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Alright, first of all I went with an ex- boyfriend who only took me yo prom with him to make his other ex-girlfriend jealous. When we walked in the door he was holding my hand and she came up to him and punched him in the face for holding my hand. Then after the night progressed and prom ended we went to a friends after party. During which Joey, the boy in question decided to do a girl right in front of me, as if I wasn't there. And they were not just kissing, lets put it that way. Needless to say I hate that creep now.

-- Alicia Elkton MD

Well, I am a sophmore and I was really excited about being asked to prom by this pretty nice guy I knew. I was so lucky to be going when I was still in tenth grade. I set out right away searching for some really neat prom items. two of my close friends were invited as well so we had it all planned out. It was gonna be an awesome night with the three of us and our senior prom dates. I got everything I needed.. a nice dress, a cute hair- do I picked out, shoes, purse, boutennire (sp), even tickets! The only problem was that I could never get a hold of my prom date to make plans. I was calling him non-stop for days. I finally got a hold of his friend on his cell phone. they explain to me that my date had gotten a girlfriend and was working and didn't have enough money. Three different excuses... I was soo upset I totally flipped out on the phone. Then I found out he was still going to the prom, but going solo. I spent all prom day begging guys to go with me to the prom. No one could go and so I just watched my friends get dressed up and leave for prom. Then I sat home and pigged out.

-- Rhiann Merritt Island FL

once upon a time there was one girl and her name was shakiva and she had a prom dress that was black and one night she went to the prom and there was this boy that she liked and and his name was damon and he was in the 8th grade and she was in the 9 grade and so they wen t to the proom together and she and him was dancing and all of a sudden there was people runing with a knife in there hand and one of her ex boyfrined was there with his girl friend and he was chasing after her and he hasd the knife dowm to were he could cut her dress and he did cut her dress in half.

-- Shakiva Kansas City KS

This was the worst night of my entire life. And don't think it can get any worse than this. I was a freshman and an old family friend asked me to go to his senior prom with him. He told me I could bring a friend because his friend didnt have a date and figured it would be better if I also had a friend there. When he asked me he didnt even know when his prom was and I didnt talk to me for weeks before the prom. He finally called a day before prom and said he'd be there at seven on prom night. So I rushed to the mall and bought a cheap discount dress that didnt fit right and called every hair place around town to make a hair appointment. I finally got one scheduled----at 5 o'clock!!! When I arrived the place was closed due to a tragic gas leak. WHAT NOW??? So I rushed home and put my hair up and just curled the ends under. I tried to do something fun until the doorbell rang and I quickly slipped on my dress that I tore as I put on. I looked totally like crap. My date, Chris, forgot my corsage abd didn't even seem to notice. I was ticked. So we left for this really nice and fancy restaurant, and we sat down and ordered. Not long after that, Chris excused himself to go to the restroom. Twenty minutes later the food arrived but still no Chris. I don't know whether to wait or to start eating. So, I asked a waiter to send someone in the restroom to find a guy in a tux named Chris. But he returned with the devastating news, "There's not a single person in the bathroom." So I sat there a few minutes in desperate hopes that he would come back, but he never did. I finished my dinner, BY MYSELF, and the waiter brought the check, saying that if I didnt pay I couldnt leave. I tried to explain but he would not listen to me. I had no cash and had to put the $175 bill on my parents credit card. Thank God I had their card. I had to call them and come pick me up. My mother called his mother later and they totally went at it. Since then I have totally ignored him and our families havent talked since then. I never knew what really happened that night and he never made any attempt to explain and I'm glad cause I didn't want to hear it. But it makes it makes you wonder....... maybe it was cause I looked like crap--maybe I don't blame him. BUT WHAT A JERK!!!BOYS STINK

-- Sue Sheridan IN

My Junior prom was May 4th 2002 at Tom Bean High School in the cafateria. The prom lasted from 8:00-12:00 midnight it was really fun. I was already having a bad day because I was late for my hair and nail appointment then after I got there I had to wait for an hour and the lady messed my hair up and had to redo it. After I left to go to prom it started poring down rain and my dress got all wet. But the prom itself was great. Then my boyfried said that he wanted to go to I-Hop to eat so we told all of our friends by and left and when we got to the restaurant I started my monthly friend and I had no protection so I had to leave and I was so embarrassed that was the worst night ever. I hope my senior prom is better.

-- Crystal Tom Bean TX

Last year me and my boyfriend were planning on going to the prom together, but we ended up breaking up a week before the prom. We were still friends and niether of us had a date for the prom or wanted to go alone so we decided to go as friends. We had already paid for the limo, I had bought my prom dress, and shoes, he had rented his tux and everything. He had a change of heart the night before the prom was, but didn't tell me. I found out the next day at school from one of my friends that he had asked another girl to the prom. I was so mad that I decided to get back at him, so I went up to that other girl and told her that he was gay and while I was with him I caught him cheating on me with another guy and that was the reason that we had broken up. My ex- boyfriend ended up going to the prom without a date I went with my other guy friend and we had a blast.

-- Jen Ft. Collins CO

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