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For a girls choice winter formal I wrote a letter to Santa (using crayon and little kid handwriting) asking for "this really cute boy named Brian to go to Winter Dance with me." My date loved it.

Erin West High School Salt Lake City UT

My best friend's boyfriend is on the baseball team and he's a catcher. So she stepped on the mound during practice and thew him a baseball. she wrote you've caught my heart! will you go to morp with me?! of course he said yes! it was like the sweetest thing i'd seen in a while!! FYI - morp is prom spelled backwards....girls ask guys and pay n stuff!

Julie McKinney High McKinney TX

My boyfriend got my mom to help him. . .he covered my bathroom floor with Hershey's kisses and put flowers in the shower and left a note that said "I would kiss the ground you walk on and shower you with flowers if you'd go to Prom with me."

Nikki North High Medford OR

OK so I was sitting at lunch with all my friends and this guy he called me over and he was like "Hey lets take a walk" I was like..... "ok sure." and I have to tell you this guy is TOTALLY HOT and he doenst talk to me that much so we were walking and talking and and I was totally crushing on him and he was like "you know I was thinking me and you should go to formal that is if your up to it and all" so I looked up and him and smiled and I was like I WOULD LOVE TO it was sooo cute and I loved it but then I did the stupidest thing I got week at the knees and FELL!!!! But he totally thought it was cute and caught me and now we are together! :For all you people who have done stupid things in front for your crush there is hope for ya all!

Anna Austin High Austin TX

I liked this girl a lot, so I decided to ask her out on a date. We went to dinner and a movie. During dinner when the food was being served, I had the waiter bring out roses with a note attached asking the girl to formal. The roses were on a plate with a cover over them and when he set the plate down on the table, I lifted the cover off and she was shocked and said yes.

Kevin Clovis West High School Fresno CA

I was sitting in World Geography when this guy I had liked for a LONG time just up and sat beside me. He asked me if I had anyone to go to prom with yet, and, I didn't, so he asked me. I thought he was joking so I kinda quietly laughed and said "whatever". He looked so hurt that I knew he wasn't kidding at all. I said yes on the spot!

Tristyn Brooklyn NY

My best friend was going out with this HOT guy and they broke up, then he started talking to me and he handed me a picture at my locker one day at break and he kissed me on the cheek and told me to seriously think about it and i turned it over and on the back it said 'I love U!' and 'please go to the prom with me' is that sweet or what?

Marissa Green County High School Greensburg KY

My friend Kendall and this guy had been talking about how cool it would be to have a room full of balloons. They both liked each other and Kendal couldn't figure out how to ask him the Christmas Dance, when them, she remembered the balloon thing they had been talking about. Well we couldn't fill his room with balloons but we did fill his car with 140 balloons and he had to pop all of them to find the one with the message of "Will you go to Christmas Dance with me" Of course he said yes. JUST DO IT! ASK THE PERSON YOU WANT TO!!

Laura Clear Lake High Houston TX

My date asked me in a note, it was soo cute. He was so nervous, and he even forgot his name! Then he drew the most adorable pictures and I loved it. I answered it in a note, too. I was just totally swept off my feet! :-D

Jaimie Capital High Olympia WA

He left a tub of butter in one of my classes, I had to dig through it thinking there was a note in there, there wasnt, so in my next class there was popcorn, there was a note in there and it read "I just wanted to butter you up before popping the question, will you go to homecoming with me"

Jessica Marcos de Niza Tempe AZ

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My Prom Date Is
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Someone who loves you
Someone who feels the same about you as you feel about them
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