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He came to my house and put confetti on my floor. He put a bear on a my bed that said "I would be 'beary' lucky is you would let me escort you to prom!" I had to look through the confetti to find his name. But he is my boyfriend so he was there listening to me in my sisters room. When i finally found all the letters he suprised me in my room and he helped me clean it up!

Lindsey Bear River High School Garland UT

My good friend and I were really into the Matrix around my sophomore year (he was a junior) and so one day i opened my locker and there was a note that said "follow the white rabbit" and there was a trail of paper white rabbits that led to another note that said " take the red pill and forget any of this ever happened. or take the blue pill and go to prom with me, but if you do there's no turning back" It was really cool

Kym Carlin HS Carlin NV

Junior year I was really close with this guy that was a senior, we had been close friends through relations and everything all through high school..... and one day i walked down the parking lot, i was like the last person to leave the place.....and i stop dead in my tracks when i see my car, there's somethign inside?!?! so i get down there, still puzzled and theres a note inside the window that says "just start popping and don't ask questions" "j" my car was full of balloons, so i brea k out the track spikes and start popping the balloons, making sure to not let any escape....all had pieces of paper int hem that said keep popin' until i got to one that had a poem in it, about how our friendship was awesome and couldn't be better and stuff, and at the end asked me to prom....i drive over to his house in shock, and tell his mom all about it after i ask her if she knew about it......he was standing at the top of the stiars listening to me freakin' out, lol, he comes down with th i s puzzled look as if he wasn't sure i'd say yes... i was like of course, i don't deserve this, but of course......he broke into my car, and the window was only cracked!....the funny part he never found out about, i was planning on asking him days later but hadn't figured outa cool way to do it, he beat me to it, and i hadn't expected anything....

Heather Murrieta Valley Murrietta CA

For prom this guy who's a really good friend of mine bought this huge boquet of flowers and i saw him with it, but didn't think it was going to be for me. He then walks up to me and hands me the boquet but i noticed that all the flowers were red and the one in the middle was white. He then says - "See if you look at this closely the flower in the middle stands out from them all - well to me you are like the white flower in the middle... you stand out the most. Will you go to prom with m e. IT WAS ADORABLE!!!!! i had to go with him!

Samantha BHS CA

Well to make a long story short it was one of the graetest days of my life! My name was just announced over the intercom for first place at our track meet and the best time (20.9 seconds) ever from my school! I was really proud of myself and everyone clapped for me. Then our school broadcast hosted a special prom edition and my boyfriend was one of theor guests. They interviewed him for prom tips and then asked him who his date was! He said no one yet then he motioned my friend on to the set and she brought out a red rose, then he said these exact words,"Megan Hucks, will you go to me prom with me"? "I know we date and all, but I wanted to do something really special, and I hope you like it, because I like you... well I think I love you!" I bursted into tears an dran out of class to the broadcast room and said of course! To bad I had detention the next day, everything was going so well.

Megan Aynor High Aynor SC

i was on vacation in florida, and i was laying by the pool and my mom told me to go take a walk on the beach. she handed me this note and i was so confused, so i went to the beach and opened up the envelope. it was a picture of a beach just like the one we were on, and on the inside was a note from my boyfriend. he was like your probably walking along a beautiful sandy beach under a crystal blue sky....i couldnt think of a better way to ask the most beautiful girl to one of highschools most memorable events...will you go to prom with me? when i walked back to the pool, my mom had him on the phone already and of course i said yes!

Amy Olympia High School Chicago IL

My Friend went to the guys house and filled his bath tub up with water. In it....she put little rubber duckies in it and under each one had a number which matched with a letter on the banner. In order to find out who asked him....he had to find the ones that had numbers on them and read the code and find out who asked him! It was really funny and cute! :P!!!!

Jessica Olympia High School Olympia WA

I asked my best friend to go with me, er, actually I said "You're going to prom with me, right?" He said yes.

Ashley Lanier County High Lakeland GA

It was about a month before Prom and I was kinda bummbed I didnt have a date yet. I sorta' had this thing for a guy named Ashton, so with encouragement from my friends and my mom I got up the courage to ask him. I had gone to the store for my mom to buy milk and since my aunt was pregnant at the time I went to look at the baby clothes. As I was turning the corner to leave I saw the cutest rubber ducky bath tub, I had to get to it! *the ducky's bill was the best part when you squeezed i t , it quacked!* I also bought regular rubber duckies and a set of two kissing ones. The next day I went to school and fillied the tub up with water and bubble bath. On each of the ducks it said "Will you go with me to Prom?" And on the side of the duck I wrote "I'll be swimming solo until I get an anwser." He thought it was the cutest thing ever and said yes. Not only did the yes part make my day but seeing him carry that tub around made me crack up everytime I saw him. We ended up going with 3 other couples and had a blast!!!

Kayla Mountain View Vancouver WA

OK to start my mom sells cars and he was looking at a car from her and one day he asked my mom if anyone had asked me to prom she told him that no one had asked me yet and she asked him if he was going to ask me and he said yes. so then my mom came home and told me that night. I was like oh my gosh your kidding but she wasn't, three days later I was sitting in the cafe before lunch talking with a girlfriend of mine and he ran up behind me grabbed my shoulders really sweetly and then w h ispered in my ear "wanna go to prom" and sat down without my answer. I was like "oh my gosh" EVEN though i knew he was going to ask me. I told him maybe and he was soo sweet about it and he stayed and talked to me for about 15 mins before class started and then later that weekend I told him "yes" and then my mom and I went dress shopping. It was so sweet!

La Rae Newton High School Newton IA

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