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We have a lot of prom traditions at my school. The prom is always held on Saturday night, and the day before that (Friday) is Senior Ditch Day. We usually go to the beach of have a pool party or something else that's fun. The evening (Saturday) starts when the girls get picked up by their dates, of course. We have the "oddest vehicle competition"-- guys have picked up girls in trucks, bulldozers, on skateboards, on horseback... people come up with weirder ideas every year. :) Then, everybody gather at this small park which is right across the street from my school. It's in that park where the official photographs are taken, and where we have dinner. After dinner we have the Grand March, where each couple's name is called, and everybody's walking on the red carpet into the gym, where the prom is normally held. And then it all starts. :)

-- Mary Beth MS

I haven't attended prom yet(and can't wait)the people who I am going with has decided to invite all of are parents over one house, so that we wouldn't have to travel to everyones house and save the time.

-- DeAnna Schenectady High School Schenectady NY

We get out of school early. Get my hair done, nails, and eyebrows. when that is done, I got to get my dress on. Then i got to get ready and then have to wait for people to come to house. Take pics. then go.

-- Toni High Point Regional Augusta NJ

Before prom im going to take my date out to dinner in seattle with some of my friends in a limo. Seattle is about an hour drive from here so its a big deal that we are going all the way out there just for dinner. I dont know where we should go for dinner though. Im kind of stupped on that part.

-- Robyn Snohomish High Lake Stevens WA

A pre-prom grand entrance where everyone arerives in their own fashion! There have been students arriving on horseback, on a tractor, in demolition derby cars, in race cars, in helicopters, on jet skis (pulled on trailers),hearses, 2-seater bicycles - You Name It!! Very cool, red carpet entrance, everyone in the community shows up to see the students arrive and snap fotos. So- o-o individualized to each student's personality.

-- Cheryl Labette County High Edna KS

Last year after we went out to eat, the guys had a surprise for us before we actually went to the dance... They took us bowling.. It was one of the most fun things i have ever done and the pictures we took there looked awesome!!

-- Kari Wayzata Minneapolis MN

I shall go out to dinner with my date!

-- Louise Culloden Academy

Take pictures with the family.

-- Vanessa Enis High School Enis TX

before we even got ready we would have a big messy fight, so it would be worth it to get nice and clean afterwards, it would be so much fun, like a big silly string fight and lots of water balloons too. but anyways, my idea of before prom excitement would be to get all of my friends together and take pictures and then go out to a resturant, nothing fancy,just a place to chill out. and then we would all get in our cars and jam out to some good music and get ready to go.

-- Danielle Forbush High School East Bend NC

I am going to go to my friends house and we are going to get our hair and nails done together then we are going back to her house to get ready together and wait for our dates to come pick us up in a limo.

-- Juliette Tyler Consolidated High Greenwood WV

Since our prom is actually a sit down dinner with entertainment and other such things, before prom my friends and i are going to meet up and take pictures and then all drive together to the place where we are having it.

-- Sereba ECS Hartsville SC

Me and some of my friends all work together alone with my bf and her date and since they don't go to our school wiht us they can't get off school early to get ready so we are going to go together and get ready for prom and then to go get there things for them and then after that we will go get them from school and get ready, then the wierd part is we will stop by work and let them all see us before we go to prom that night and since we work at a place open 24-7 we will go back after prom and hang out some there and talk about prom and all with friends at work, well as of now that is our plan but prom isn't for 8 months.

-- Julie Boyertown High School Boyertown PA

We all went to a friends hows got ready then are dates came over and we ordered pizza's and then took pictures and then took a limo to the dance. It was a lot of fun!

-- Maggie San Francisco High School San Francisco CA

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