're going alone as a couple (is that an oxymoron??)and it's expensive. He's not too popular with his senior class, and I know a few people. Oh well, we'll have an awesome time. I love my shoes, they're black with a silver thing on them, and they're by unisa at dillards. Yes!!! I'm so so excited. I wanna get my hair french braided upside down with the ends curled. I think it'll be gorgeous :) Yay, bye ya'll!!!!!

-- Mallory Chesapeake VA

Well, my senior prom experience last May started off as a nightmare. I had just broken up with a guy so I didn't have a date, but I had my dress made and it would be such a waste to not get to wear it. So about a week before prom, I still hadn't bought my ticket, because I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to find a date! So, I finally decided to just buy my ticket and my date could buy his ticket later. So, I went to school with my money for my ticket, and I found out to my complete horror that the organizers had completely underestimated the popularity of prom, and the prom had sold out!!! That meant that I wouldn't be able to go. It was my own senior prom, and due to the ignorance of the "popular" organizers, I wouldn't be able to go...I was totally devastated. Just when I was completely crushed, everything took a surprising turn for the better! (Thank god!) I had just met a guy named Anthony through a mutual friend, and I had really gotten a good first impression of him. He must have gotten a good first impression of me too, because he had talked to our mutual friend Richard about me, and Richard had told him that I was single, and mentioned about my prom misfortune. A couple days later I got a phone call from Anthony. We talked for a few minutes about nothing really, because we were both really nervous to talk to eachother, and then he started talking about prom, and told me how sorry he was about me not being able to go to my own, and then asked me if I would do him the honour of being his date for his prom! I was so...excited and happy, he was so...sweet to ask me, because now I wouldn't miss out on prom! I couldn't beleive how it had all worked out so well. Then, when I went back to school the next day, a guy came up to me and told me that he was no longer going to our school's prom because he had to go away at that time and that he would love it if I would take his ticket and go and have a good time! I couldn't believe my luck! Everything had made a complete change for the better, and now I was going to two proms, and I didn't care that I would have to go to my own all alone, without a date, because that way, I would have the best of both worlds. So, I went to both proms, enjoyed them both thoroughly, and Anthony and I have now been together for almost 1 year now, and we are going to be attending our second prom together next friday! :)

-- Robyn Richmond Hill ON

I was at the prom with my friends since everyone else was either taken, or not going, or the others were total jerks(i'm not that desperate!) little did i know that proms at my school were different. (i had just moved that year and nobody told me anything) we mixed schools so the number of people there was like tripled. I was dancing with nobody, just with a couple of friends (not like that..) and i bumped into this guy from another school. i found out that he had gone to my camp like 5 years ago and he was also a friend of mine from like preschool! he looked totally different so i didn't reconize him until he reconized me first! he totally hated me at first cuz he was all pissed that i hit him, but after a while he said "don't i know you from somewhere?" And the rest, is history! I had a great time but i had to leave 2 weeks later though. we talk but practifcally never see each other.

-- Mar Scarsdale NY

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