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Our 8th grade dance theme is Munit á Paris. We have ordered a large eiffle Tower and have an "8th grade café" Which only 8th graders can sit in and in this we have café tables with rose petles everywhere. We also are going to hang gossomer from the celing ITS GOING TO BE Awesome

-- From Megan Taylor, SeDoMoCha Middle School, Dover-Foxcroft ME

"field of dreams" prom was at a tripleA minor league baseball field, the dell diamond.

-- From -girl-, lago vista high school, lago vista tx

Old Hollywood Glamor

-- From Lauren , cONNALLY, Austin TX

Red Hot Nights!

-- From Chinny, FHS, Frankfort IN

our prom theme this year was "the way you look tonight" and everything was white and silver with pink accents. i didnt go but everyone said it looked amazing. but now i am trying to plan my own prom (i'm an officer) so if you have any ideas let me know: vjeanne5@aol.com thanks!

-- From valerie, , bridgewater nj

jazz in the 20's. I reckon it would be the best ball to have cos you could dress up in old school gangster clothes and and where head bands with feathers. And also you get to listen to the most awsome music ever JAZZ!!!

-- From christel , Avondale, New zealnd, auckland

I really wanted our theme to be "Forever" but at the last minute it was changed to "Wish Upon a Star" which was also nice. The favors were glass picture frames with clocks in them. Our song was Forever by Maraiah Carey and it was cute because everyone sang along with it. The court performed to a song by N'SYNC and there dance was cute. Our Winter Ball Court was Natalie and Kili (freshmen) Candice and Miah (sophomore) Alley and Casey (jrs) Nicole and Corey (senior) Poochie and Keola (senior king and queen) I had a lot of fun! It was a night to remember!

-- From Amanda, Aiea High School, Aiea HI

Our juniOr prOm was held at a reallie nice hOtel...Our theme was "take my breath away" perfOrmed by jessica simpsOn. the nite was sO perfect...and i felt like a queen thOugh i was Only the princess! i hOpe yOur prOm is as special as mine was, and remember tO make the best Of it because yOu are Only in high schOOl Once!

-- From hOney_babee, Aiea High School, Aiea Hawaii

"Samba de Amigos" or in english, "Dance of Friends." It was a Mexican theme.

-- From Emmily, , MI

Arabian nights

-- From Kayla, , Madison WI

Basically im just doing this to get on the internet because im board.

-- From Craig Carter, Manzano High School, Albuqureque NM

we used the theme "when the sun goes down" our song was "when the sun goes down" by kenny chesney! In the foruer we had a sun-set in the main room it was dark blue with silver stars! there were DK purple,royal BLue, DK blue and silver ballons. we also had our picture area with royal blue plastic covering and dark purple/blue net. and the ballons and stars. we had a lot of stars it was very pretty!!!!

-- From carol- caitlyn, hackett high school, bonanza-hackett ar

Our theme was "Heaven On Earth" with light blue, gold and white colors. The song was "heaven on earth","true" and "god bless the broken road" Decorations: light blue, gold and white balloons and streamers. the walk had cotton around the walk-area for clouds and confetti scattered all over. and pearl-like gates also around the walk -area. The pictures: gorgeous. they turned out sooo great! we had cotton on the floor with confetti scattered. and pearl-like gates on the sides. the background had a golden gate and clouds.. it was the best prom our high school ever had. and we only had 3 Grand in our account!

-- From melanie, ,

Our Theme was based on Peter Pan. The actual theme was "Second Star to the Right, and Straight on Till Midnight." It was a good theme and the dance went fairly well for most people.

-- From Stephanie, Buena H.S., Sierra Vista AZ

This year the junior class chose to go out on a limb and they came up with this really cute but totally outrageous theme. It was "Sweet Dreams in Candyland". I know it sounds all corny but it actually turned out to be very cute and still for teenagers. I don't think that any class will be able to top it for a long time.

-- From Amanda, , Pennsylvania

omg our theme this year was "sweetdreams in candyland!! soo great!!

-- From Leah, Belle Vernon, PA

1930's oscar night

-- From Jessica, Avondale College, Auckland NZ

"Dancing in the Moonlight" in Lost River Cave

-- From Abby, Bowling Green High School, Bowling Green KY

Actually its band banquet...but its Celestial Night...it goes with our marching show...Celestial Bodies...

-- From Hannah, Haltom High School, Haltom City TX

I`m doing a project for ower last dance of the school year. If you have any ideas put them here?????????????????

-- From Poala & Ashly, Sherman Middle School, Madison WI

Beach Oasis

-- From jessica, Mary persons , forysth ga

A Night of Enchantment

-- From A., , Jackson MI

A Red Carpet Affair

-- From Chelsea, East Jefferson High, Metairie LA

this year our theme in "A Premiere in Paris" which has been really fun to plan because we have a red carpet and an eiffel tower.. the two things we were dying to have!!

-- From Ashley, Midview High School, Grafton, OH

our theme last year was mardi gras... this year we are having an orintal theme... our colors are red and black and we have shadow boxes and dragons and its so pretty.....

-- From Beckie Jane, houghton lake alternative education, houghton lake mi

"A Dream Come True"

-- From Andryea Williams, Independence, Senatobia MS

Fly me to the moon a song by frank sinatra its going to be awesome

-- From Lauren, Tulpy, bernville pa

This years years theme was "Old Hollywood" and we had people with old cameras taking our picture while we entered walking in on a red carpet

-- From jackice, noblesville high school, noblesville IN

Our theme for our 2005 junior/senior prom is the song title from Keith Sweat, "Make It Last Forever".

-- From Gabrielle, Creekside High School, Atlanta GA

Our theme was Midnight at Sunset Beach. Unfortunately the only place where the theme was evident was the entrance and the bright orange picture backround.....at it didnt even last until midnight. We had it in the Arizona Science Center which didnt help the beach theme in the least. Something about a harsh concrete building with science exhibits just doesnt say "we are enjoying a dance on the beach"....oh well, it was still a blast!

-- From Chris Anderson, Desert Ridge High School, Mesa AZ

Our 2005 Junior Prom Theme was " I Wanna Be Close To You".

-- From Aloha Seda, Kailua High School, Kailua HI

This year our prom theme was "Wish Upon a Star". I thought it was a great theme and the backdrop matched everyone's outfits so it was great! The prom shirts were really cute too..light blue with stars....very pretty

-- From Thyra , Hoover High School, Hoover AL

My school's prom theme is "Bright Lights Small City," I don't really like it.


I'm a Senior this year, and really really excited for Prom. This year the theme is "Unforgettable", and so the theme song is also "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole. Not too sure on colors and everything, but I know my group will have an awesome time. May 20th!

-- From Alison, Glenbrook South, Glenview IL

Our theme for the 8th grade formal is Mardi Gras...the colors used will be green, purple, and gold...

-- From sara, north marion middle, ocala Fl

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Prom Night Drinking
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Prom Night Drinking
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A little
Get smashed
2. You will drink at (if you do):
House party
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