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I had a crush on this one guy for several months, and I was determined to go with him to a dance. I aimed for winter ball, but found out he had already made plans with a group of guys. Next, I figured I'd ask him to the Valentines Dance. Well, guess what, that year it was cancelled. So I decided, Sadies for sure! Turns out our choir was gonna be away on competition that week. I was freaking out, cause I was running out of dances! So even tho prom was about three months away, I was boun d and determined to ask him. I decided on a day to ask, and that morning I woke up with the worst case of stress-induced heartburn you can imagine lol! So I waited for him before class, and gathering all the courage I had, I got his attention. I was so nervous I only remember talking very fast about something about prom...and then blurting out "So, do ya want to go to my Junior Prom with me?" He looked completely taken by surprise, but then he grinned and said "Sure, sounds great!" I was so rel i eved that I forgot to say anything back...I just turned and stumbled blindly back to my seat. :P

Diana San Jose CA

I was playing in the pep band at a basket ball game against our rival school, south sevier.(there was a lot of people there.) At half time our anouncer called me down and made me stand center court. My friend came and gave me a big bouqet of flowers and asked me to prom. I was embarassed but happy!

Sherron Richfield High school Richfield UT

Well i was planning on asking her, but she beat me to it, just as i was about to open my mouth and ask her in the middle of theology class, dawn said to me "would you like to go to the prom with me." She is definately the most beautiful girl in school, and i am definately the most average, but for some reason, people have this premonition that we're going to get married, even though we've never been more than good friends...who knows, look to the stars for guidance.

John Sacred Heart High School Vineland NJ

Before my bf and I started going out (6 months before prom), we were just talking and all of a sudden he was like, "Oh, and whatever happens between us from now until prom, will you still go with me? You're the only person I can see myself going with so will you please go?"

Diane Pellston High School Pellston MI

ok January 15 me and my boyfriend of almost a year broke up with me and my crush knew i liked him. So we had started talking me and my crush and he asked me to prom. Well he had already asked this other girl so he told me that he wasnt going to back out of it. So I thought I was out of a date. So the other girl that he was going to go with hiim asked her aunt and she said that she couldnt go. So at lunch the other day my crush came up to me and we was eating lunch and he told me to ge t my mother permission to go to a Formal dance. I asked him why and he said because im going to Prom in March with him....

Krissy Pleasant Veiw Mulberry AR

well a couple of weeks before the prom i was texed on my cell phone from this really guy at school and it said "will you go to the prom with me?" it was so sweet and i was so shocked by it all, that i texed back "yes:)!" he was so happy! the next time that he saw me he asked me out. and since then we've going out.

Jaime Terry Sandford HS Fayetteville NC

he asked me over the internet. (in an email)

Becca Boyd High School Boyd TX

I was going to class one day and monica was walking beside me now keep in mined that I just move here so anyways she stopped me in the hall and said she's never been to prom and would love to go so she asked me if I would take her the the prom and I said sure why not and you wouldn't belive what she did she told everybody that the new guy is taking her to the prom and now she wants me to wear a tux and I said Hell no but I'm doing it anyway. ho by the way everybody calls me COWBOY!

Chris Temple High School Temple TX

My date was so nervous to ask me to prom, when he came up to me he had to spell it out. LITERALLY! He said, "Will you go to P-R-O-M with me?" He got made fun of but I said yes. He had his pilots license and we ended up flying to prom. It was fun was how funny is that?!

Elizabeth North Putnam High School Roachdale IN

Well, we were sitting at my kitchen table studying for a really HUGE physics test that we weren't ready for. AT ALL. We hate that class anyways, so I turned on the radio and it was a really good song!! He said, hey baby, wanna dance? When the song was over, He kissed me and said "I want you to dance like that at prom. But only with me. Know what I mean??" I knew what he meant. :)

Cait Katy TX

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