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There was this guy that I had been talking to that I was thinking about asking. One day, one of my best friends said really loud in class, "Gina, did you know that this stud doesn't have a date yet?" I looked at him and I was like, "So are you going ?" He smiled, and said, "No, but someone could change my mind..." I figured that because this guy is pretty shy, I'd just ask him and get it over with. Later that day I caught him after school and said, "So, I hear someone can change your m ind about going to prom?" He smiled from ear to ear, and said, "Yeah..."

Gina Phoenix AZ

My crush asked me to the dance and i freaked out. So i went shopping and got everything then a week before prom he dumped me for some prep. I was crushed. Well one night i was on MSN and my best guy friend was trying to cheer me up and out of no where asked me to the dance!! I had the best night of my life

Jessica Clarkston High school Clarkston WA

Last year i was a sophomore, and I had like this guy for almost the whole year. One problem I had a boyfriend, but that didnt stop me. One day out of the clear blue sky, my friends who have classes with this guy were talking about prom. The guy felt so out of place, with being surrounded by all s. But he asked one of my closest friends for my phone number. After school, she out to our school parking lot to find me and tell me that he asked for my phone number and said that he was g oing to call and ask me to go to the prom. Instead of him calling me, I called him on 3-way with my friend who told me he wanted to take me to the prom. I was such a bitch about it to. I was like what is this I hear you want me to go to the prom with you? And he was like yah will you? I was in such shock, I just kept being a bitch bout it. I asked why he wanted me to go to the prom with him. It took him forever to come up with a response,,,I was ready to hang up. He said because I think we wi l l have a good time. I couldnt help but saying YES because i had liked him for so long. That Friday afterwards, he came over to my house with the invitation. I was in shock. I was home by myself with my friend. It was pouring buckets outside, and he still came over. He came up to my door, with the invitation in one hand, and the other behind his back. I asked what was wrong and he took out his other hand which had a rose in it. He said thank you for saying yes. We started to get to know eacho t her so things wouldnt be awkward on prom night. But there was still that complication of my having a boyfriend.After a couple of week, I began to have stronger feelings for him than my boyfriend. I broke up with my boyfriend,saying that he lived to far away, and that this was bound to happen. Plus I was going to go on vacation and I wanted to have a good time without feeling guilty. He understood my feelings about my date, and when I got back from my vacation, I told my date that I had broken m y 3 year relationship with my boyfriend, off. He asked my why and I told him the truth. I had stronger feelings for him rather than my now ex-boyfriend. He said that he felt the same chemitsry and later that day asked me out. I was so happy. I could finally spend time with him without feeling guilty. I was so nervous the day of prom, and so was he. But by the end of the prom we were glad to get out of there head back to my house and relax. When we arrived at my house, he opened the door f o r me, and I kissed him on the cheek. We hung out at my house until 4 in the morning. We had a great time at his prom, and we have been ever since.

Mariane Mansfield High School Mansfield MA

My boyfriend went to build-a-bear workshop and made a bear wearing a tux, then he put in a voice box that said,"Will you go to prom with me?" The cutest thing ever!!

Rose Virginia Ba VA

This is probably going to sound corny. Here in Canada we only get one prom (Senior Year) and that's it. So this year I'm finally going to be a Senior (Class of 2004) and when I thought about who I wanted to ask to my prom, I immedietly thought about the guy I've had a crush on for over 6 months: Steve, who is a year older than me. At first I sent him an e-mail (I took the cowardly way.) But as luck would have it...he doesn't really check his e-mail! And I was too scared to ask him stra i ght out when he was online...just in case it was a rejection. So this basically dragged out for about a month. I realized I was being stupid. Then he came online and I gathered up all my courage: I actually asked him! But I was so nervous, I actually missed out a couple of words, so he didn't know exactly what I was asking him. (Don't worry, he got the general gist of it). Best thing was: he said yes! We're planning the prom together now (even though the event is about 6 months away in June), a nd he's the absolute nicest guy I could ever ask for. I can't wait! I'm actually going to my Grad with him! I'll be okay if in the end we walk away just as friends, because somehow I know we'll end up having the best time of our lives.

Vic Kamloops BC

Me and one of my good guy friends were talking one night about how our Christmas Dance DJ totally sucked at the dance and he said something about how prom's DJ better not be bad. Well one thing led to another and we got on the subject of my birthday being the day before prom! as we kept talking he said "Well how about for your birthday, I take you to prom?" Of course I said yes and I was so excited since i was only a sophomore (which meant I had to be asked by a jr/sr to go at all), I w ould get to do Senior Walk-Out, and it would be the GREATEST Sweet 16 Birthday present ever!

Chelsea Senatobia High School Senatobia MS

me and my boyfriend had been together for over a year. We were properly in love and were mad about each other. Our prom was coming up and i kinda already knew i was gonna go with him.. anyways.. on my birthday in May (our prom is in June).. we went out 4 dinner.. n.. he give me a gold ring.. that said "I Love You" on it.. i was so happy!!.. then.. we went for a walk on the beach.. and we layed in the sand.. kissing.. and he goes "hey.. look over there".. So i looked accross the ocean.. and a boat was in the middle of it.. and fireworks started coming off of it.. it was so pretty!.. then he told me to look in the sand behind.. and in big letters it said "Ali.. be my prom princess?" it was the sweetest thing ever!! and i cant wait for the prom.. cos my prince is taking me :)..

Ali Norwich CT

well one day i got on the internet not knowing what was going to acually happen. we i started talking to this guy and i found out he only lived 20 minutes away. so we exchanged phone numbers and we talked for like 2 months and got to know eachother. well then we decided we wanted to meet. so we set up a date and i made sure i was with my friends when i met him. and when he drove up and rolled down the window it was love at first sight for both of us. i could not believe how gourgous he was. so i went back to the barn and put my horse away. we hung out that whole night. and when he had to go home for some odd reason i felt crushed. i finally realized i was down right head over heels for him.so we met a second time and went to a dance and we had a blast well after he dropped me off i called him and my bestfriend started talking to him and all of a sudden i heard her say,"Awww that is so sweet!" and right when she said that i shot up and asked her what she said here he want s to ask you something. i picked up the phone and all of a sudden i heard his sexy voice say "will you go to prom with me" i couldnt even say a word. i mean i am a sophmore and he is a junior i handed that phone to my friend and she answered the question for m. and now today i have the most gourgous dress and the most gourgous boyfriend anyone could dream of.

Kellyn Millard South High School Wahoo NE

ok it all started with i met this guy at one of our school swim meets..and then like 2-3 weeks later it was my birthday and he asked me to prom by... my first period had a dozen red longstem roses and a note that said "will you..." then my second period had another dozen that said "go to..." then my third had another dozen with him standing right next to them saying "go to prom with me.." and at the time he was a junior and i was a freshman so i was way stoked to go and since then i me t a lot of his friends and now im dating one of them so im a pretty lucky girl

Heather newport harbor high school Newport Beach CA

i got like 30 glow in the dark baloons and glow in the dark letters. and i went over to his huse around 8 or 9 when it was dark and had his mom take him out somewhere so i could do this, and i covered his floor with the baloons and on his celing wrote with the letters "star light star bright, come with me on formal night." and it was perfect because when he walked in it was really dark and all you coiuld see were the pretty colred baloons and the writing on his ceiling.

Lacy La Costa Canyon Carlsbad CA

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