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ours is going to be on a yacht this year and its gonna be " dancing in the moonlight", i wanted it to be "lost in your eyes" but our class didnt vote for that one.

-- From abby, sacred heart cathedral prep h.s., san francisco ca

Our theme is a Japanese Garden but we haven't decided on a title yet. It will be elegant with the simplicity of the Japanese. Bamboo, fountains, bonsai, cherry blossoms, walking bridges, colors of celedon green and off white and maybe pink for the blossoms. Our proms are held in a hotel and our school is very large(1000 kids at prom)

-- From Carolyn Thom, Vista High School, Vista CA

We have our prom on a cruise boat every year, so it's hard to pick awsome decorations (ie: the fountains and trees filling the prom catalogues). There is a central staircase, and we decided that we wanted to upper eating area to be gaceful with flowing fabric: the works. But, with the staircase, we wanted to get that water element in; we decided to make the stairs leading to the lower dance floor into a waterfall. It flows from the top of the stairs and over the dance floor all the way behind the DJ table. The upper eating area features tents over each table, sort of like mosquito nets. And, lastly, the upper dance floor has white Christmas lights covered in black gossamer to look like the sky with palm trees. The hardest part of it all was coming up with a theme name. We are the Kingswood Knights, and because upstairs was like a desert and the staircase/downstairs is an oasis, we came up with the perfect name: Arabian Knights. We used yellow- gold, red, and purple gossamer for the tents; a number of shades of blue for the water; and, couragated paper for the tree bark and leaves. It's elegant and exotic: perfect!

-- From Morgan Haag, Kingswood Regional High School, Wolfeboro NH

Time of your life

-- From Shannon, Harvard High School, Harvard IL

Our '04 theme song is "At Last" and our song is of course .. At Last by Etta James .. its going to be amazing .. ballroom style !!

-- From Abby, Owen Co High, Owenton KY

With our prom theme for 2004 we decided to take a different angle and instead of having 1 theme we have 4, one for every season of the year. We chose colors according to season for four sections of our ballroom, so no matter what color dress a lady buys her colors wont clash. Going with spring we chose "What a long strange trip it's been", with summer we chose "Paradise Cove", with fall we chose "Autumn in New York", and with winter we chose "Stuck in a dreamworld". Hey it's different than the normal crap, and we like it, if only they'd let us bring some coronas.

-- From John Grant, Sacred Heart High School, Vineland NJ

Our theme is "my immortal" by eavanescence. our colors are white black & hunter green. our background is white steps and a black & green background. it sounds ugly but its pretty.

-- From Becky, JCHS, Mountain City TN

Our 2004 Homecoming theme was "Hollywood Dreams" It was pretty neat, and our 2004 prom theme is "Romance in Rome", not too creative but hey, w/e works right?

-- From Ashley, Deltona High School, Deltona, FL

Our theme is gonna be "A Whole New World", and our colors are hot pink, teal, black and silver.

-- From Alicia, Santana, Santee CA



We have a wall size sunset painted (which is for sale!) and a tiki hut for the food and punch. From there we focused on the four corners. We had a table and hang out area in one, with umbrellas and chairs, then in another we had two sailboats lit up with boat lights. In another we had a camp fire set up and a fake fire in the middle. we had a waterfall cascading behind the dj and then some hammocks in the final corner. aroudn the dance floor we had pillars and tulle colored red orange pink and yellow hanging between. Througout the set up we had 100 plam trees and 1500 dollars worth of tropical flowers.

-- From sunset paradise, Grand Haven High School, Grand Haven MI

I was looking for a theme and then I thought of one that my school could use and it was "Once Upon A Dream" I'm looking forward to the next dance and see the kids reaction.

-- From Nana, Estrella, Phoenix Az


-- From Sarah Martinez, ESTRELLA MIDDLE SCHOOL, phoniex az

"Tonight's dream's, tomorrow's memories"

-- From Angel, Highland Highschool, Palmdale Ca

This year's theme was "Make it last forever" my keith sweat.

-- From Vanessa, Paramount Highschool, Paramount Ca

theme: Chicago Name: "Bright Lights Big City"

-- From Madison Gray, Tahoma, High, WA

we don't have a title yet, but it's going to have something to do with hunting and fishing...our other two choices were 1940s "i'll be seeing you" and parisian nights, but when the junior class voted, the guys outdid the girls...it should be interesting...they promise it won't be a redneck prom...-

-- From a student, darlington school, rome ga

Are theme this year is Hell Froze Over... we are going to do a big fountain with red bubbling water and blue and silver flames on the outside of it!!!! It should be fun. If we can all agree.

-- From Elisah Jones, , MT

a night in paradise

-- From vanessa, , miami,fl

Our homecoming theme was "Midnight at the Oasis" and we decorated it by buying tons of black gossamer and white christmas lights, we then anchored it all up with rope to make the ceiling look like a starry sky. It turned out to be soooo beautiful, it just takes A LOT of time to do so start early, maybe even the day before. We also got donated small palm trees and put it aroung the gym. And just put up black paper on the side walls and stuck on shiney stars. It was the BEST DANCE EVER!

-- From Laura, ACHS, Camarillo CA


-- From , ,

At my school, the juniors gift to the seniors is prom. This year the juniors are thinking about "Four", "Unforgettable", and "Remember the Times". I think prom is going to be wonderful this year. It's going to be absolutely gorgeous.

-- From Maggie, Beech High School, Hendersonville Tn

I heard from someone on the prom comittee that our prom theme is romance down the nile, something like that, its going to be a jungle kind of theme, which should be nice from the regular romance theme.

-- From Melissa , Melbourne High School, Melbourne FL

bed of roses

-- From sonya, a good school, somewhere tx

Our theme is Mardi Gras...i kinda think that sucks...i mean why would people want to come to the prom in masks?? Aren't we supposed to beautiful and show our faces?

-- From Paige, Warren Central, Bowling Green KY

OUr theme this year is "A HOLLYWOOD PREMEIRE", we thought it would be cool because we didn't want nothing too0o0o romatic but still a little bit romantic. We will have Cardboard cutouts...pillars...rolls of films (enlarged)...and its all handmade by us! I am the DAnce Coordinator so I have been in charge of prom and our dance...Our dance in October was Masquerade Ball...it was kinda like Mardi Gras.

-- From Mallory, Buckingham CHarter High School, Vacaville Ca

Once upon a time..

-- From Smee Cod Fish, Atowns High School, Atown MI

For our prom theme we had The Lord of the Rings. It was really great, because we watched the movie, and some underclassmen even dressesd up as orcs!

-- From Brittany Grove, Dover High School, Dover OH

Our theme one year was "A Night in Heaven" We had dark blue and cream colored balloons. All the couples walked down "Heaven's Staircase" to get their picture taken. It was a great theme along with a great night

-- From Laura , WA, Coraopolis PA

Our theme this year is "On The Edge Of A Dream"..not sure how that's gonna work out since they aren't decorating they are just using it for the invitations and favors. But I'm sure it'll be great since it's the first prom for our school!

-- From Jennifer, Ravenwood High School, Brentwood TN

Well for homecoming this year I thought of "An Evening in Roma". It turned out great! For the pictures our art teacher painted a simple background of blue, purple, and maroon with a marbleish design and around the edges she painted two pillars. Then we had pillars with grapes on vines wrapped around them and plants placed in the picture. For the rest of the room we created giant "statues". They were painted in grays and whites on big pieces of black cardboard. Then they were outlined in pink, blue, and purple pastel chalks and we placed black lights under them to help light up the room. We even had a cupid statue holding a bouquet of flowers of the same colors. Then we had gossamer falling off the tops of the carboard statues and lights beneath them. We had a trellace made with two connected pillars over our food table and there were grape vines also wrapped around them and weaved into the trellace. There was a small pillar on the top of the table with grapes around it. For table lighting we took ivy leaves and intertwined them into candle holders we found in our school. The holders held three candles at different levels and we chopped off candles our art teacher had in the same colors and filled the glasses with wine colored water. It was awesome! I have tons of pictures if anyone's interested so email me at cutepunkin929@aol.com!

-- From Jessica, Mineral Ridge High, mineral ridge oh

a moment like this is over used prom theme this year is a night in paris.

-- From steph, khs, kingsford mi

our theme this year is going to be Disney Cruise to the Caribbean. i'm not too sure how it'll work out. :\

-- From , o'donel,

Our theme was "Carnies" (Carnival), so the whole place had fortune tellers, merry go rounds, circus acts etc, etc. It was pretty cool.

-- From Annie, , Australia

being prom chair at an all girls school, we picked "diamonds are a girls best friend" - well, actually, the seniors picked it. anyway, it should be far cuter than it sounds.. tiffany's boxes and pink satin and diamonds scattered everywhere.. and gaudy tiaras and necklaces at a makeshift jewelry counter for the night gift!

-- From cheryl, st. agnes academy, memphis tn

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