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My Prom date is in a band, and lives in a very musical family. When he decided to ask me to Prom he wrote a song and then sang it and played the guitar for me. It was so sweet!!

Kari Ellsworth High Ellsworth WI

Ok, so maybe it isn't that romantic, but I thought it was really sweet. My boyfriend of six months had dumped me that night, and I was all crying at my friend's house, and she was trying to cheer me up when the phone rang. It was a good friend of ours-Matt-on the other end. He asked to talk to me and he tried to calm me down and everything and just was very sweet to me. Then, when I had stopped crying finally, he very quietly said, "It would be my honor to escort you to your prom in his place. On one condition-you come to mine, too." It was really sweet and we had alot of fun-just as friends. The whole night rocked cause I was there with all of my best friends- from my hometown and from my new school!

Angel Arts High School Golden Valley MN

I really like this guy, but he is always around a junior. We have been friends since 7th grade. So one day I took him outside and asked him if he was going to go to the prom with the junior. He said he probably wouldn't go to prom. I asked him to go with me, and he said he would love to go with me. Then we hugged; he makes me so happy.

Amanda Johnson High Johnson TN

My junior year in highschool, my best friend Jasonn was sitting next to me in our government class. He passed me a note asking "Will you have sex with me? Circle: Yes, No or Maybe" I circled "No" and passed it back. He passed me another note saying "Will you go with me to Prom? Circle: Yes, Definitely or Hell Yeah " I circled Yes.

Dena OFSHS Chesapeake VA

My brother's friend ______ has been feeling really down lately. He's not the greatest looking guy so he has the worst self-esteem, and this preppy girl from my school had stringed him along only to drop him in the end. So we started to talk more and more, as friends, and I'd give him advice, help him take his mind off of his heartbreak and we'd just good around. We became pretty good friends, and then I introduced him to one of my friends from another town. They totally hit it off and they're really close now... I think they'll end up together. So one night we were talking... me and him and then he just said that he'd been thinking alot and that there was no one he would rather take to the prom then me. He told me that no one had ever helped him see what he was really worth and no one had been as good a friend to him and me. He said he wanted to go as friends... best friends, so how could I resist?

Jizelle Community High School Aroostook ME

i was at home and my boyfriend called me on the phone and told me to meet him in the mall. so i went , but when i gotthere he was not there. i was really mad at him for standing me up. when i got home i ent stright to my room to call him. when i opened me room door there were flowers, candy, and baloonas every where i tryed to sit on my bad and there was a pome that was asking me to the prom. i called him on the phone and told him yes, and that I LOVE HIM.

Aayliyah Stamford CT

I told a good friend of mine one evening that I would go out with him if he ever asked, and he said that he didn't like me that way, so I dropped the subject. The next night I was visiting him at his work, and he asked me "um.. uh... do you think you'd like to.. um.. go to prom with me.. if you don't have a date, I mean..".

Sarah Duncanville High Duncanville TX

well this guy I've liked since I was in 7th grade ( he was in 8th grade ) & when we were going to school with each other we talked but since he was always with his friends we hadn't talked as much & then when he graduated from our school he ll of a sudden just started calling me everyday & asking how I've been and if I had a boy friend yet because his spring dance for his school was coming up! Unforunately @ that time I did have a Boyfriend & so he asked other girls & now I'm a junior & he's a senior! & he just found out from his little brother who has been going to school with me ( he's a sophmore! ) that I had just broke up with my boyfriend that I've had for 5 years.about a week later he called me & asked me how I was doing & since I was kind of still sad about the break up he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies w/him,his brother ,& a few friends so I said yes. When he came to pick me up I saw no one in the car & i asked where everyone was & he said we were going to meet them at the theatre.We walked into the theatre saw everyone then went into the screening room and we were all talking since only the previews were on and then all of a sudden everyone just got silent and stared @ the screen & said " oh my gosh" & I was just like what's wrong with you guys? I turned to look at the screen and I was in shock on the screen said "Jelisa would you go to the prom with me? " Love Gabe. I almost started crying! I turned to him & immediatly said yes!the next day my ex-boyfriend found and he's been trying to get me back since that has happened !( oh yeah I'm now a senior, graduating in 5 months & I am still with Gabe, my prom is coming up in a couple weeks& hopefully I'll think of a good way to ask him to go with me!

Jelisa De Anza H.S. Richmond CA

I was asked to prom by one of the hottest guys in school. I was on my way to school when he ran up to me. he asked me if I could go to prom with him! I said sure. he said I'll pick you up at 7:00. I said OK. The night of the prom he showed up in a limo to pick me up for school prom.isnt that romantic.

Sharon St. Thomas Aquinas Edmonton AB

I was ushering a U.I.L. competition one night, and I asked my friends to go get me some food. I begged them to be careful because it was raining. After about an hour went by, they hadn't returned. So I called one of them, and they said they'd just left the fast food restaurant. Well, they came back, and later that night, I got home and cracked opened my door, and I saw this light. Well, I turned on my light and there ws a huge banner covering my wall that said, "Will you go to prom with me?" On my bed were 'hugs & kisses' arranged in the shape of a heart with one of those arrows through it. There were flowers next to them. I found out that the light was from the video camera which was on sensor so that my date could see my reaction. Also, the boys had gone to my house to do all that, THEN they went to get me food.

KB KISD High Houston TX

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