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The theme for this year is india thats right you know what I'm talking about with the belly dancers and the saultin's I think me being a cowboy myself I'm not going to be a pesiant so I'm taking a belly dancer and she is going with a COWBOY!

-- From Christopher May, Temple High School, temple tx

Feels Like Heaven

-- From Kaci R, Birchwood High School, Bircwhood Wi

Our theme is a oriental theme. we have ordered most of our stuff already. but we need an actual name for our prom, right now we have -- whispers of the orient, and an asian experience, if you can help w/ a theme email me at rhiannon_smith_05@msn.com

-- From Rhiannon Smith, Echo High School, Echo Or

The theme for he 2003 prom was "A Night in Hollywood". Movie posters were plastered everywhere along with the larger than life cardboard advertisements. To enter the gym you walked the red carpet under a white lacy canopy. The dance floor had a tent of lights hanging from a lighted star on the ceiling. Refreshments included popcorn and candy. The best dance I've ever been to.

-- From Darcy , Linn - Mar High School, Marion IA

I am a junior and this year our theme is "Moulin Rouge, A Night In Paris" and our song is Promise by Jagged Edge

-- From , , ny

A ship of dreams DO a titanic setting its beautiful and def have the clock b/c my b/f was s sweet we got into a fight it was horribe then he came over and gave me a note saying make it count meet me at the clock so i did and it was the best night of my life!!! AND WERE still together!!

-- From Erin Lyn Biddle, , pa

"till the lights go out" it is really cool... we have like a city in the background with lights in all the windows....during the last slow song of the prom the lights o out slowly..one building at a time untill the one center building with a heart lite up in the middle is left...at the end of the song...the light will go out!

-- From Trisha, Pittsfield Middle High School, Pittsfield NH

last years was "Tropical Paradise" and we bought out the ocean journey at denver for a night and held it at the aquarium!! This year we bought a place that is actually an arabian place with gardens inside and a glass roof and waterfalls everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

-- From Kelly, Ft.Lupton High, ft.lupton co

Last year's theme was "Under the Sea", and this year's theme is "Tropical Paradise". I don't know how they're going to do it this year, but last year they draped the walls in yellow and green transparent material, and places aquariums on the table, and small mirror balls everywhere... it was really amazing!

-- From Dianne, , MS

Our theme this year is "Winter Wonderland" but some of our other choices included "African Safari", "Field of Dreams", and "Candyland". Our prom song is "Two Steps Behind" by Def Leppard

-- From Lisa, McCook Central High School, Salem SD

"Oh the Places you'll go" I think that would be a great one. My friend and I basically get to plan the grad, so we're going to have the best grad ever!!!!

-- From Gina Pye, St. Mary's All Grade, Mary's Harbour NL

"fall into a fairtale"

-- From brittany, , portland, Oregon

My graduation theme is " Remember yesterday, live for today, prepare for tomorrow", which is cool but alittle too long. Our other choices were "Come what may" And " The end of the beginning". I like those better but grad will be great, no matter what the theme is!!!

-- From April, Riverwood Academy, Port Albert, Newfoundland

CORRECTION hey, kimmy you said your themes were tropical PARADISE (earlier i misspelled it) and midnight in paris. SO IS MINE! we've GOT to be going to the same school. email me and tell me if youre from fl, please. ilykegranola@aol.com -- From nikki, , FL

-- From nikki, , fl

"From Blueprints to Footprints" even though it's not our prom theme, it's the yearbook theme I still like it! We're still undecided about prom! :( Wells love baby! Class of "04"!

-- From Tara , Wells, Chi-Town IL

Tonights Dreams Tomorrows Memories

-- From Lauren, DBHS,

Southern Elegance in most likely a plantation house...it will be gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- From ann brewer, marion academy, marion al

Prom 2003: Here's To The Night Colors: Red and Silver Song: 'Here's to the Night' It's so beautiful, we have it in an Italian villa!

-- From Sarah, Vicenza High School, Vicenza IT

Hollywood is our theme but of course i don't really care i'm going to wear what i want to wear no matter what the theme is going to be this year.

-- From april, ridge view h.s., columbia sc

Forever & Today!!!!!!!!!! AAR All American Rejects! U know this! That's our inspiration!

-- From stemily, thackerville HS (yeah), Thackerville ok

In my school the seniors are becoming picky on how there prom is going to be. The colors are realy killing me cuz there not ganna notice the colors when the go in or even while they're in there. One saterday i wasnt feeling well so i went lookin for prom themes while i was watching T.V.. I was kinda listening and lookin at the Computer at the same time and i over heard these guys talkin and one said "come on LIGHT THE FIRE" and it hit me so im ganna submit it and see if other people like it.

-- From VeEe, to nice to tell, The Beach Va

WE HAVE FINALLY DECIDED ON FLOATING ON AIR...Its gonna be cloud background and white columns to make it look like heaven and silver on the floor to make it look like the sky... We had orginally started with A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE...And have jungle themed backdrop and then have a plaster lifesize tiger and jaguar. BUT IT got 2 expensive.. SO WE DECIDED FLOATING ON AIR...

-- From The PHS JROTC MILITARY BALL COMMITTEE, pineville high school, Pineville La

I personally always thought it would be cool to have a costume ball or something like that, with a set time period of course. But for some reason Prom to most people just means sappy love themes or something big that has the word "memories" or "future" involved. My junior prom theme was "Tropical Paradise," that just goes to prove what happens when you don't have time from prom committee. You get stuck with a lame theme. Even some of these ones I've read on here would have been better.

-- From Nancy, S-Town, S-Town PA

~*CaStLes * In * ThE * sKy*~

-- From ~*SkIp'*~, ~*TrAvIs*ReBeLs*~, ~*AuStIn*~ TX

its still in a debate, but we are thinking of either "dancing in the moonlight" or "the way you look tonight"

-- From Sammy, Somersworth High, NH

Our theme for the Jr prom is "todays dreams tomorrows memories". it nice but the colors they picked are dumb which are baby blue, silver and white

-- From Bonita , Grant Union High School, sac ca

hey! yea seriously.. all the themes on here are typical themes! were lookin for some unique ones for prom 2004- my rival schools theme is "tonights dream, tomorrows memory" anyone got a unique one? sharing is caring :)

-- From jay, john burroughs, burbank ca

Midnight in Paris We're making a little outside cafe region and having lamp posts and little shrubs and a silhouette of the tower and a city scape on a wall with light around it.

-- From Niki, Florence Carlton, Florence MT

This year we're doing more of a cellestial theme (stars and moons) unlike the past two years where the colors have mostly been red and black. Our colors we've picked are like deep purples and different hues of blue.. also silver.. it should be pretty considering their will be many stars.

-- From Brandy, Person High School, Timberlake NC

"A NIGHT TO REMEMBER, A MOMENT TO CHERISH" this theme was our previous prom nite. and this year they came up with a new theme, "MOONLIGHT DANCE"

-- From Liza, INTI COLLEGE SABAH, Malaysia

Our 2004 prom theme is a Hollywood theme.This years prom committe gave it the title A Red Carpet Affair.The orginal title was Hollywood: A Walk On The Red Carpet.The orginal title was better.

-- From Sharice Hudson, Ridge View High School, columbia sc

Our title is "an evening aboard the "Midnight Masquerade". it is a mardi gras and captain's ball room theme that will include cruise ship decor with mardi gras decor as well

-- From Brittany, Thomas County Central High School, Thomasville Ga

We chose Midnight in Manhattan. We have yet to see how it turns out but we all feel this is a wonderful theme to decorate for and it will give a wonderful feeling of fantasy. I mean were in IOWA! A New York style theme will class it up.

-- From Joslyn Siems, Cedar Falls High School, Cedar Falls IA

The best theme I've heard thought up is "We're Gonna Party like it's 1999" I think it's cool because the whole week or so leading up to it they could go through the 90's with songs and culture stuff, and then the day before the announcements could have y2k warnings. Silver and black for colors of course. I also think a Game show theme or a Mount Olymus theme would be fun

-- From Laura, , IL

for the 03-04 theme were gonna have a rep carpet, and then have parents on the sides with disposable cameras taking pictures as people walk in and to make it feel real, were gonna have 2 of the biggest dads to dress up as bouncers(black tux's) and give the paparazzi a hard time, and then were going to make the bathrooms changing rooms and hand out spray painted ken dolls as the oscars, and weve got little movie clips to play before each award just like at the MTV awards, its gonna be the best homecoming ever!

-- From sarah shadid, TBA, Albuquerque NM

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